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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland Walk at Dog Star Ranch

The Veterans' Service Center of Muskegon County
Supported by UAW Local 1243 Veteran's Committee*

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Location: Dog Star Ranch
4200 Whitehall Road, Muskegon, MI 49445
Time: 10:00 am

Pre-Registration Fee: $15 (includes participation badge)
Registration Fee (day of event): $20

Forms are available at the Dog Star Ranch office.

Dogs are welcome to join but must be on leash during the walk.

Questions, please contact Caroline Mayberry at

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"What Are You Thankful For?" feat. Frieda

Phoenix: "I'm thankful for Boo because he is my best friend! And my bark-box because without it I wouldn't be able to sing!

Bella D.: I'm thankful for my parents! I love that they let me come to daycare! I am also thankful for my friends because without them I wouldn't have anyone to play with and that would make me sad.

Alex: I'm thankful for food and treats! And the people who give them to me!!

Friday: I'm thankful my trainers and my parents and my star buddy's and for FRIDAYS! Even though it is Wednesday, I really like Friday's because well, they are named after me!

Ella: I'm thankful for snow and my star buddy's because we love to play together!

Bud: I'm thankful for the WARM bath I had today! And my parents! I love them very much!

Ben: I'm thankful for this couch. This blanket. The star buddy's for scratching my back for me. I'm thankful for naps. And for treats. I really love treats and naps. Oh, and I love my parents so I am thankful for them too!

Brandi: I'm thankful for my space. I admire my friends from a distance and that is great.

Buddy M.: I'm thankful for the snow! And I'm thankful that daycare exists because I get to run around and play with friends and it makes me happy. I am also thankful for food. Oh, and my family. I like my family too.

Bailey: I'm thankful for Banjo! I love my sister so much! I am also thankful for my parents and for Dog Star. I'm thankful for the star buddy's who love me :)

Banjo: I'm thankful for Bailey! For being my sister she isn't that annoying. I'm also thankful for naps. And treats. I am thankful for all the humans in my life, they make me feel well loved!

Chief: I'm thankful for my family!

Lily: I'm thankful for my family! And my friends Friday, Buddy M., Bella, and sometimes Maggie and Marlee! All my friends, I'm thankful for all my friends! And the star buddy's who put up with me when I'm crazy. I'm thankful for the Ranch and everyone! I'm just thankful for everyone!

George: I'm thankful for my family and my friends!

Mack: I'm thankful for the couch and the naps I get to take when I'm on the couch. I'm thankful for my friends, both little and big. I'm thankful for the star buddy's because without them I would not get lunch or back scratches. I'm thankful for my parents because they love me so much!

Greysen: First, I am thankful for my trainers. Secondly, I'm thankful for my trainers who helped me learn how to make friends! Thirdly, I'm thankful for my star buddy's who take me on my runs and give me love. And fourth, I'm thankful for having so much to be thankful for!

Frieda: Oh man, what am I thankful for? Oh, well obviously I am thankful for my family. My family is just so absolutely amazing. I wouldn't be the Frieda I am today if it weren't for all their love and support. I'm thankful for hugs and kisses because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy from love. I'm thankful for naps and cuddles. I'm thankful for food and treats! Yum. I'm thankful for the snow because it is so much fun to play in, almost more than puddles because if you play in puddles then you are probably going to get a bath, and if you don't like baths then I don't recommend playing in puddles. Umm...did I say I was thankful for my family? Oh, I did? Okay, well I am thankful for my parents then! Love you!

What is your fur-baby thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving from us fur-tastic fur-friends at the Ranch!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Peek-a-Boo" feat. Cooper

I. Love. Daycare. So. Much. I wasn't too sure about this whole "daycare" thing when Dad told me that I was gonna go to Dog Star, but Charlie, he and I are neighbors, told me that I was going to have a TON of fun. And he was right! Yeah, at first I was a little nervous, but that is because it was my first day and none of my fur-friends were here yet!

I was super curious to see who I would be playing. Little Buddy was my first fur-friend to hang out with me. He is really nice. He told me a lot of funny daycare stories. Maggie and Marlee, boy do they look a lot alike, were next to show up. Those girls are so full of energy, they really livened our yard up. These two really helped me break out of my shell. And the final member of our quintet was Stella. She is pretty...and she smells good! I really enjoyed meeting all my new puppy fur-friends! We were all really excited to get to play with each other today.

I had no idea how today was going to go, but it was great! Our run was so much fun! I really liked pouncing in the snow, and eating it! Don't worry though, I avoided the yellow and brown spots! Yuck! I was being such a silly. This whole multi-tasking thing was tricking to get a hang off. I would go from pouncing in and eating the snow to saying hi to my friends and then back to playing in the snow by myself. But then Marlee told me that I could do it all at once! What? Play in the snow and play with my friends? Okay! Maggie started a game of tag and we all joined it. We all took turns chasing each other! 

The Star Buddy took a lot of cute pictures of me. What can I say, I'm adorable!

Thanks Mom and Day for letting me come to Daycare! I had a great time and can't wait to hang out with my friends again :)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

"Today's Forecast" feat. Zadie

Hemi from Sports: "And here is Zadie with your afternoon weather report!"

Thank you, Hemi. Good afternoon, Dog Star Ranch! Meteorologist Zadie here with you on this drizzly November day. Currently the temperature outside is 43°F, but it feels like 33°F. 

There will be an 80% chance of rain continuing throughout the rest of the day and early this evening it will change to snow. It is predicted that snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches of snow will fall from this evening and throughout the day on Tuesday, so don't be too sad that the snow is gone; it's coming back!

Today's sunrise was at 7:49 a.m. and you can see the sunset at 5:13 p.m.
And you can look forward to a New Moon up in the sky tonight!

Tuesday you can expect a high of 30°F and low of 24°F with snow showers throughout the day.

So bundle back up my fur-friends and get ready for more snow!

This has been your afternoon weather report with Meteorologist Zadie! 

Back to you Charlotte and Tango.

News-Anchor Charlotte: "Thank you, Zadie. You can tune in tonight at 6:00 p.m. for your 10-day forecast."

News-Anchor Tango: "And now a fur-story that will warm your heart on this brrr-ember day!"

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Golden Day

We have 9, yes 9 golden retrievers in daycare at the ranch today! How can we tell them all apart?, you might wonder, but for a star buddy, its easy, its what we do! Each one is beautiful, smart, funny, and an amazing part of our day! However, they each have their own little personalities and differences and after spending just a short time with these cuties, its impossible to get them mixed up. So can you guess who is who??? Can you pick out your own Golden?? Look below for the answers.

Top to bottom: Rango, Hunter, Hemi, Lexi, Alex, Max, Ella, Bailey, and last but certainty not least: Miss Banjo.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Awkward Winker" feat. Ellie

The Art of Flirting
By Ellie 

Step 1: Relax and Smile
Flirting is meant to be fun! If you are not relaxed then your body language is tense, and if you are tense then you are not comfortable. When you are relaxed and comfortable your body language becomes more inviting, it shows that you are enjoying yourself. Smiling is a great way to show open body language. It makes you more approachable and shows that you are friendly and confident.

Step 2: Make Eye Contact
By making eye contact you are showing that you are interested and that you are paying attention to them. It doesn't hurt to throw in a playful wink too! Remember, flirting is meant to be fun!

Step 4: Smell Them
Smell your companion! This step, almost as important as the first, is a great way to get to know each other. And if both of you are relaxed and happy then it can be an enjoyable experience. However, you should be careful when partaking in this step. There is such a thing as smelling for too long. You want to make sure that you don't go much over a minute or so, if you smell for more than a minute then you just become a creepy butt smeller.

Step 5: Bring Them Something to Share
Whether it be a stick, ball, Frisbee, or any other kind of toy, sharing said toy is a great way to show that you care. It is important to show that you take interest in their hobbies as well, so if you don't particularly like balls but your companion does, bringing them a ball shows that you listen to what they like and dislike and are willing to compromise.

Step 6: Humping (OPTIONAL)
This step is optional and depends strongly on how said companion feels. This step can express many things. If said the wrong way you might risk scaring off or angering your companion that you are flirting with, and you do not want that because flirting is suppose to be fun! If they do not consent to this step, you should back off and proceed to Step 4 again. This step is frowned upon by the humans though, so if you would like to attempt this step make sure that it is brief while they are preoccupied or their back is turned. Fair warning, if they catch you, you will be told to leave it and/or off.

Remember! Flirting is suppose to be fun! So get out there and flirt my fur-friends ;)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ms. Maize having fun out in the park with her friends!
Its a Winter Wonder Land!

I think we have all been avoiding it: but Mack and I agree, its time to break out the winter attire. It seems winter is here to stay in Northern Michigan! Keep yourself and your fur babys warm: dress for the weather. Ready or not winter is here so lets embrace it, have some hot coco, cuddle up with your pet and read a good book, or bundle up and head outside to play, I know that is what our fur babies prefer to do on these beautiful winter days.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Taste Like Winter" feat. Sampson

There are those that prefer the cold and those that despise the cold. There are those that are more adaptable to it and those that are constantly feeling cold no matter how many layers they try to bundle on. I, myself, even if I am as warm as a hot potato, shiver at the thought/sight of snow.

Innoko, our Malamute fur-friend LOVES the snow. Innoko, would you like to tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Innoko. I'm a big fella, but I love to love and be loved on. I especially love snow. I love to eat it. I'm like a vacuum, I scoop it up as I run around. Umm...I love rolling around in it too. I make snow angels but they don't come out very angel-like. They are more like blob angels. What's cool about my breed is that I'm like the coolest cold-weather canine ever. My breed is known for being sled dogs! How cool is that!? Hey Star Buddy, get me a sled and I will pull you around! Not really though, but it would be fun! 

And then there is Sampson, our Saint Bernard fur-friend. Sampson loves everything. He loves the water and he loves snow, which is made of water! Sampson, tell us a little something about yourself!

Oh, you know...I'm a Saint. Get it?! Saint! Because I'm a Saint Bernard (He thinks that he is soo funny). I'm Sampson and I'm told that I'm a big goofball, but that is just talk. I'm actually super cool and really chill. I'm the most popular among all the fur-friends. I think it is because I'm so handsome! Innoko thinks that he is the coolest cold-weather canine ever, but lets be honest, we all know that my breed is, we are Saints after all. And that is because originally we were used as rescue dogs, hence the Saint status. We also got to wear these cool, and important, barrel necklaces. I don't know about you, but that makes me way cool!

And lastly, Skazka, our Siberian Husky fur-friend. Winter is this lovely lady's favorite holiday. Skazka LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow. She cannot wait to be outside romping around in the snow.  Skazka, is there anything that you would like to add?

Well, you basically said it all. I LOVE the snow. I like to think that the Disney Princess, Elsa, is based off of me. "Let It Go" is my anthem because...wait for it...the cold doesn't bother me anywaaaaaaaays! My breed, contrary to what Innoko and Sampson think, is the BEST! We might not be as big as Malamute's or Saint Bernard's, but Siberian Huskies are VERY adorable. That is my unbiased opinion too. My cold-weather canine was used for dog sledding as well, just like Innoko. But yeah, I like the snow and I'm a princess so I WIN BOYS!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Weather / Bus Protocol

Today is a good example of what we have in store this winter in West Michigan.  I have a few Ranch policies that I want to share that might help make things easier on you and your pup.

1.  If your pup is here in daycare and the weather turns horrible and road conditions are scary, don't worry about coming to get your dog.  Please make sure that you are safe.  We'll take care of your pup, just give the office a call and we'll tuck your dog into boarding for the night.  Same goes for our boarding guests.  Boarding stays can always be adjusted and extended.  Your dog is happy and safe in our care so just make sure you take care of yourself. 

2.  If your dog has shorter hair you may want to look into some form of protection, such as a well fitting coat.  Monitor their paws for issues.  We highly recommend Musher's Secret.  This is a great product that helps give pads and paws extra protection against cold (and hot) elements. 

3.  Park Members:  ALWAYS have your cell phone with you.  If you run into any issues due to snow or ice you can call us for help.  We highly recommend the "buddy system" and plan your walks when another person will be with you.  Our first priority in the morning is our boarding guests.  We will get the park gates and such cleared as soon as we possibly can.  If we have a heavy snowfall overnight and you are unsure on the status of the parks, always feel free to call and we'll let you know what it looks like.  When it's cold, don't overdo it!  Monitor yourself and your dog for issues due to the cold and below zero winds.  If days are very severe we may close the parks for everyone's safety.  If there is ever a question, again, please call us or email  

4.  Winter Bus Protocol:  During the winter months, we like to act on the side of caution when needed to protect the dogs on board and our driver.  As a reminder, when the schools that are in your district are closed, the bus will not be running to that area.  If you are unsure, you can go to WZZM 13 and look for the bus on the school closings as we get that up right away.  If there are any weather complications with the evening bus route, we will be contacting you prior to our departure as we may leave earlier than normal or make other arrangements.   (

Stay safe and warm out there everyone!!

"Snow Buddies" feat. Stella and Hemi

A conversation between Hemi and Stella.

Hemi: Heyyyy, that's myyy snow.
Stella: You can share.
Hemi: No I can't. Go find your own snow.
Stella: I want this snow though.
Hemi: But I'm eating it.
Stella: I can eat it too.
Hemi: Nu-uh! I peed on it.
Stella: Makes it taste good.
Hemi: You're gross!
Stella: I can pee on it just as easily as you can!
Hemi: Nu-uh! You're a girl.
Stella: Girls can pee too!
Hemi: Go find your own snooooooow.
Stella: Why can't you share?!
Hemi: Because I don't want to.
Stella: There is plenty of snow to share, you can share.
Hemi: Yeah, there's plenty of snow so go find your own snow!
Stella: But I want to eat snow WITH YOU!
Hemi: Go awaaaaaaaaaay.
Stella: Go awaaaaaaaaaay.
Hemi: Go play with Buddy.
Stella: Go play with Buddy.
Hemi: Stop copying me.
Stella: Stop copying me.
Hemi: Star Buddy, Stella won't leave me alone!
Stella: Star Buddy, Stella won't leave me alone!
Star Buddy: Now, now you two.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

"SnOw!" feat. Beauregard

Beauregard Corbin

Status     Photo/Video     Life Event
What's on your mind?

Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 10:10am
Back at the Ranch! About to have some fun!!
          Max Cole: Good to see ya, buddy!

Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 10:23am
Mom said I could spend the night! Woot woot! 

Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:00am
I want to go outside.
          Lefty Valentine: No you don't. There's white stuff on the ground. Brr!
          Beauregard Corbin: I LOVE SNOW!
          Innoko Harden: Lefty, you just hate the snow because you are so tiny. The snow comes up to your head!
          Lefty Valentine: I'm still probably faster than you still!
Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:19am
Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:24am
In a dog-eat-dog world, I choose to eat snowballs.
Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:26am
That just might have to be my campaign slogan.
Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:27am
That is if I actually get to run for President.
          Ellie St. Germain: I'd vote for you ;)

Beauregard Corbin
November 14 at 11:30am
These Star Buddies keep saying how cute I would look with a sweater on...
          Lefty Valentine: At least they don't have one to actually put on you -_-
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

"I Snow What You're Thinking..." feat. Dougie, Dixie, and Piper

Unless you've been living under your bed covers, avoiding all windows and/or the outdoors, then you know that it has snowed. The Ranch when I arrived this morning was in the most purest of forms. Untouched white fluff covered everything. My car crawled into the driveway and pressed the first dent into the white blanket of the quiet morning. My excitement for the change in weather was absorbed by each fur-friend as they bound out the door and into Winter's delight. Not all were as excited as others. Several fur-friends sent up silent pleas, begging me to let them back into the warmth, that they didn't need to go to the bathroom THAT bad. 

On the runs I bundled my head up, tucked my chin in and walked a little faster as my toes began to numb. Skazka skipped with glee, lapped up mouthfuls of snow, and left white dust fluttering in the air as she raced about. Tango gave himself a white wash, burrowing his head in the snow in search of a pine cone or a stick. He watched in awe as Ska reached for branches still in the trees, pulling them down to meet the ground, and throwing a miniature blizzard onto her and Tango.

As an adult I think I forgot how as a child I would excitedly wait with anticipation for the first snowfall. Excited for there to be enough snow to pull out the snow pants, hats, and mittens, to put on my warm winter coat and run outside; to be blessed with good packing snow and build a snowman, to play outside for so long that I get mistaken for Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer because my own nose is so red.

Today I was reminded of that child-like excitement. I saw it in our fur-friends. Their joy, their romping around in the snow, it all reminded me of what it was like to be a child again. I found enjoyment in watching our fur-friends play in the snow today. Happiness so pure.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Miss Snowflake 2014" feat. Bella

Sweater Weather

Little flakes fall
Swirling around in a flurry dance.

Bundled up 
Layer after layer
The chill numbs our bones.

Inside we are like an onion
Peeling off
Second pair of pants
And defrost.

Hi! My name is Bella. Bella Bella Bella! That's me. Today has been absolutely magical. It was my first day of Daycare and let me tell you what! I HAD SO MUCH FUN! Mom knew that it was going to be cold so she dressed me in my best sweater! And thank goodness she did because it started to snow! You couldn't see the flakes me on me though because I'm white. I'm like a little snowflake. Anyways, I'm getting distracted. Oh, right! I made a lot of friends today. Let me tell you what, there are quick a few cutie's here. Lefty, he is a Rat Terrier, he is pretty cute. He is crazy energetic though, which is okay because I am too! Him and I liked playing together today. We chased each other around in the Park, but he is really fast so it was hard for me to catch him. Harley is really cool too. I even made bigger friends. Manny is really quiet, but he is nice. And there is Little Ann, but that is a funny name, she isn't little! She is big, well, bigger than me. Maybe she is little to someone else, but not to me. She is an old lady, like a grandma! 

I had a lot of fun, mom. I made sure to give a lot of kisses and I got A LOT of cuddles. I made sure to use my manners and I was a very good girl! I had a fantastic day and I can't wait to tell you about it when you come get me. Love, Bella

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today's Fun Video:
"Uhh..." feat. Bentley

This is not Bentley. Well, yes, technically this is Bentley, but right now, no, this is not Bentley. May I introduce you to Secret Agent Man, Agent Waffle (pronounced just the way that it is spelled). He conquers this great world, accomplishing mission after mission, with one energetic burst after the next. As if he has a jet pack strapped to his back, he knows nothing about stop and everything about go, go, go. Agent, we'll call him Agent W, Agent W has gone as far as Mars for his missions. He says he would even go as far as Pluto if that were humanly possible, but he would need to get a warmer coat beforehand. Agent W is the sharpest shooter with the quickest draw in the West. He likes to believe that in a past life that he was a cowboy. Agent W has taken down a variety of villains. He single-handedly demolished Big Ruff's monstrous gang of hooligans, sending Big Ruff to prison for a very long time. Agent W has even been hired to protect the President! He speaks a multitude of languages, including Dog, but he struggles with Spanish. Don't be fooled by Agent W's size. He is one tough guy!

Thank you for being our adorably tiny Secret Agent Man, Bentley!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

"Fly Me to the Moon" feat. Manny

Manny's Dream

Manny has a dream. An 'out of this world' idea. An adventure so grand, so extreme that it requires a multitude of maps, blueprints, and an ounce of insanity. His friends mock him, but Manny knows that it is just because they don't believe.
What is Manny's dream? Manny wants to fly.

He wants Dumbo ears, so he can flap flap flap up up up into the sky and join in the migration of a flock of Geese. 

Or no! Dragon wings. Long, wide and paper thin. Curling them close and running real fast, jumping up high and stretching his wings out, the wind catching, pushing him up, he'd soar over top the trees and lakes until he could find a mountain with a cave (preferably one with gold) and become a Smaudog. 

Or no, a propeller tail! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, wait! It's Heli-dog! Manny would spin his tail round and round and round so fast that it could cut through anything in its path. He would point it up and up he'd go.

Or maybe, Manny, you could just go to Pilot school and learn how to fly a plane instead. Or train to become an astronaut and fly to outer space!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

"Leaf Me Alone" feat. König

König writes a Man Seeking Woman Ad:

My name is König; it's German. It means King, therefore I think that it is an appropriate name for myself because I am a King. I've also been told that I am a great and mighty warrior. I have earned a spot at the Round Table in King Arthur's Court. Really though I am all things great because I am great. 

I am a handsome fellow. I work out every single day so that my body remains in great shape. I know how to have fun, I love rolling around and playing in the leaves. I know how to treat a lady right, I mean after all I am a knight, and a knight knows how to treat a lady with respect. 

I am looking for an acceptable woman to become my Queen. I would prefer it if the lady that I am seeking is of my age or older. I need a woman who is dominate like myself, someone who can help rule my kingdom with me. Although I do ask of the lady to whom I am seeking to be willing to clean up after me, for I am not the cleanest of gentlemen. I do very little tidying, but really it is not my thing. 

I have grand goals for my future, and I would love to have a lady to share these future goals with. Together we can rule the world! Literally. I want to rule the world. 

If interested in becoming my queen please comment at me. 

Sincerely, König

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Family Portrait" feat. Daisy, Gracie, Rango, Doolittle, Bella, and Mack

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Weimaraner. The Weimaraner's have four children (clearly adopted). Mr. Weimaraner, please call him Dr. Mack, works as a Professor at the Dogwood University. Dr. Mack teaches Origins of the Dog, as well as English 101. Mrs. Weimaraner, she prefers to be called Gracie, is a retired Professor of Physics from Dogwood University. Interestingly enough, Gracie actually met Dr. Mack while she was still teaching and he was still a student!

The Weimaraner's children in order of age are: Daisy, Bella, Rango, and Doolittle. Daisy, the oldest, loves school and enjoys participating in sports, especially Swimming. She would like to become a Doctor when she is older. Miss Bella is the rebel child. She oftentimes finds herself running from trouble, but really she is a sweetheart. She loves to read. Being the spirited one that she is, she always jokes that she is going to become a bank robbery and live a filthy rich life. Rango is Dr. Mack and Gracie's goofball of a child. In school he is the class clown. Rango participates in many sports, ranging from Baseball and Football to Fencing and Swimming. Rango's plans for his future consist of living at home with his parents forever and joining a Rock band. Doolittle is Dr. Mack and Gracie's angel of a child. Doolittle does no wrong, I mean how could he?! This is mostly because he is the baby of the family. Doolittle is an energetic little fella. He loves to be outside playing with his friends. He would love to be an actor, model, doctor, firefighter, and even a pilot some day. Doolittle is the Weimaraner's little dreamer.

This is the Weimaraner family. A little eccentric, slightly quirky, and downright goofy. 

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Park Updates: Canine Express

Effective: Friday, November 7, 2014

There will be a sign at the start of the Canine Express that will let park members know the "status" of the Express - On or Off Leash - depending on when runs are in progress.

When the ON LEASH side is facing you, we are currently running our boarding / daycare guests so continue down the Express on leash.  

When the OFF LEASH side is facing you, we are done with our runs and you are welcome to continue off leash if you prefer.

If you have any questions, please let us know!  Thank you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Favorite Band: Stix" feat. Zack

Zack writes a short essay.

The name is Zack. Z-A-C-K, Zack. I tried out for the Spelling Bee and made it into a competition. I practiced for days. I thought for sure that I would have it, but I misspelled the word 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', which I don't think was all that fair. It's a really hard word!

Even if I lost the Spelling Bee, I think everyone was more impressed by the fact that a dog was in a Spelling Bee! 

This one summer I decided to partake in a fishing competition. I like fish. Not only are they fun to watch because they are so weird, I mean because they live under water! That's weird. All these other fishermen had their fishing rods, but who uses fishing rods? No I! I used my bare teeth. And boy did I show those fishermen up. I caught the biggest fish I've ever caught in my entire life. It was maybe 10 feet long. That doesn't sound right, maybe it was 10 inches. It was the biggest fish I had ever caught, but it wasn't the biggest one caught in the competition. 

During the winter I decided to try snowboarding. It was an experience that's for sure. You won't be seeing me in the X-Games any time soon.

I tried to join Major League Baseball too, but they don't like it when you catch the ball with your mouth. I personally don't like it when a ball is caught with hands. It seems very unnatural and weird.

I like sticks.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"You Give Me Puppy Fever" feat. Madison

WANTED: West Highland White Terrier by the name of MADISON
     for being TOO GOSH DARN ADORABLE. 
Approach with caution. She is armed and dangerous with puppy breath, puppy kisses, puppy cuddles, and puppy cuteness.

Reward: $5,000.00

This little lady, Miss Madison, is at the Ranch today for her FIRST day of Daycare! This little tulip is such a delight to have at Dog Star. She is such a peach! I immediately melted at the sight of this snowflake. Madison wasn't the least bit of nervous when she arrived early this morning. Madison, who is such a socialite, made many friends today. First, caught the fancy of Charlie the Boston Terrier. They hopped, squatted, and bounced around Pup Paradise together. More friends arrived, like Harley, Zoey, and Frisco, and Madison immediately took to them. On her run, Madison perused the park with Kirby and I. She occasionally joined in a chase with Rosie and Harley, but she was perfectly content leisurely walking alongside the oldies. Madison received A LOT of love, hugs, and kisses from the staff today. She is just so absolutely irresistible!

Thank you Madison for joining us today for Daycare at Dog Star! We love love loved having you come play with us. We hope to see your puppy energy, happy prancing, and wiggle-butt wagging tail again soon!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

"Fetch" feat. Brodie

Hi, My Name Is...

Brodie Carlson. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Red Labrador Retriever, the best kind of Retriever there is in my (biased) opinion. I am a YOUNG eight year old. I enjoy living the bachelor life. I don't particularly like to be tied down by a monogamous relationship with the same fur-lady for long periods of time, I've just got too much lovin' to give, I want to share it with all my fur-lady friends. I'm a classy fur-man, I've got manners and I know how to be polite. I'm top pick when it comes to the fur-ladies. My favorite sport is fetch. I'm pretty awesome at it. I would be really good at playing Baseball. Or Football. Any sport that that Air Bud fur-dude can play, I could play all of those sports too. But yeah, I really like fetch. I could play fetch all day. The Star Buddy who plays fetch with me is such a tease though. She makes me sit. Sometimes I try to trick her with a half sit, but she never buys it. She makes me sit all the way on the ground AND THEN she makes me WAIT. She makes me wait. Can you believe that? So I do as she says, I sit and wait. Tedious. So tedious. I also like to swim, but apparently because Michigan gets cold, I can't swim at the pond as much as I like to. I like to work out. I lift weights and run. My figure is very important to me, especially as I get...older. I like to keep myself nice and toned. Yeah, that is about all I've got to say about myself. I'm a cool fur-guy who likes to play fetch and have fun. 

Oh! And I like Dog Star. Obviously.

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DayStar of the Month ~ October 2014 is Izzy Slater

DayStar of the Month ~ October 2014 is Izzy Slater

What can I say about the DayStar of the Month for October 2014?  Hmm… She is such a remarkable girl that I don’t know where to begin!  Miss Izzy Slater is a special doodle that has been coming to the Ranch since January 2013 as just a little ball of fluff.  I can’t say that I have ever seen her without a big smile on her face and a whole lotta wag in her tail!  She is always full of energy, ready to play, and easy going.  Izzy aims to please.  It’s always fun to see her work for her parents, whether it’s a simple task like sitting at the doors or learning more adventurous task like in the Chillity classes.  Izzy is definitely a favorite in the grooming salon.  Sometimes I think she knows when she’s getting cleaned up as she’ll make sure to get that one last roll in the dirt or splash in the trough before it’s off to the bathtub.  It has been a blast to watch Miss Izzy go from a rambunctious puppy to a young lady!  Thank you for sharing her with us and we look forward to seeing her grow and mature down the road ahead.  Izzy Slater, we proudly announce that you have been unanimously voted as the DayStar of the Month for October 2014!  Congratulations!