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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"This Photo Speaks For Itself" feat. Mack

*Raises right hand*
I solemnly swear that I do not (for the most part) favor Mack more than others (all the time). I just happened to be slightly more enthusiastic about decorating for his special day.

Today is Mack's FOURTH birthday! Another year older and another year wiser.

Although I've only known Mack since the beginning of June, Mack's open personality makes me feel as if I've known him his whole life. 

What can I say about Mack?
- He is spunky
- He is the Boy Next Door
- He KNOWS when lunchtime is
- He loves his little friends
- and he loves his big friends too
- Mack loves a good scratch
- He LOVES to run around
- and he loves going to the pond
- He loves to nap 
- BUT only on the couch in Pup Paradise

Mack is such an easygoing guy. He is such a good boy (as I type this he sleeps peacefully on the couch behind me). 

Mack, we are so happy that you are our fur-friend. We love to see your smiling face when you come in. Thank you letting us celebrate your birthday with you today, we love having you here.

So a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mack!
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Monday, September 29, 2014

"Smile!" feat. Izzy

Izzy's First Day

The new kid in pup paradise
knowing nobody,
she is surrounded by everybody
they are all interested in the new smell.
Lefty bombards her
bouncing and prancing around
at the excitement of a new friend.
The ladies and gents lay unfazed
by the stranger in the room.
Izzy partakes in a romp with Lefty
until his energy becomes too much.
She'd rather be loved
by the human at the computer desk
her smile charms
passing out kisses
she cuddles with her human friend.
Izzy helps with pictures
and even writes a poem for the blog.
Her first day of daycare
has her smiling the whole time.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

"Smile Big And The World Will Smile Big With You"

Bipolar Michigan

Not a cloud in sight
the sun shines bright
Easy to forget
that October is 4 days away.
Where is fall?
Cold mornings
cool afternoons
warm mugs of liquid goodness
fuzzy socks
snuggling up in blankets.
Summer packed away too soon.

Take pleasure in the pond
the troughs 
and sprinklers on.
Before we know it
Mother Nature will change her mind.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Two Peas In A Pod" feat. Tillie and Buddy Franks

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Tillie. She stood no taller than a stump and had smooth, short black hair. Tillie lived in a castle on top of a hill by the sea. Tillie loved to venture down to the waters and search for starfish and seashells to add to her hefty box full of collections. 

Tillie was afraid of very little, her adventurous spirit made her brave! 

One exception to Tillie's bravery was the woods. The woods sat just behind Tillie's house. At night the trees would stretch their witchy branches across the yard as if trying to grab Tillie.

One beautiful partly cloudy, but mostly sunny day Tillie was frolicking around the yard catching butterflies with her net when she saw the most rarest butterfly of all the butterflies that she has never caught, and she wanted to catch it! Tillie began to chase the golden butterfly around the yard. She stalked it everywhere that it went. The butterfly kept 'just a hop away' distance from Tillie. Each time that she lunged towards it, the butterfly would flutter just more hop away. 
As Tillie chased the butterfly she became unaware of where she was allowing the butterfly to lead her...right into the woods. The dark, howling woods. Tillie absentmindedly hopped along with the butterfly from one tree, one bush, one flower to another deeper and deeper into the woods.
Tillie watched carefully as the butterfly ever so delicately landed on a blooming blueberry bush. Without hesitation Tillie swooped her net in and captured the butterfly. In all her excitement she started to dance around hip-hooraying at her triumph. Something started to hip-hooray along with Tillie in a slight howl. Tillie stood frozen. She glanced from side to side and turned all about. She looked left to right and up and down. She swallowed a big lump of uh-oh...she was in the woods and she wasn't alone. Tillie turned in the direction that she thought she had came from and started to creep away. From behind she heard dry branches snapping and fallen leaves cracking, the sound getting closer and closer to her. Tillie started to pick up her pace but the path that she had chosen didn't seem familiar. Tillie was lost.

Shaking and shivering Tillie listened to the tune of the woods. Birds chirping, leaves rustling, branches snapping, leaves cracking, mice scurrying across the forest floor. Tillie felt something staring at her from behind. Ever so bravely and ever so slowly Tillie turned around. Nearly jumping out of her boots and yelping so loud that even the birds became scared, standing in front of Tillie was a big, black dog! Seeing that Tillie was afraid the dog backed up a little. He didn't want to frighten her.
The dog decided to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Buddy Franks. Are you lost?"
Tillie blinked several times and shook each of her ears, not sure if they were working right, but did that dog just talk?! "Yes," she hesitantly said, "I'm lost. Can you help me find my way home?"
"Of course!" Buddy said.
Relaxing at Buddy's outreach of friendliness and kindness Tillie softly smiled at Buddy as he started to lead her in what was hopefully the right direction.
Do Tillie and Buddy Franks make it out of the woods? Stay tuned!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match" feat. Beauregard and Archer

Today I've decided to compile a list of adorable duos.

Adorable duos:
- Lefty and Piper
     Lefty and Piper played today with a great amount of energy and chemistry. They loved taking turns to chase each other around.
- PJ and Charlotte
     There is no denying that these two are absolutely adorable together. What they have is just downright golden. PJ loves to dote on his sweet Charlotte, and as we all know Charlotte loves to be doted on!
- Bruno and Wilson
     It was Bruno's first day at the Ranch today, and thanks to Wilson he had a great day playing with her.
- Mack and Gracie
     These two are sweet together and they also look great together because they are both Weimaraners!
- Mack and Finn
     Mack to a real liking to Finn today and it was great to see them play so well with each other.
- Briggs and Maize B.
     These two are our absolutely loveable (yet slightly crazy) fur-friends. Briggs and Maize love to play with each other and it is so great to watch them hang out.
- Dixie and Barkley
     Dixie and Barkley are two adorable little white fluff balls that are just full of so much energy! It is a hoot to watch them romp around while on their runs.
- CeCe and Ben
     CeCe and Ben are our older fur-friends. These two love to stroll alongside each other on occasions. And sometimes CeCe shares her energy with Ben and they chase each other around for a bit.
- Teddy and Ben
     Teddy and Ben are another cute pair together. Teddy is Ben's little shadow, always following him around and wanting to do whatever Ben does.
- Milo and Dickens
     This one is pretty obvious. Milo and Dickens are siblings, but boy! They are just so gosh-darn-adorable. They are never seen apart. They love to be by each others side. They've got such a great bond.
- Maize and Barkley
     Did you see the picture of them embracing? How can you not think that that isn't adorable?! Maize and Barkley loved chasing each other around in the park today.
- Archer and Beauregard
     What do you get when you have a Great Dane and a Mastiff play together? A lot of adorable pictures of a Great Dane and Mastiff playing together! Archer and Beauregard are probably my favorite from today because of how handsome they look with each other. These two men aren't afraid of being rough and tough. It is hilarious to watch two giant horse-like dogs race around the pond!

Who is your favorite?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"What if..." feat. Cece
Two Boxers and a Boston!
Our Main Characters:
Charlie the Boston Terrier
Dozer the Boxer
Greta the Boxer
Zoe the Boston Terrier
Sam the Mixed Breed
Buddy the Mixed Breed
Previously on Two Boxers and a Boston!

The bond between Charlie and Dozer seems to have weakened. After Charlie and Dozer decided to take some time off from seeing each other, this break appears to have drifted them apart. Because neither one seems to be talking to the other, it is hard to say whether their break was because of a spat they had over Greta. 

Absent from today's daycare, Sam was greatly missed by Dozer. Dozer confided in Lefty yesterday about his conflicting feelings. Although he has this infatuation with Greta, Dozer can't hide his feelings for Sam. And although he would still like to be with Greta, Sam is there for Dozer in a way that Greta is not.

The last we saw of Charlie and little Zoe, Zoe was head over heels in love with him. And although Charlie has started to reciprocate Zoe's feelings, is it too late? Today Zoe was seen putting on quite the Greta-esque performance. Is it possible that the more that Charlie barked about how he was only interested in friendship and denied  his feelings for Zoe, that he has finally pushed her away?

Zoe was perfectly comfortable in the paws of Charlie today until... Buddy showed up at daycare and stole Zoe's attention away from Charlie. This did not make Charlie happy in the slightest. Instead of being relieved that Zoe had been distracted away from him, Charlie experienced a tinge of jealousy. He constantly interfered with Zoe and Buddy's play. And even now while Buddy is away, Charlie is trying to nuzzle his way back into Zoe's paws. Zoe has no problem bouncing between Charlie and Buddy. After all, isn't Charlie just interested in friendship? Why would he care!
Having had thought that Greta was losing both of her men, it appears that she has decided to move on. On Greta's most recent visit to daycare she stayed alongside Chief, the handsome German Shepherd. Chief, differing greatly from Dozer and Charlie showed Greta what it was like to be with a REAL man.
Is Chief just a way for Greta to make Dozer and Charlie jealous, or has she actually moved on? Just as Zoe has finally wiggled her way into Charlie's heart, has Charlie lost his chance to be with Zoe because of a new man? As the saga continues, it appears that Greta has found a new man to occupy her time. Will Dozer finally be able to let go of Greta and go for Sam? Could Dozer finally be thinking "Greta who?" How will Charlie show Zoe that he has feelings for her? Or is it too late. Will Zoe have to make the choice: Charlie or Buddy. The plot thickens...

Tune in next week on Two Boxers and a Boston!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

"Pretty Woman" feat. Maggie

Maggie Enters A Beauty Contest
Talent: Maggie talented at Tap Dancing. Her performances are quite theatrical, oftentimes her performances take place in the rain. Water works are always a part of her show. As her paws tap out a handmade tune, the water splishes and splashes about her, the colorful lights reflecting in the droplets. Maggie's performance is a crowd favorite.
Formal: Maggie chooses to wear two beautiful bows, one on each ear. Maggie is an absolute doll in her formal wear. All the judges love it.

Series of Questions:
     What is most important to you?
"Many things are important to me, but there is nothing more important to me than my parents. My parents are most important to me because they support me and love me unconditionally.  I would not be who I am today if it were not for my parents."    
     What would she change about the world?
"If there were one thing that I could change about the world, I would make shelters obsolete. Every shelter dog would have a happy home where they are loved and cared for as much as I am loved and cared for."
     Describe your perfect date.
"That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." (Miss Congeniality)
      What are your hobbies?
"I love obtaining as much beauty rest as I possibly can. The most relaxing part of my day is when I can lay down anywhere and take a nice long nap."

Thank you, Maggie!
What do you say folks! Does Maggie deserve to win?

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Friday, September 19, 2014

"Miles Smiles"

Here at Dog Star Ranch we love all our fur friends smiles, but Mr. Miles has one of the best smiles! He brightens each and everyone of our days with his dazzling display of pearly whites. He also gives the BEST kisses! We love you, Miles, keep on smiling! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Let Me Tell You A Story" feat. Goliath

Goliath has a story.

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a Goliath. A fearsome creature so tall that he could see over the tops of even the tallest of trees. He was so big that whenever he was dirty he had to take a bath in the Pacific Ocean. However, this Goliath was not as ferocious as he looked. This Goliath was kind and gentle, so gentle that butterflies could rest on his back as he wandered in the meadow.

The Goliath didn't like that his appearance made the other creatures in the land fear him, it made him sad and lonely. Everybody was too afraid to be his friend. The Goliath wanted to change his appearance. He didn't want to look ferocious, so he set out on a journey to find a witch who could change him.

Deep, in the dark forest of Fetchland the Goliath found the witch. He wished for her to turn him into a small creature, one that would be loved and have many friends. The witch warned the Goliath to be careful what he wished for, but the Goliath was certain that this was what he wanted. The witch mixed up the potion and handed it carefully to the Goliath. Not all spells can be undone, she warned as the Goliath left.

Once out of the forest, the Goliath sat down on a mountain and took a sip of the potion. And waited...and waited. Nothing happened. He didn't feel any different. Disappointed that he was tricked by the witch, the Goliath fell asleep. When he woke up he could still see over the trees, but as he left the mountain the trees got taller. And taller and taller. The Goliath looked up at the trees and started to dance around excitedly. It had worked! The potion worked! The Goliath was small! The Goliath ran into the meadow where all the other creatures were and they didn't run away! The Goliath joyfully made friends for the first time.

The Goliath was happy with his size, he was happy that he had friends; he felt like finally his life was the way that it was meant to be. Until...

A truly ferocious creature came into the land. It was BIG and HAIRY. It had LARGE and SHARP teeth. It smelled moldy, like rotting cheese. It began to pick on the little creatures. Bossing them around and forcing them to work for him.

The creatures frantically wondered where the Goliath was! Where was the Goliath to protect them. The Goliath in his little form listened to the creatures as they talked about how they wish that they would have been nicer to the Goliath so he wouldn't have left. The Goliath wished desperately then that he was himself again. He never realized how important he was to all the creatures. He told the creatures that he was the Goliath but that he wished that he was smaller. The creatures told the Goliath that they were sorry that they feared him, they knew now that he was a gentle giant creature.

The Goliath wished deep inside himself that he would return to how he was before. His friends needed him. Just then, the Goliath felt a tingling in his toes and a stretching in his legs. The more that he wished that he would return to his normal self, the taller that he got! The Goliath became so tall that he could see over the tops of even the tallest of trees again. All his friends hipped and hoorayed.

The Goliath stomped over to the truly ferocious creature and told him to give him his friends back and to leave his land! The ferocious creature, much smaller than the Goliath became afraid. After returning the Goliath's friends, he ran away.

The Goliath was happy to be tall again and he and his friends lived happily ever after.

The End

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"King" feat. Archer

Greetings Two-Legged Alien,
I am King Archer. Welcome to Planet Great Dane where Great Dane's rule...the planet.
     "Are you really a King?"
Am I technically a King?, not technically. But who is going off of technicality. Are you 'technically' a human being?
Oh, well then. What are you doing on Planet Great Dane then?
     "I had to walk you over to Planet Great Dane."
Nonsense. I am not walked. YOU are walked. I walk you, you follow me.
You are a puny human being under the mind control! King Archer, ruler of Planet Great Dane. If you try to disobey me I will knock you over.
     "Please don't..."
Good, compliance is good.
     "What else do you like to do besides pretend to be a King?"
First, I am not pretending! Second, I love eating. Third, I love sleeping. And fourth, I love running around. As King of Planet Great Dane I am very busy. I have many responsibilities and duties. I've got a lot on my plate. I am a very busy man, so you should feel lucky to be in my company.
     "King Archer..."
Yes, peasant, you may speak.
     "Why aren't there any other Great Dane's on Planet Great Dane?"
Because a great, haha, get it? Great, Great Dane, great! Hahahaha! Because a great time ago there was a mighty battle among the Great Dane's. They all wanted to be ruler of Planet Great Dane, but none of them got along. They fought with brawn and I fought with brain. I convinced them that I would the most sensible to choose the real ruler, so they put me in charge. And then I kicked them all out.
     "I see...King Archer?"
Speak human.
     "We have to go back now."
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"What's Goin' On?" feat. Dozer
Two Boxers and a Boston!

Our Main Characters:
Charlie the Boston Terrier
Dozer the Boxer
Greta the Boxer
Zoe the Boston Terrier
Sam the Mixed Breed
Previously on Two Boxers and a Boston!
It appears that Charlie and Dozer have taken time to see other friends. Whether this means that they have had a spat over Greta or not seems to be unsure. What this does mean, however, is that Dozer now has been spending a lot of time with Sam! Last we saw Charlie had little Zoe head over heels in love with him, and although it appeared that Charlie did not reciprocate Zoe's feelings, she seems to be growing on him as they have been seen together acting rather cozy. Charlie is still adamantly barking that he is only interested in friendship, but his actions are speaking differently. As we know, Dozer has run into the paws of another woman. And that is where we pick up today!

Separate from each other, Charlie and Dozer were able to keep their minds off of Greta and be wooed by other women. Charlie, while out with his little friends, could only keep his eyes on Zoe. Unlike herself, she played  hard to get, which drove Charlie INSANE! She loved every second of the chase, and it definitely made Charlie want to catch Zoe all the more.

Dozer was eager to see Sam, as she was just as equally excited to see him. Dozer could not resist Sam's charm as she darted and dashed around him. They were even caught (check out the pictures from today) by the paparazzi engaging in several romantic embraces. Sam and Dozer happily romped around with each other like two peas in a pod.
It appears that Greta is losing both of her men! How ever will she get them back? As much as Greta appears confident in herself, is this one battle that she is going to lose?

Is Zoe finally wiggling her way into Charlie's heart? Can Greta fend off TWO women, Zoe, the bubbly Boston and Sam, the sweet and salty charmer? As the saga continues, it appears that Greta is losing both of her men! As confident as Greta is, is this one battle that she is going to lose? Will Dozer choose Sam? Could Dozer be thinking "Greta who?" Does Charlie love Zoe? What will Greta do? The plot thickens...
Tune in next week on Two Boxers and a Boston!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

What does being a Dog Star Ranch Park Member really mean for me and my fur-baby??

September 15, 2014
Greetings pet parents,

I hope that you have been having a wonderful summer!  Time sure seems to fly and it’s hard to believe that September is here!! 

Have we ever talked to you about our Dog Star Ranch park memberships?  Dog Star Ranch has 48 acres of fenced in dog parks, nature trails, and ponds.  When your dog is a member, you receive your own park key that allows you 24/7 access to our parks so you can come whenever it works for you!  Our parks are regulated so every dog must pass our temperament test to play out there so you know that all the dogs you encounter will be safe to play with your fur baby!

Dog Star Ranch park members get lots of perks and privileges! 
1.   Sirius Star Members – 10% off all Ranch services, 50% off after hours fees (making Sunday departures cheaper for members rather than waiting until Monday)
2.      50% off nail trims
3.     Priority Boarding – Lately this has been a huge factor!  Priority boarding means that we will always have a spot for your dog to stay with us.  Over the last few months, our boarding program has been growing and every weekend, generally by Thursday, we get to the point that we are “Members Only.”  That means that if you are a member, we can book you.  If you are not a member, you would be added to a waiting list in case someone cancels.

Are you unsure if a membership would be a good investment for you and your pup?  Stop on out!  Your first time in the parks is free with this letter and you can take the parks for a test drive to see if it’s something you’d like and use. 

Have a great day and we hope to see you out in the parks soon!


Jen Goudreau
Dog Star Ranch

"Take Me Out" feat. Stella & Lacie

It's a rush.
Imagine having your knees locked, or relaxed even, and someone (or in my case, a dog) come up behind you and push your knee(s) forward. That jolting feeling. The feeling that you are going to fall, but you don't. Take that same feeling, that single jolt through your entire body and apply it to being swept off your feet (not in the romantic way). There have been numerous times where I felt that jolt of fear that I was going to fall. Sampson (a Saint Bernard) running at me from behind, or any of my fur-friends when down at the pond and I get in THEIR way. Ha! My fur-friends think that it is fun to play between and/or around my legs. It never happened though, they never succeeded in taking me out. 

Until today. 
It finally happened. I was out on a run with Stella and Lacie, energetic little fur-friends; I was unaware of where they were running around when.......
BAM! It happened. Both Lacie and Stella ran into my legs. I fell forward, went down into a push-up, and popped back up like I meant to do that. They remained oblivious to the awesome catch of myself that just happened.

Next time that they would like to sweep me off my feet, I would prefer a romantic gesture instead.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

"Fall Is In The Air" feat. Hemi

The air is crisper
sweaters are pulled out,
heavier jackets unpacked.
Foreshadowing of snow
makes us grip our mugs of
Hot Chocolate
     Pumpkin Spice Latte
a little tighter.
Our minds
     as we, curled up 
     warm within our blankets
w a n d e r...
to Halloween
     Trick or Treating
As the temperature creeps down
we think ahead
to Thanksgiving
     Pumpkin Pie
Black Friday shopping
     gift giving
Nature changes
the leaves color
and f
Woodsy creatures go to hide
birds migrate to warmer places
our fur-friends look longingly at the pond
wishing for that one last dip
but the human doesn't want to get cold and wet.

The question asked
When will it be summer again?
The answer
It isn't even the first day of Autumn yet.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Outlaws" feat. Little Buddy & Lily

Growing up I've always had an active imagination. My mind was always wandering and I was always daydreaming. I grew up on a dairy farm, so naturally I also worked on that dairy farm. In the early morning hours (we're talking two o' clock in the morning early) I would either be in the parlor milking the cows, the milk machines droning in my ears and the cows kicking at my hands, or, what I considered to be the worst part about working that early in the morning, I would be outside. In the dark. Alone. With all the outside noises and the calves I was feeding. My imagination seems to be ten times more active in the dark. I would create these crazy scenarios, usually always involving a cougar (a very hungry cougar), and me having to either fight the cougar off or jump into a calf pen. Or, if the cougar followed me into the pen, I would hope that the cougar would choose the calf for breakfast over me. I was terrified of the noises that I couldn't explain and by the things that I couldn't see.

It appears that my active imagination has followed me to Dog Star Ranch.

As the opener (arriving at six in the morning) even the frogs on the sidewalk scare me, causing my mind to start racing. Something that occurs quite frequently at Dog Star, and it really shouldn't come as a surprise, is that there is A LOT of barking. Our fur-friends LOVE to talk. In the morning when I get here nothing comforts me more than hearing my fur-friends chatting away! Seriously, the second I step out of my car I focus my ears on the barking of the dogs. However, my fur-friends aren't always barking when I am walking up to the building. That is when my imagination starts racing. Usually the first idea that pops in my head is that (for some reason!) the dogs have been abducted by aliens. Like that one movie where all the dogs are being called back to their planet (or something like that). Or, sometimes I think that they all ran away on me, or that they have all somehow been "kidnapped" as a cruel joke. Thankfully though, as soon as I get to the door and open it they all start barking to me reassuring me that they are all still here, and all my fears are washed away. Our fur-friends barking makes me feel secure and safe.

The first thing that I do when I get to work is turn on the lights, and for the longest time I didn't realize that there were outside that was fun! (Thankfully I figured out how to turn those on!) Even then, as I'm taking the dogs out to go potty I am actively thinking of what animals could be lurking in the dark. Like cougars, I have this fear of cougars I guess. I keep my fur-friends close to me. I imagine them as my superheroes. I have nothing to fear when they are all here with me. They make me feel protected. No matter how crazy my active imagination is being, my fur-friends always conquer the thoughts. I will always have an active imagination where I am coming up with 'one-in-a-million' chance scenarios, but unlike the calves, I at least can count on my fur-friends to fight along side me in my crazy imagination.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Happy Birthday!" feat. Sampson

Oh my! Who is that fabulous fella in the colorful boa and stylish sunglasses? It's Sampson! Why is he so dashingly dressed you ask. Because it's his birthday! Sampson turns FOUR today. Sampson is one of our goofballs. He LOVES to play in water. He enjoys to lounge in the troughs and he enjoys even more to splash around in the pond. Sampson has many friends at Dog Star Ranch that he gets to play with. Sampson couldn't have asked for a better day, or a better way to celebrate his birthday! All of his friends helped make his day extra special, and so did his human friends! We love you, Sampson! Hope your day is filled with kisses, belly rubs, treats, much spoiling! Happy birthday!

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Share!" feat. Rango and Oliver

It's a ruff life...
Wake up early
Star Buddy here yet?
I've got to go potty!
What's that I hear?
Key turning the lock!
Star Buddy is here!
I've got to go potty.
I don't think you heard me.
I've got to go potty!
So do they.
We've got to go potty.
Take me out first.
Me me me me first.
I've got to go more than they do.
Maybe not him. He already went.
I'm not cleaning that up.
I've got to
Oh thank goodness!
I gotta go I gotta go
Don't bother with getting my other friends
Open that door!
I can't hold it!
Oh yay! Just in time.

Star Buddy Star Buddy Star Bubby!
I'm hungry now.
I can see that you're letting everyone else out
but...I'm hungry.
What do we want?
When do we want it?
What do we want?
When do we want it?

My breakfast is getting cold!
Bring me to my spot first.
I'm hungry.
Hungrier than they are.
Om nom nom!

I'm just going to take a quick nap.
What time is it?
Okay, wake me up when it is time for my run.

It's a ruff life.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

"Just Call Me Slinky Dog" feat. Ruby (and half of Lexi)

Our Main Characters:
Charlie the Boston Terrier
Dozer the Boxer
Greta the Boxer
Zoe the Boston Terrier
Sam the Mixed Breed!

Two Boxers and a Boston! 
Charlie and Dozer are best friends but...Charlie likes Greta. Greta likes Dozer. Dozer likes Greta. And Greta likes Charlie.
Previously on Two Boxers and a Boston!
The tension between Dozer and Charlie had dissipated temporarily. And last we saw, Charlie had little Zoe head over heels in love with him. She tried desperately to seduce Charlie away from Dozer in order to woo him away from Greta. Although it appeared that Charlie did not reciprocate Zoe's feelings, she seems to be growing on him. However, it does appear that he is still only interested in Zoe's friendship only.

It appears that while in Greta's absence Dozer has run into the PAWS OF ANOTHER WOMAN! Charlie is not the only one being wooed away from Greta. Dozer met Sam at Daycare. Both were alone and needed a friend. Sam, being the kind of woman that Dozer simply cannot resist (she is a strong, independent woman who takes ZERO sass from anyone), had Dozer hooked on their first play together.

Might Sam be Zoe's key to distracting Dozer away from Charlie so Zoe can wiggle her way in?! Can Greta fend off TWO women, Zoe, the bubbly Boston and Sam, a woman who is always on top. How much longer can Greta play this game before it all comes undone? Will Dozer and Charlie ever confront Greta? Will Greta have to finally choose between the two? Will Zoe be able to enchant Charlie away from Greta? Will Dozer choose Sam? The plot thickens...

Tune in next week on Two Boxers and a Boston!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"My What A Big Mouth You Have..." feat. Beauregard
Rain speckled glasses
Damp fur-friends
Water drops in troughs
Barks to the sky for sun
Barks to the sky for
Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
Wishes granted
Prayers answered
Parks frolicked through
Ponds splashed in
Flirt pole played with
Smiles shared 

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Dog Star Ranch Back to School SALE!!

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Sale ends 10/1/2014

Dog Star Ranch's Risin' Star Training classes will be starting up again next week and you want to make sure that your furry family member is ready to go in style.  We still have openings in some of our classes so make sure to call and reserve a spot today!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Him and Him" feat. Goliath and Demon

The sun was shining
the grass was warm
and the water cool.
Our fur-friends happy
and loveable
and fed.
more play
and naps.
Troughs and sprinklers
mud puddles
and mud flinging.
Each day different
each day grand.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Love = Pond" feat. Ruby

Ruby wrote a poem that she would like to share with everyone. Enjoy!

I think
about you.
I want
 I live
 for you! 
As I lap you up
I am intoxicated by your H2O
My thirst quenched.
You cool my coat
refresh my soul.
I call 
to you.
I love you.

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