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Friday, August 29, 2014

"You Shot Me!" feat. Koda

The best part of my day was Brodie. I love my boy Brodie. On our runs we have only one thing racing on repeat in our minds. Fetch. Brodie LOVES to play fetch. As soon as he sees the tennis ball in my hand he starts to dance around like a little kid at a candy store. What makes me happy to be hanging out with Brodie is just Brodie being Brodie. What makes me smile is that when I tell him to sit, he does a half sit; he doesn't sit quite all the way down. I will smile at him and say "No, Brodie sit all the way down." To which he will complete by plopping his butt on the ground and anxiously way his tail. Then I make him wait (I know, I know! I'm horrible!) When I tell him to wait he (sitting all the while) turn and face the pond. His butt will go up a little and I will remind him to sit and he will plop it back down. Then I say "Ready?!" and he inches forward. "Ready!?" and he inches forward again. And then I will let that ball fly! Before the ball even hits the water, Brodie is there already swimming to where he thinks the ball is going to land. Much like the ball, Brodie flies through the air and makes his grand splash into the water. I love my time with Brodie simply because he keeps me smiling. Thank you for playing with me today, Brodie!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"If You're Happy And You Know It..." feat. Spencer

Thoughts that cross my mind while on a run:
WARNING: Before you read on I should advise you that some thoughts are weirder than others. That being said...please don't judge me, but laugh all you would like! 

Thought #1 - Sam, is that a pile of poop? Please don't Sam...not the poop Sam...please don't roll in that...yup, you rolled in the poop didn't you...

Thought #2 - Much like me, Dozer is too impatient for fishing. The requirement for sitting still and waiting patiently are not skills that we practice.

Thought #3 - Littles. 10 minutes to get out there and 10 minutes to get back in. This is a fact.

Thought #4 - Is that poop on a mushroom? Who pooped so perfectly on a mushroom? It's the little things in life that make us go 'wow'.

Thought #5 - I love watching dogs run. Some seem to not even be touching the ground, and others run as if in slow motion. The slow motion runners are the funniest to watch.

Thought #6 - What does it mean when you develop "crushes" on dogs and wish that if only they were human? Umm...that you are obviously crazy and need more human contact! (This was a brief conversation I had with myself. I think I will express my concerns about myself with my dog when I get home.)

Thought #7 - Some dogs have creepily (in a good way) human eyes and it makes me wonder if maybe a human might have gotten reincarnated back down to a dog...

Thought #8 - Every time I see a pile of dog poop I remember that I'm hungry...

Thought #9 - I wrote a poem about dogs
                      ...but then my dog ate it.

So there you have it! All my somewhat (mostly) weird thoughts that crossed my mind while out hanging with my fur-friends. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"A Boy And His Ball" feat. Baebe

How To Achieve The Perfect Summer Look:
- Confine your wardrobe to only t-shirts and/or shorts and pants
- If you prefer to wear shorts be sure to wear tennis shoes and/or any kind of shoe that covers feet completely (ex. rain boots, hiking boots, etc.)

By following the above guidelines you will achieve brag-worthy tan lines.

At Dog Star Ranch, where your legs are never from kisses, drool, jumps, hugs, humps, etc. the Perfect Summer Look has been achievable via our fun time outside with our fur-friends. Rain or shine (we always hope for shine!), we enjoy to spend our time outside!

And although our fur-friends never intentionally mean to scratch our legs, it happens. Sometimes it happens GOOD. Then, (or at least I do) the Star Buddy can go home and brag about so and so just wanting to love and loving too hard. Much like how a little kid brags about their scratches and scraps, I like to show off my scratches. I wouldn't trade my summer legs (I'm working MAJOR shorts tan lines and don't even get me started on my sock tan lines!) for any other kind. All of wear and tear that they've been through since I've started working, each scratch, scrape, bruise (not always from dogs but my own clumsiness) is a story that I get to share once I get home.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Girl Next Door" feat. Charlie (left) and Zoe (right)

Our Main Characters:
Charlie the Boston Terrier
Dozer the Boxer
Greta the Boxer
Zoe the Boston Terrier
Previously on Two Boxers and a Boston! 
Charlie and Dozer are best friends but...Charlie likes Greta. Greta likes Dozer. Dozer likes Greta. And Greta likes Charlie. 
The tension between Dozer and Charlie has dissipated temporarily. Both seem to have forgotten that they are in love with the same woman, rather they are focusing on keeping their friendship strong. Greta, absent from today's Daycare, left an open space to be filled! By none other than Zoe the Boston Terrier.
Today, while down by the pond it became blatantly obvious that Zoe is head over heels in love with Charlie. She tried desperately to seduce Charlie away from Dozer in order to woo him away from Greta. However, Charlie does not reciprocate Zoe's feelings. Although he enjoys his time with Zoe and appreciates their friendship, he wishes for nothing more from the relationship.
A thundery cloud formed between Zoe and Dozer as each time that Zoe tried to lure Charlie away from Dozer, Dozer successfully lured Charlie back away from Zoe. Naturally this was Dozer just being a good friend, knowing that Charlie does not feel that way towards Zoe. Dozer's actions infuriated Zoe, as she felt that Dozer was corrupting Charlie's mind. 

If Zoe wishes to see herself with Charlie she is going to have to work/get along with Dozer. Zoe could be the key to getting Charlie out of the Greta/Dozer picture. Zoe is not going to give up her fight for love easily.

How much longer can Greta play this game before it call comes undone?! Will Dozer and Charlie ever confront Greta? Will Greta have to finally choose between the two? Will Zoe set aside her differences and work with Dozer? Will she be able to enchant Charlie away from Greta?  Will Zoe be able to win the heart of Charlie? The plot thickens...
Tune in next week on Two Boxers and a Boston!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Smiling Faces" feat. Snikkers

We always make the best of a rainy day. Many of our fur-friends were able to enjoy a romp around the park, and some were even able to enjoy the pond before the thunder came rolling in and the rain came pouring down.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Dear Mom and Dad" feat. Chica

Hi Mom and Dad!
I'm having so much fun at camp! Today we went on an adventure outside! The weather was really nice. It was all sunshine outside, but I did see some clouds. The clouds were nice because then it didn't feel as hot out. And there was a breeze. I liked the breeze, it felt good on my face. Nemo ran around a lot, but I preferred to stroll. Our adventure was...hold on, I have to ask. Oh! Our adventure took place in the Star Buddy Park. It's a really cool place! I smelled all sorts of things. I even found...wait, what were they called? Oh! Pumpkins. I smelled pumpkin plants. And then Nemo found this BIG hill to climb. It was so much fun! After our fun we went back to our cabin for a little nap. But before I fell asleep I just wanted to tell you how much fun I was having so far! Everybody is so nice and Nemo and I get lots of love!

Love you!
     Chica and Nemo

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Blue-Eyed Girl" feat. Fern

I have more intellectual conversations with dogs than I do with humans...
And if you're wondering whether or not they talk back, obviously they do! Anybody who doesn't think that dogs talk do are...well crazy! Now, when they talk it isn't always vocal. Sometimes all they need to do in order to communicate with you is give you a look. 

When a fur-friend first talks to you it is quite the experience; you really do feel like you're going crazy. The first fur-friend to speak to me was Dozer. He gave out a shout, "Hey Anna!" My head snapped to attention and I asked "What?" "When's my run?" He asked. "Your run is next, Dozer. Be patient." And then to myself (because talking to dogs doesn't make you seem crazy enough, you have to talk out loud to yourself as well) I asked if I really just heard Dozer talk to me. That would be crazy, right?! The more that it happened though, the more that I got use to it. It has be come an ordinary occurrence to hear (or think you hear) a fur-friend say your name, or say something to you. Gracie once was in Pup Paradise with all our little fur-friends and one of our Star Buddies asked if she would like to go into the Loft with our older fur-friends and she replied "Yes I would!" Mack loves to speak to us with his eyes and adorable head tilts that say "What? Are you talking to me?" 

How does your fur-baby talk to you?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Rainy Days" feat. Hemi

Let's talk about the love triangle that is Charlie, Greta, and Dozer.

Our main characters:
Charlie the Boston Terrier
Dozer the Boxer
Greta the Boxer

Charlie and Dozer are best friends but...Charlie likes Greta. Greta likes Dozer. Dozer likes Greta. And Greta likes Charlie. Charlie and Dozer live obliviously to the fact that they both love the same woman. There is a tension between them that they do not speak of, as if they know that they are both in love with Greta but wish not to speak of it out of fear of destroying their friendship! 

Greta, on the other hand, enjoys the attention. On days when both of her boys are here she flirts between the two, floating from Charlie to Dozer playfully bantering between them. And on days where she has alone time with either Dozer or Charlie, she plays a very different tune. 

On her trysts with Dozer she becomes a woman in charge, telling Dozer what to do. She likes to keep him on a short leash. Greta keeps herself dominant over Dozer, and she never lets him forget it. And although he wishes that she would treat him with more love and respect, he is too blinded by love to do anything about it. 

When Greta is with Charlie, she becomes a sweet flower. She playfully bounces around and even lays down so Charlie can play on top of her before she hops back up and they continue to chase each other. 

Greta is always careful not to be caught in pictures when doting on one boy more than the other. She is a smart woman, she knows how to play with two hearts at once, but how much longer can she play this game before it all comes undone!? Will Dozer and Charlie ever confront Greta? Will Greta have to finally choose between the two? Tune in next week on Two Boxers and a Boston!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

"It appears that my behind has become a Weimaraner." - Sampson

What is Dog Star Ranch? Dog Star Ranch is a 48 acre facility...
No, what IS Dog Star Ranch? Dog Star Ranch is a home away from home! 

When you bring your fur-baby here, they become our fur-baby. We love, play, and give lots of cuddles and kisses (even treats!). Our days are filled with runs and fun, barks and smiles, and of course, lots of drool too! We grow to love your dog as much as you do :)

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Sharing Is Caring" 
feat. Gracie and Gus

Is there such a thing as too much adorable? The answer is simple. No.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pictured Above: Mack

Daycare at Dog Star Ranch is much like school for our fur-friends. There are cliques. Each fur-friend has their group. These groups vary from little dogs to puppies and our old dogs to our young ones. 

Mack (pictured above) is one of our 'boys next door'. He is sweet and lovable, as well as being very handsome and attractive to the ladies. Mack (if he were typecast) would be the 'get along with everybody' athlete. Mack would play several sports like basketball, baseball, or tennis. Mack would be involved in numerous extracurricular activities. He would be President of the Student Council (his speech would have been both compelling and funny).

Charlie (our handsome English Coonhound) would be the 'rule follower'. He would be the President of the Hall Monitors because he likes to make sure that everybody is obeying the rules. His howl is his whistle and he blows it every chance that he gets.

Skazka is our Head Cheerleader. She has just enough sass and loves to flirt with her beautiful blue eyes. Skazka would be on the Student Council Dance committee. Skazka, although she is also very sweet, loves to try and rule the school. She has bossy tendencies, but overall she has a loving heart.

Ben (our adorable Beagle) would be a member of the Marching Band playing either the bass drum or the tuba. Ben is such an easy-going guy he would get along with everybody. You might also see Ben helping out in the office or volunteering to go to the little kids (puppy group) school and help out. He especially loves Pup Paradise where everyone partakes in multiple afternoon naps.

Brandy, our sweet Brandy, is our shy girl. She would be the nerdy girl off somewhere reading in a corner. She would be a member of the Theatre, but she wouldn't be an actor. Instead she would be the one behind the scenes helping with props.

These are just a few examples of what some of our fur-friends might be typecast as if they were humans. At Dog Star Ranch we love to imagine what our fur-friends might be like if they were human versions of their selves, coming up with stories about what sports they would play, what they would be in school, and more details about their already bright and wonderful personalities.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Pictured Above: Max

Rainy weather makes for foggy heads. Today the drizzle was constant and the flow of our fur-friends leaving was continuous. The hallways are printed with muddy paw prints as our friends come and go. 

Enjoy pictures from yesterday, but unfortunately today did not permit for such an activity. \
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Friday, August 8, 2014

"The Three Amigos"

Like three brothers these three rambunctious fur-friends (from left to right: Beauregard, Max, and Briggs) are the kind of crazy kids that no matter how many times you tell them not to play baseball in the house, they are gonna do it anyways. Max, Briggs, and Beauregard crazily rolled, jumped, and chased (almost running into the Star Buddy numerous times) while out on their walk. 

Friendship. Here at Dog Star Ranch friendship is important. Not only with the staff that works here, but with our fur-friends as well. Many of our fur-friends have a best friend that they get all excited to see. For example: Hemi and Cappy. Hemi and Cappy are the best of friends! All Hemi's mom has to do in the morning to get him up and moving is mention Cappy's name. This morning Cappy arrived for daycare before Hemi, and as soon as Hemi arrived his mom said that Hemi KNEW that Cappy was already inside, like he sensed it. They get excited at the sight of each other and do a little happy dance. They help each other get EXTREMELY dirty, and of course when they are at the pond they are each others swimming buddy.

Hemi and Cappy aren't the only ones who are best friends. Here at Dog Star many of our fur-friends have found their best friend fur-ever. Mindy and Friday love it when they can hang out, and of course Max Cole, Briggs, and Beauregard are the best of amigos. And the list could go on! We get excited to see our fur-friends, our fur-friends get excited to see us, and more importantly our fur-friends get excited to see their friends.

More highlights from today include:
Frankie dug in the pond and Slugo rolled in the sand while Howie trotted along and Oakley and Katie chased.

Dozer chased as Boo hopped along.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

"She Flies" feat. Zoey

My method to taking pictures:
1. Crouch down
2. Whistle and/or call out the fur-friends name
3. Wait for them to come a-runnin'
The greatest part is their smile as they giddily gallop at full speed ahead towards you, finger on the trigger (of the camera) as you snap a picture a second. And in each shot their eyes speak only of pure joy. There is always a fur-friend who loves getting their picture taken more than all the others. No matter what name is called, our photogenic fur-friend always shouts "HERE! PRESENT! I'm here. Take my picture!" Again and again and again. 

We love capturing our fur-friends having fun while here at Dog Star Ranch. Their moments here want to be shared with their moms and dads and other human friends, so take a look! Find your fur-baby and their fur-friends and enjoy seeing all the fun that they had while at Dog Star!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

"Different Day, Different Smells"
Pictured above: Bernie

No day is ever the same; the world smells different every day. That is what our fur-friends teach us. Our fur-friends take each day as a new present, unwrapping that something new. In each day they find new smells and new friends.

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Friday, August 1, 2014


Some days feel like a twenty mile the rain, but then again, that same day (the one that just seems overwhelmingly tough) can have the sun break through. Our fur-friends show us where the light is. It is in their smiles, when they do a silly dance, or roll around on the ground like goofs. And the best medicine of all to a bad day, the plethora of kisses that we get on the daily. Our fur-friends teach us to take time and breathe in the world around us, to splash around and enjoy the day for all the good that it has to offer. Thank you fur-friends for teaching us humans to laugh, smile, and just be happy.

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DayStar of the Month ~ July 2014

So this month we are happy to celebrate that a very special, red headed girl has been voted the DayStar of the Month for July.  Let’s see if you can guess who the lucky girl is.  “Ahhh, time for my mid-afternoon nap right in front of the door in Pup Paradise…  You want me to move so you can open the door?  Not a chance!  Okay, if I must…”  Yep, that’s Miss Maggie Schilling!  Maggie has been coming to Dog Star Ranch since February of 2011 and all the staff fell in love with her from Day 1.  She loves her romps in the park with her friends.  She is a diva and she LOVES her spa trips where the groomers can pamper her.  Miss Maggie is a true Golden and can win the heart of any human with that smile and waggin’ tail.  People migrate to her tender heart and loving soul that can lift anyone’s spirit and warm everyone’s day.  Thank you to Miss Maggie Schilling’s mom for sharing this special girl with us and Congratulations on being voted the DayStar of the Month for July 2014!!