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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Greetings from Dog Star Ranch!

February 27, 2014

Greetings pet parents,

Each day that passes we are a little closer to spring and seeing the green grass!  We know how hard this winter has been on everyone and we appreciate your patience in the parks.  We are a small business and we are doing our best to keep the trails, sidewalks, and gates cleared with each new snow fall or blowing.  Just so that everyone knows, our policy is always that the dogs come first!  So when we check in to start our day, our first priority is taking care of the boarding guests and daycare dogs.  That moves shoveling and snow removal to the back burner.  If you want to come and use the parks in the morning always feel free to call to see if we have cleared the gates or for any park issues.  We utilize Facebook a lot to give you the most updated information as we have it available.  Also please ALWAYS CARRY A CELL PHONE when you are in the parks.  If you run into issues and need assistance, please call the office at (231)766-0444 so we can help you.

** Spring Break Information: 
Spring Break for local high schools is right around the corner and a busy time for us at the Ranch.  If you think that you are going to need a boarding reservation during that time frame, please call us sooner than later as we do fill up.  When spots are gone, we will add guests to a waiting list for possible openings.  If you are a park member, you have the security to know that you will never be put on that waiting list.  We always save spots for our members.  We do encourage members to book a reservation early, but if an emergency would arise, your pup has a place with us.

** Park Updates:
            As many of you are aware, the Active Dog Park is still closed.  We had a car that missed that corner and went through the fence making it unsafe for park members to use off leash with their dogs.  As soon as we have a thaw and can get to the ground, we will be replacing that 60 feet of fencing and reopening the parks.  Thank you for your patience on the matter and we will have it repaired as soon as the weather allows. 
            Through the winter months, both ponds will remain closed.  We do not set a date to reopen them as that depends on when they are safe to use.  Follow us on Facebook as we will post park issues and updates there as soon as we have any information. 

Some things to be watching for…

** Chillity / Agility equipment in the Training Park:
By April we hope to move our training classes back outdoors and that means the return of CHILLITY!  What is Chillity you might ask??  Chillity is fun (chill) agility that teaches you and your pup how to have fun and tackle agility obstacles.  Last season it was a huge success and we hope many more can join in the fun! 
            It may be hard to see right now, but our training park is where we house all our agility equipment.  There are rules and restrictions to this park.  These rules are for your safety and the safety of your pup.  It also helps us know how much the equipment is in use and what maintenance would need to be done and when.  If you have any questions regarding these rules please let us know.    
1.  If you are currently in a Chillity course and you are a park member, you are welcome to come and practice whenever you would like with no charge.  We do ask that you call the office so they know that you are currently using the equipment in case there are any issues. 
2.  If you are not currently in a Chillity course, but you have taken a course in the past with us, you are a park member, and you understand how to safely use the equipment, you come and practice for a $5.00 per 30 minutes.  You will need to call the office to set up a time so that we know that you are out there.
3.  If you are a park member but have not taken a Chillity course, you are not allowed to be on the equipment.  This is for your own safety and the safety of your dog.

** Canine Behavioral and Educational Seminar:
Our seminar in February was a huge success!  We are doing some tweaking to the visual pictures and images, but we are happy to say that we will be doing a seminar in April and in May.  The dates have not been set yet, but I will be sending out an email with the information once we have it set up.

** Socials in the Parks:
The Socials in the Parks have been held in the indoor arena to provide a break from the weather.  Once the weather breaks we will be moving them back outdoors.  The Socials are every Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm and every Saturday from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.  We do ask that you call and let the office know if you will be attending so that they can plan appropriately.  These are FREE for park members and $20 for non-members. 

I think that wraps it up for now, but if you ever have any issues or concerns always feel free to call or send me an email.  If you would like to receive notes like this to your email inbox, send a note over to and I'll add you to our list.  Have a great rest of your week and stay safe and warm everyone!  We’ll make it through this winter together!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Everyone welcome Miss Sadie!
 Shes an 8 week English Springer Spaniel puppy that is here for her first day of daycare!! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

DayStar of the Month ~ Jan. 2014 is........Bear Meyers!!

DayStar of the Month ~ January 2014

Woof, Woof!  We are so very happy to share that Bear Meyers, or “Bear Me” as the Star Buddies call him, was voted the DayStar of the Month for January 2014!  Bear is a large Greyhound with a whole lot of heart!  He started coming to the Ranch in September 2013 to work on his socialization and manners when his mom would walk him in the neighborhood.  Right away, Daycare was the answer and he loves it!  He may be seven years old, but don’t let that fool ya.  When he is excited he bounces in the air like a puppy!  He is doing great in his groups and making lots of friends, both canine and human.  We are so happy to see the improvements that you have made, Mr. Bear.  Thank you for being a part of the Ranch.  We are proud to share that you have been named the first DayStar of 2014!