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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"My Peeps" feat. Libb-ee, Marlee, Maggie, and Ace

Bark Bark (A Parody of "Bang Bang" by Jessie J., Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj)

Bark bark into Dog Star (You know I want to go to Daycare)
Bark bark up at you (I wanna give you a kiss)
Wait a minute let me go to the bathroom (ah)
Wait a minute 'til ya let me see my friends
Bark bark there goes your heart (I know you wanna cuddle me)
Back, back side of my body (I'll let you scratch it)
Wait a minute let me find a tennis ball
Wait a minute 'til ya throw it for me

She mighta let you have that tennis ball, but I'mma show you up with this big stick
No, I don't need to hear you bark the bark, just come and show me what tricks you know
See anybody could show you how to sit,
You need a Labrador Retriever to show you how to roll

(You know what, fur-friends? Let me show you how to do.)
It's free-freezin'
It's white fluff from the sky
It's Libb-ee full coated
It's oh, oh
Running in the park
We winning in the race
We dipping and dodging the Star Buddy
We so good they never catch up to us
It's December in Michigan
Get to hang out at the Ranch
Go, Marlee robbin' it
Maggs, Maggs, rockin' it
Queen Libb-ee Newfounding it
It's me, Maggie, Marlee, and Ace
If they beat us they be sorry
Our barks roar like a Harley
We run off like a Ferrari
If we at the Star we be hangin'
Phone ranging, we tellin' ya we comin'
It ain't karaoke night but get the mic 'cause I'm singing

B to the A to the R to the K to the Park
B to the A to the R to the K to Dog Star hey

See any Daycare could be fun for you
But you need Dog Star to blow your mind

Bark, bark into Dog Star (You know I want to go to Daycare)
Bark bark up at you (I wanna give you a kiss)
Wait a minute let me go to the bathroom (ah)
Wait a minute 'til ya let me see my friends

Yo, we said
Bark, bark
Bark, bark, bark, bark
Bark, bark, bark
Bark, bark, bark, bark

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Monday, December 29, 2014

"Made In Michigan" feat. Brody

(Parody to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Theme Song)

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a Ranch called Dog Star

West Michigan born and raised
Taking naps was how I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And chewin' on some shoes like puppy's do
When my parents decided to teach me to be good
Started taking me to training
I got really excited over Daycare and my mom got happy
She said 'You're going to the Ranch with your furry-friends'

I whistled for the bus and when it came near
The side said Dog Gone Waggin' and it had a man in the front
If anything I could say that this bus was rare
But I thought 'Nah, forget it' - 'Yo, homes to Dog Star'

I pulled up the the Ranch about 8 or 9
And I yelled to the driver 'Yo homes smell ya later'
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Dog Star

hjhghjnh ghikj hikj (Typed by Rango. Translation: Have a great day)

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Friday, December 26, 2014

"What I Like About You" feat. Maggie and Rango!

What I Like About You!

Rango and Maggie 
First came love
Second came marriage
and well...they are both fixed so they decided to adopt ALL our little fur-friends in Pup Paradise as their own!

Maggie and Rango are unofficially married, and they are the most adorable couple under the Sun. 

Rango (to Maggie): I knew that Maggie was the one for me from the very beginning. My heart was made for Maggie, I just know that it was. She just a puppy, and myself still a puppy, we connected on many levels. I love that she loves to take naps as much as I do. And I love that she is an independent woman, and if I'm ever out of place she lets me know in the kindest of ways. Maggie is beautiful and bright. When she lays in front of Pup Paradise's door and doesn't care in the slightest of ways that the Star Buddies need to open and close it, agh! I don't know, just something about that 'no care in the world' attitude is just so lovely. She is carefree and so good with all our little children. I love ya, Maggie!

Maggie (to Rango): I'm a Cougar, I like the younger men! Bahaha! Really though, he isn't that much younger than me. Heck, I'm still two I don't know what you're talking about. What I love about Rango is how well he cares for all of our children, and we have a lot! Like just today when he was playing with Doolittle on the couch, melt my heart! Forget about him being a Golden Retriever, he acted like a Boston Terrier, I swear. It was just downright adorable. Rango is very handsome. And he gives the best kisses. I love my Rango.

Oh to be in love...

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"12 Days of Christmas" feat. Max, Riley G., Maggie, Marlee, Stella, and Lily

Dog Star Ranch presents The Ranch's 12 Days of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the second day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the third day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the fourth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the fifth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the sixth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the seventh day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the eighth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Eight legs a' lifting
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the ninth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Nine Pointers pointing
Eight legs a' lifting
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the tenth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Ten Labs a' leaping
Nine Pointers pointing
Eight legs a' lifting
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the eleventh day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Eleven Poodles prancing
Ten Labs a' leaping
Nine Pointers pointing
Eight legs a' lifting
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Twelve tails a' waggin'
Eleven Poodles prancing
Ten Labs a' leaping
Nine Pointers pointing
Eight legs a' lifting
Seven Water Dogs a' swimming
Six geezers a' laying
Five Golden Retrievers
Four howling Huskies
Three French Bulldogs
Two (newly adopted) MWH fur-babies
and a Murfee in a Pear Tree

Happy Ho-ho-holidays!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

"Goof Is My Middle Name" feat. Jetta

Guess how old I am. Looking at me you would never guess that I am eleven years old, would you? Sure I'm a little white around the face, but those are just highlights. I mean if you can get highlights to hide your grey hairs, why can't I get white highlights, right? No, but really, it is just my white hairs. I don't need highlights, I am proud of my white hairs. I've earned every single one. 

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, and as a present my parents took me to the Ranch. What a gift! It has been such a relaxing stay. I received a lot of scratches, hugs, and kisses while here. And to end my stay with a cherry on top, I get to visit the spa! Oh, I love the spa! There is no pampering like the spa, let me tell you what. They massage you, wash your hair, massage you while they wash your hair. I always leave feeling younger and prettier than when I came in. 

It has been an absolutely perfect weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

We just wanted to take a moment to say welcome to these cuties! This is Chester and his sister Lucy and they came to the Ranch today for their first day of daycare. They were a joy to have, they made a bunch of new friends and played very hard all day so I bet they will be ready for a nap when they get home. It is hard not to fall instantly in love with these two, one look into those soft brown eyes is all it takes. Thanks so much for sharing them with us today, we can't wait to see them again.

Paige G. – Grooming Buddy

Paige G. – Grooming Buddy

Hi there, I’m Paige.  I’m a stylist to the stars in our Grooming Salon.  I have been working here for over a year. I really love getting the special one on one time with your furbabies when I get to groom/bathe them for you guys! I get to know them on a personal level and they get to know me, it's a wonderful bond and I love all of the kids I get to do!  By now you’ve surely noticed my bright hair!  Well, don’t be surprised if it isn’t this color the next time you see me.  I frequently change my hair style and color.  I’m quite artistic and I like to draw a lot.  It’s a passionate hobby of mine.  When I’m not drawing, I’m usually found reading.  My favorite animals are sharks and bats.  My favorite dog breeds are Poodles and Pitbulls. I have one dog, his name is Ryker and he's a Jack Russel mix and is 4 years old.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dog Star Ranch Holiday Schedule

                                                                      Office Hrs.             Daycare Hrs.         

Wed., 12/24 – Christmas Eve               9am-12pm             Pick Ups 5pm-6pm

Thurs., 12/25 – Christmas                    CLOSED                CLOSED
          NO after-hours departures

Fri., 12/26                                            9am-6pm               6:30am-6:30pm

Wed., 12/31 – New Year’s Eve             9am-12pm              Pick Ups 5pm-6pm

Thurs., 1/1/2015 – New Year’s Day      CLOSED                CLOSED
          NO after-hours departures

Fri., 1/2/2015                                        9am-6pm               6:30am-6:30pm

** Structured daycare sessions are not available 12/24/2014 to 1/2/2015
Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at
Dog Star Ranch!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Good Side" feat. Beacon

Dog Star Parody by Beacon (Tik-Tok by Ke$ha)

Wake up in the morning feeling like Snoop Doggy Dog
(Hey, what up girl?)
Grab my bag, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit the Ranch
(Let's go)
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a pup-peroni stick
'Cause when I get picked up tonight, I'm gonna need a nap
I'm talking scratches on our backs, backs
Taking off our sweaters, sweaters
Boys throwing us bones, bones
Star Buddies playing our favorite games
Pulling up to the Ranch
Trying to get a little bit excited
Don't stop, hit the spot
Star Buddy, make it kick
Itch that spot
Today, I'mma gonna have fun
'Til I see my mom again
Tell her all about my day, day
Meet my new friend, friend
Ask if I can come back again
To Dog Star
At the Ranch
Having so much fun.

This blue-eyed beauty is Beacon, and today is her first day of Daycare. Nervous she was when she first came in, but boy has this girly come out of this shell. She enjoys a good back scratch and a warm pillow like Rango to lay on when it comes to nap time. Rango is Beacon's first friend at the Ranch, and now these two are attached at the hip. She loved to chase and run with Rango, and when they are done with their run, they enjoyed a good cuddle session and some special loving from the Star Buddies. Thank you for coming to the Ranch today, Beacon. Love at first sight, we love you already!

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Meet Maya J. – Star Buddy

Maya J. – Star Buddy

I am 19 years old and just starting to figure out what I want to do with my life.  I know I need to work with animals to be happy but I'm not sure what direction I want to go in.  I am more comfortable around animals than I am with people, probably has a lot to do with being an only child and growing up on a small farm.  I have worked at Dog Star as a Star Buddy for over a year now and I love my job.  It has taught me so much about dogs, their behavior, and their very distinct personalities that make them so fun to work with.  There is never a boring day because the dogs are different each day and they will have good days and bad days just like us, and it can make the day interesting.  Outside of work I don't have much going on in my life.  I've taken a semester off college at MCC to figure out what I want to do.  I love to read novels, I draw occasionally, and I keep a journal. I love music, singing, and I was in a select ensemble choir in High school.  Autumn is my favorite season and Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I hope to travel in the future when I can afford it.  I can't wait to visit Europe.  Ireland especially has always intrigued me.

Overall I try to be as friendly as possible, I may seem unfriendly to some, but I think it's because I just like to listen more than I talk.  I'm so glad that I started working at Dog Star and I hope to continue working here until I find what I want to do with the next chapter of my life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"The Tribute Band" 
feat. Zoe, Mack, Nova, Lucy Honey Church, Slugo, Bailey, and Banjo

There are seven members in our band, The Tribute Band, the same number of members as in Lynyrd Skynyrd, a personal inspiration for Banjo. Our album art is inspired, and pays tribute to, well basically any Lynyrd Skynyrd album. Mack, Zoe, and Nova artistically represent the three members that were tragically taken in 1977 plane crash. If you haven't guessed it already, we are kinda big fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and together the seven of us have formed a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band, but with a twist! We just started our band today, and we are starting our tour today as well. Zoe plays the tambourine, Mack is on lead guitar, Lucy Honey Church is on keyboard, Slugo is on bass, Bailey is Lead vocals, Banjo is back-up vocals, as well as second guitar, and Nova is on drums.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

"Brown Eyed Girl" feat. Rosie

A foggy coat lay on the ground
Never lifting its grey blanket
The morning smell of skunk
Haunted my nose.

The mornings quiet
drip drop of tree tears
fell on the ground with heavy sighs.

And you
"Skipping and a-jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our, our hearts a-thumping
And you, my brown-eyed girl,
You, my brown-eyed girl."

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Next Up! Amanda our Star Buddy

Amanda H. – Star Buddy

Hi everyone, I am sure some of you know me already.  My name is Amanda and I am a Star Buddy at Dog Star Ranch, but here are a few things about me and my life that maybe you don't know: I am married to an amazing man and together we have 3 beautiful children, Raven is our oldest, she is 10, our son, Phoenix is 8, and our baby girl, Adelie just turned 3.  We also have an amazing 4 year old Husky / German Shepherd mix fur baby named Macy May.  Our newest addition is our kitten, Kenny.  I spent many years working a typical 9 to 5 office job, but after we had our third child I decided that I would stay home with the kids unless I found a job that I absolutely LOVED.  My family and I were driving by Dog Star Ranch one day (I have always lived in the area) and I said to my husband, "I bet the people who work there love their job" he said I should apply for a job, so I did.  I was hired and I have been loving my job for 2 years now. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

We had quite a few "babies" here at the ranch today, which is always a joy! We love our grown up and even our senior fur friends, but there is a special place in every dog lovers heart for puppies! Our babies today included:

Sadie the German Shepard
Zeeva the Golden Retriever
Delilah the mixed breed (but oh so beautiful) 
Lily the Black Lab
Tango the mixed breed (who is also a current my way home dog here at the ranch)
Buddy the mixed breed (who is a little over one but still a puppy at heart)
Bailey the Boarder Collie 

All under 1 year old! (or just over in Little Buddys case)

We love them all so much, thanks for sharing their energy, joy, and puppy breath with us!

Meet Kati!

Kati S. – Star Buddy / Groomer’s Assistant

Hi, my name is Kati. I am youngest member of the Dog Star Ranch team being only 18.  I am a graduate of Western Michigan Christian High School and am currently a freshmen at Muskegon Community College.  At the moment I am getting my pre-requisites done for Michigan State University to become a Veterinary Technician.  I am working at Dog Star Ranch because I absolutely love dogs!  I have never had one of my own, but I adore them!  You could ask my friends and family and they would tell you I am dog obsessed. I always have a story about the dogs at Dog Star and how they make me laugh or how they are absolutely adorable. Speaking of laughing, that is probably one of the things you can always find me doing, that or smiling. I love to laugh and smile and I am an extremely happy person.  It is a rarity to find me sad or depressed. Another thing about me is that I struggle talking about myself, I could describe to you someone else and their favorite things, but about me, I would struggle to find words.  Simply I could tell you my favorite color (green), my favorite season (spring) and my favorite food (hamburgers), but if you wanted some random deep information about me you’d have to ask my sister, who turns out to be my best friend. Conclusively, I am a happy, fun-loving, friendly, simple girl who loves dogs and all other animals (not insects their gross and creepy), and I really like food.  That is me, Kati, Star Buddy and Groomer’s Assistant of Dog Star Ranch.

Meet some of our staff!

Meet the staff behind the star of Dog Star Ranch!

We would like to take some time and introduce you to our Dog Star Ranch family. Every couple of days I’ll introduce you to a new member of our team!

Everyone was asked to write a little blurb about themselves that we can share with our clients along with a photo of them with their own furry family member(s). Enjoy!

Anna D. – Star Buddy / Creative Blogger
Anna once had the dream of becoming a Cactus farmer, but sadly that dream was cut short when she realized cacti don't really grow all that well in Michigan. Upon her graduation from CMU many people asked Anna what she was going to do with her Creative Writing major. She'd list off her options, but really she didn't have a clue. Until Dog Star Ranch. The job seemed perfect. It had dogs, nature, exercise, and it had dogs! Anna LOVES dogs. But not only that, Dog Star Ranch gave Anna's degree a purpose. As the blogger Anna gets to write creatively about dogs, and she enjoys it greatly. Maybe someday she will be a Cactus farmer, but for right now she loves being a Star Buddy at Dog Star Ranch.  

Jessica C. – Grooming Buddy
My name is Jessica!  I live in Lakeside with my fiancĂ©e, Eric, and our two St. Bernards, Deuce and Trey.  We live just a live just a few blocks from Lake Michigan so we spend a lot of time swimming in the summer and hiking in the winter.  Just a few things about me:  I love puppy breath, motorcycle rides, and Swedish Fish.  I hate spiders and ketchup.  I work in the grooming room here at Dog Star Ranch and I just love making our furry friends look their very best!

Tyler A. – Training Department Manager / Head Trainer
I’m Tyler and I have been here at the Ranch for about 6 years.  Born and raised in southern California, I was convinced to move out this way by my wife when we were engaged and I couldn’t be happier.  I have 2 dogs myself, Daisy Duke and Bella Boo: Daisy is a shepherd mix and Bella is a Jack Russell mix. Daisy is the first dog my wife and I got together when we were still living in California and Bella we got after moving out here.  I was exposed to dog training at a fairly young age through 4H with the family Rottweiler and then put it on the back burner for a few years.  I was working at a boarding/daycare/training facility out in California before moving out here and really enjoyed the work. The training aspect was something that I decided I wanted to pursue and had a great mentor in California, Dan Tambourine, who allowed me to exchange my technology skills for some dog training apprenticing.  Thankfully I was able to find the Ranch before even moving out here and knew that it was a place I needed to work!  I have been working in the training department at Dog Star for about 3 years now and I’ve really enjoyed helping so many clients with all the problems they have had with their dogs; it is truly rewarding to see the changes that we are able to accomplish here at the Ranch with client’s furry family members. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Sun Child" feat. Rusty

We discovered the world to be a bit frosty
The Sun a bit bright
But we danced with our shadows
And left the faintest of footprints behind.

We found countries carved out in the snow
A shoe stepped on the boot of Italy
And did we just pass Michigan?
The Upper Peninsula doesn't seem to exist.
Is that Florida? 
Oh to be somewhere warm.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Such a beautiful day to play out in the park!
"Norman's Hotel" feat. Norman

Hiya, I'm Norman and I like warm hugs and giving wet kisses. Wasn't that clever? I thought that was clever (I've watched "Frozen" a lot). Today was my first day at the Ranch, and boy was it fun! I don't know what I was so worried about, this place is great! Oh, let me tell you about all my new friends! Cooper P., he is a Brittany, and Izzy who is Labradoodle, were really cool when I joined their group. Cooper and I talked a bit about sports and what our favorite toys were, we have a lot in common so we are like best friends now. Buddy M. is another one of my best buds, and like we are practically related because he is a Retriever too. But he isn't the same kind of Retriever as me, but that is okay because he is still really cool. He told me a lot of funny dog jokes. Like this one, I thought this one was funny. What do you call a cold dog? Wait for it...wait for it...A CHILLI DOG! Bahahaha! Get it? It's pretty funny if you ask me. Stella P. is the most energetic girl I've ever met. She is so full of energy and good vibes, she really livened up our group. Together we made The Cool Kids Club, so anyone who joins our group is automatically a member of The Cool Kids Club because we are all so cool. We didn't get many pictures taken while out on our run because we got to use this cool thing called The GoPro. This really cool camera thing that goes on your body, which feels really weird, but I star in the video! So that is where I am. I had so much fun today! I don't know what else to say besides I LOVE DAYCARE! OH! AND MY FRIENDS! Okay, bye! I'm going to go play some more now.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Kiki and Scarlet" feat. Kiki and Scarlet

Kiki: I'm Kiki and this is my sister Scarlet, and together we are Kiki and Scarlet. Everyone says that I'm the prettiest.
Scarlet: You wish.
Kiki: I didn't need to! I was born this way.
Scarlet: You are such a diva.
Kiki: I prefer Princess. Better yet, Queen. Queen Kiki, it has a nice ring to it.
Scarlet: Omg. No.
Kiki: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Scarlet: You did not just say that.
Kiki: #swag
Scarlet: Stop! You are so embarrassing.
Kiki: #yolo
Scarlet: Stay off the internet. Please.
Kiki: #whatwouldtswiftdo #shakeitoff
Scarlet: You are doing this on purpose. Stop annoying me.
Kiki: You love me :)
Scarlet: Yeah, I do. But I still want my sweater back.
Kiki: I gave it back to you, I know I did.
Scarlet: It isn't in my closet.
Kiki: You don't have a closet.
Scarlet: Shows what you know!
Kiki: Mine is a walk-in.
Scarlet: You do not have a walk-in closet.
Kiki: Shows what you know!
Scarlet: ...
Kiki: Love you!

Sisters, don't you just love them!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

DayStar of the Month ~ November 2014 is PJ Perk

DayStar of the Month ~ November 2014 is PJ Perk

The DayStar of the Month for November 2014 is PJ Perk! This energetic fella is full of love and kisses. He is such a happy boy who always comes ready to play. PJ is a handsome 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier who has been coming to the Ranch since January 2013, and he is just as handsome as the first day that he arrived! PJ always packs his smile when he comes to the Ranch, and what a contagious smile he has. PJ is always excited to see his best friend, Charlotte. These two are always ready to explore the parks together while on their runs. He loves to be an adorable goofball; he sure knows how to make us laugh! He always has a tail-waggin’ good time at Daycare! This boy is always eager to please his parents, whether it be showing his manners, or just by listening to his parents when they give him a task. PJ is such a polite sweetheart. It has been such a joy to watch PJ grow into such a handsome young man! Thank you for sharing PJ with us and we look forward to seeing him grow down the road ahead. PJ Perk, we proudly announce that you have been voted as the DayStar of the Month for November 2014! Congratulations, you deserve it!  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"What Kind of Dog Are You?" feat. Dante

Dante takes Buzzfeed's "What Kind Of Dog Are You?" Quiz

Q1: It's Friday night...what are your plans?
A: Binging on Netflix
I'm halfway through "How I Met Your Mother." I don't have the energy to commit to "Breaking Bad" yet...

Q2: What's your body type?
A: Short and curvy
I'm cute. I can't help it. It's in my genetics.

Q3: Pick a color
A: Purple
It looks good with my grey coat, but I also like green and blue. Give me the rainbow and I'm happy!

Q4: What would the name of your memoir be?
A: "Who, me?"
I mean come on, you know the look. The look you get when you find your shoe under the couch all chewed up and you ask me if I did it and I give you the "Who, me?" look, you know it would be a good title for a book...if I could write that is. Can you write it for me?

Q5: What's your go-to dance move?
A: Judging in the corner
I don't dance.

Q6: How do you cure a Dog Star hangover? (A DSR hangover is when your fur-baby has so much fun that when they get home all they want to do is sleep!)
A: A nice spa day
I love a good massage. And boy, dad, I'm gonna need one when we get home. *Wink, wink*

Q7: What kind of exercise do you prefer?
A: Hahaha!
Took the words right out of my mouth! Hahaha. If napping were a sport, I would be a professional at it.

Q8: Pick an author
A: JK Rowling
You muggles...

Q9: Which pop star do you identify with most?
A: I refuse to dignify that question
I'm more into Jazz/Blues. If she were an option, I would totally identify with Billie Holiday.

Q10: What's your #1 pet peeve?
A: Having pet peeves
Pet peeves are just

Q11: How would your friends describe you?
A: Superhero
I left my cape at home.

You got: Great Dane!
You're so humble that you don't notice how much you stand out in a crowded room. You are extremely smart but are still approachable due to your warm demeanor. You'd probably make a great pediatrician or duchess of Cambridge. I'm a Lhasa Apso. Go home, quiz, you're wrong! The description is somewhat accurate. I am pretty smart, but as far as careers go I would like to be President, or an Oscar-winning Actor.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Sisters" feat. Mitzi and Rosa

Rosa: The trees are talking.
Mitzi: Umm...trees don't talk.
Rosa: Yes they do! You're just not listening.
Mitzi: Am I suppose to listen to the trees talk?
Rosa: If you wanna hear them.
Mitzi: I want to. How do I listen?
Rosa: With your ears.
Mitzi: Okay...
Rosa: You have to look up at them like this.
Mitzi: Okay, like this?
Rosa: Yes.
Mitzi: what?
Rosa: You listen.
Mitzi: I don't hear anyth...
Rosa: SHHH!! You just interrupted Mr. Pine Tree
Mitzi: Okay, okay. Jeez.
Rosa: Continue Mr. Pine Tree.
Mitzi: I HEAR IT! I HEAR HIM! I hear the trees talking!

The trees are talking. Talking to us. To each other. To our fur-friends. Do you hear them? Do you hear them whispering through the wind biting at your uncovered cheeks? Do you hear their branches creaking with secrets? If to cut one down what stories would its rings tell? Listen to the trees, they are talking.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"You Are My Sunshine" feat. Rusty and Buddy R.

Rusty and Buddy had a dizzying amount of fun today while on their Star Buddy Walk, or should I say Run! These two were a couple of buzzing bees the whole time! But here, I will let them tell you about it all!

Rusty: This is my Buddy.
Buddy: This is my pal, Rusty.
Rusty: Did you catch that? Did you get it?
Buddy: ...Buddy is buddy! You're so clever, Rusty.
Buddy: My favorite thing about Rusty is that he is super fast!
Rusty: I'm super fast only because you're super fast! How else am I suppose to catch up?!
Buddy: Run faster!
Rusty: That's what I do, duh!
Buddy: Remember when we kept running in circles around the Star Buddy?
Rusty: And she was trying to take a picture of you!
Buddy: But I kept moving on her.
Rusty: And she was going around in circles with us!
Buddy: And then she got dizzy and had to stop.
Rusty: So we stopped and gave her a break.
Buddy: And she thought that she would be able to get a picture during the break.
Rusty: But we just started running around in circles again!
Buddy: Because we don't need breaks!
Rusty: Nope! We drank our coffee this morning.
Buddy: I don't like coffee though...
Rusty: Energy drink then?
Buddy: I prefer tea.
Rusty: He drank his tea and I had my coffee.
Buddy: Then I took a nap behind the couch!
Rusty: So did I!
Buddy: You weren't behind the couch with me.
Rusty: No, but I took a nap in my bed!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

"What A Wonderful Life" feat. Elsa and Stella

This picture is deceiving. What you see is a mirage; one big lie that Mother Nature concocted to conceal her surprise due in the afternoon. The snow that had graced us with its presence previously pulled a Wicked Witch of the West and melted. Wintry grey clouds couldn't make it out, not with the sun shining the way that it was. But then the wind. Oh, that wind! It hissed through the trees and bit at any body part that was exposed. Sent as a foreshadow, it was discredited as just a feisty first December day. And then it happened. One flake, two flakes, and then three plus some friends who invited their friends, and each friend of the friend brought their family... 

Mother Nature, you gotta make up your mind. Do you want snow, or don't you? I'm partial to some snow, but not a lot of snow. 

How do you feel about snow, Stella?
"Oh, I love it! I mean, I think that it is great! Really any weather that allows me to be outside is great!"

Elsa, how do you feel about snow?
"I can live with it, and I can live without."

Well, there you have it! Keep warm and enjoy these scattered flurries! I know that our fur-friends did!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland Walk at Dog Star Ranch

The Veterans' Service Center of Muskegon County
Supported by UAW Local 1243 Veteran's Committee*

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Location: Dog Star Ranch
4200 Whitehall Road, Muskegon, MI 49445
Time: 10:00 am

Pre-Registration Fee: $15 (includes participation badge)
Registration Fee (day of event): $20

Forms are available at the Dog Star Ranch office.

Dogs are welcome to join but must be on leash during the walk.

Questions, please contact Caroline Mayberry at

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"What Are You Thankful For?" feat. Frieda

Phoenix: "I'm thankful for Boo because he is my best friend! And my bark-box because without it I wouldn't be able to sing!

Bella D.: I'm thankful for my parents! I love that they let me come to daycare! I am also thankful for my friends because without them I wouldn't have anyone to play with and that would make me sad.

Alex: I'm thankful for food and treats! And the people who give them to me!!

Friday: I'm thankful my trainers and my parents and my star buddy's and for FRIDAYS! Even though it is Wednesday, I really like Friday's because well, they are named after me!

Ella: I'm thankful for snow and my star buddy's because we love to play together!

Bud: I'm thankful for the WARM bath I had today! And my parents! I love them very much!

Ben: I'm thankful for this couch. This blanket. The star buddy's for scratching my back for me. I'm thankful for naps. And for treats. I really love treats and naps. Oh, and I love my parents so I am thankful for them too!

Brandi: I'm thankful for my space. I admire my friends from a distance and that is great.

Buddy M.: I'm thankful for the snow! And I'm thankful that daycare exists because I get to run around and play with friends and it makes me happy. I am also thankful for food. Oh, and my family. I like my family too.

Bailey: I'm thankful for Banjo! I love my sister so much! I am also thankful for my parents and for Dog Star. I'm thankful for the star buddy's who love me :)

Banjo: I'm thankful for Bailey! For being my sister she isn't that annoying. I'm also thankful for naps. And treats. I am thankful for all the humans in my life, they make me feel well loved!

Chief: I'm thankful for my family!

Lily: I'm thankful for my family! And my friends Friday, Buddy M., Bella, and sometimes Maggie and Marlee! All my friends, I'm thankful for all my friends! And the star buddy's who put up with me when I'm crazy. I'm thankful for the Ranch and everyone! I'm just thankful for everyone!

George: I'm thankful for my family and my friends!

Mack: I'm thankful for the couch and the naps I get to take when I'm on the couch. I'm thankful for my friends, both little and big. I'm thankful for the star buddy's because without them I would not get lunch or back scratches. I'm thankful for my parents because they love me so much!

Greysen: First, I am thankful for my trainers. Secondly, I'm thankful for my trainers who helped me learn how to make friends! Thirdly, I'm thankful for my star buddy's who take me on my runs and give me love. And fourth, I'm thankful for having so much to be thankful for!

Frieda: Oh man, what am I thankful for? Oh, well obviously I am thankful for my family. My family is just so absolutely amazing. I wouldn't be the Frieda I am today if it weren't for all their love and support. I'm thankful for hugs and kisses because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy from love. I'm thankful for naps and cuddles. I'm thankful for food and treats! Yum. I'm thankful for the snow because it is so much fun to play in, almost more than puddles because if you play in puddles then you are probably going to get a bath, and if you don't like baths then I don't recommend playing in puddles. Umm...did I say I was thankful for my family? Oh, I did? Okay, well I am thankful for my parents then! Love you!

What is your fur-baby thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving from us fur-tastic fur-friends at the Ranch!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Peek-a-Boo" feat. Cooper

I. Love. Daycare. So. Much. I wasn't too sure about this whole "daycare" thing when Dad told me that I was gonna go to Dog Star, but Charlie, he and I are neighbors, told me that I was going to have a TON of fun. And he was right! Yeah, at first I was a little nervous, but that is because it was my first day and none of my fur-friends were here yet!

I was super curious to see who I would be playing. Little Buddy was my first fur-friend to hang out with me. He is really nice. He told me a lot of funny daycare stories. Maggie and Marlee, boy do they look a lot alike, were next to show up. Those girls are so full of energy, they really livened our yard up. These two really helped me break out of my shell. And the final member of our quintet was Stella. She is pretty...and she smells good! I really enjoyed meeting all my new puppy fur-friends! We were all really excited to get to play with each other today.

I had no idea how today was going to go, but it was great! Our run was so much fun! I really liked pouncing in the snow, and eating it! Don't worry though, I avoided the yellow and brown spots! Yuck! I was being such a silly. This whole multi-tasking thing was tricking to get a hang off. I would go from pouncing in and eating the snow to saying hi to my friends and then back to playing in the snow by myself. But then Marlee told me that I could do it all at once! What? Play in the snow and play with my friends? Okay! Maggie started a game of tag and we all joined it. We all took turns chasing each other! 

The Star Buddy took a lot of cute pictures of me. What can I say, I'm adorable!

Thanks Mom and Day for letting me come to Daycare! I had a great time and can't wait to hang out with my friends again :)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

"Today's Forecast" feat. Zadie

Hemi from Sports: "And here is Zadie with your afternoon weather report!"

Thank you, Hemi. Good afternoon, Dog Star Ranch! Meteorologist Zadie here with you on this drizzly November day. Currently the temperature outside is 43°F, but it feels like 33°F. 

There will be an 80% chance of rain continuing throughout the rest of the day and early this evening it will change to snow. It is predicted that snow accumulations of 4 to 7 inches of snow will fall from this evening and throughout the day on Tuesday, so don't be too sad that the snow is gone; it's coming back!

Today's sunrise was at 7:49 a.m. and you can see the sunset at 5:13 p.m.
And you can look forward to a New Moon up in the sky tonight!

Tuesday you can expect a high of 30°F and low of 24°F with snow showers throughout the day.

So bundle back up my fur-friends and get ready for more snow!

This has been your afternoon weather report with Meteorologist Zadie! 

Back to you Charlotte and Tango.

News-Anchor Charlotte: "Thank you, Zadie. You can tune in tonight at 6:00 p.m. for your 10-day forecast."

News-Anchor Tango: "And now a fur-story that will warm your heart on this brrr-ember day!"

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Golden Day

We have 9, yes 9 golden retrievers in daycare at the ranch today! How can we tell them all apart?, you might wonder, but for a star buddy, its easy, its what we do! Each one is beautiful, smart, funny, and an amazing part of our day! However, they each have their own little personalities and differences and after spending just a short time with these cuties, its impossible to get them mixed up. So can you guess who is who??? Can you pick out your own Golden?? Look below for the answers.

Top to bottom: Rango, Hunter, Hemi, Lexi, Alex, Max, Ella, Bailey, and last but certainty not least: Miss Banjo.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Awkward Winker" feat. Ellie

The Art of Flirting
By Ellie 

Step 1: Relax and Smile
Flirting is meant to be fun! If you are not relaxed then your body language is tense, and if you are tense then you are not comfortable. When you are relaxed and comfortable your body language becomes more inviting, it shows that you are enjoying yourself. Smiling is a great way to show open body language. It makes you more approachable and shows that you are friendly and confident.

Step 2: Make Eye Contact
By making eye contact you are showing that you are interested and that you are paying attention to them. It doesn't hurt to throw in a playful wink too! Remember, flirting is meant to be fun!

Step 4: Smell Them
Smell your companion! This step, almost as important as the first, is a great way to get to know each other. And if both of you are relaxed and happy then it can be an enjoyable experience. However, you should be careful when partaking in this step. There is such a thing as smelling for too long. You want to make sure that you don't go much over a minute or so, if you smell for more than a minute then you just become a creepy butt smeller.

Step 5: Bring Them Something to Share
Whether it be a stick, ball, Frisbee, or any other kind of toy, sharing said toy is a great way to show that you care. It is important to show that you take interest in their hobbies as well, so if you don't particularly like balls but your companion does, bringing them a ball shows that you listen to what they like and dislike and are willing to compromise.

Step 6: Humping (OPTIONAL)
This step is optional and depends strongly on how said companion feels. This step can express many things. If said the wrong way you might risk scaring off or angering your companion that you are flirting with, and you do not want that because flirting is suppose to be fun! If they do not consent to this step, you should back off and proceed to Step 4 again. This step is frowned upon by the humans though, so if you would like to attempt this step make sure that it is brief while they are preoccupied or their back is turned. Fair warning, if they catch you, you will be told to leave it and/or off.

Remember! Flirting is suppose to be fun! So get out there and flirt my fur-friends ;)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ms. Maize having fun out in the park with her friends!
Its a Winter Wonder Land!

I think we have all been avoiding it: but Mack and I agree, its time to break out the winter attire. It seems winter is here to stay in Northern Michigan! Keep yourself and your fur babys warm: dress for the weather. Ready or not winter is here so lets embrace it, have some hot coco, cuddle up with your pet and read a good book, or bundle up and head outside to play, I know that is what our fur babies prefer to do on these beautiful winter days.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Taste Like Winter" feat. Sampson

There are those that prefer the cold and those that despise the cold. There are those that are more adaptable to it and those that are constantly feeling cold no matter how many layers they try to bundle on. I, myself, even if I am as warm as a hot potato, shiver at the thought/sight of snow.

Innoko, our Malamute fur-friend LOVES the snow. Innoko, would you like to tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Innoko. I'm a big fella, but I love to love and be loved on. I especially love snow. I love to eat it. I'm like a vacuum, I scoop it up as I run around. Umm...I love rolling around in it too. I make snow angels but they don't come out very angel-like. They are more like blob angels. What's cool about my breed is that I'm like the coolest cold-weather canine ever. My breed is known for being sled dogs! How cool is that!? Hey Star Buddy, get me a sled and I will pull you around! Not really though, but it would be fun! 

And then there is Sampson, our Saint Bernard fur-friend. Sampson loves everything. He loves the water and he loves snow, which is made of water! Sampson, tell us a little something about yourself!

Oh, you know...I'm a Saint. Get it?! Saint! Because I'm a Saint Bernard (He thinks that he is soo funny). I'm Sampson and I'm told that I'm a big goofball, but that is just talk. I'm actually super cool and really chill. I'm the most popular among all the fur-friends. I think it is because I'm so handsome! Innoko thinks that he is the coolest cold-weather canine ever, but lets be honest, we all know that my breed is, we are Saints after all. And that is because originally we were used as rescue dogs, hence the Saint status. We also got to wear these cool, and important, barrel necklaces. I don't know about you, but that makes me way cool!

And lastly, Skazka, our Siberian Husky fur-friend. Winter is this lovely lady's favorite holiday. Skazka LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow. She cannot wait to be outside romping around in the snow.  Skazka, is there anything that you would like to add?

Well, you basically said it all. I LOVE the snow. I like to think that the Disney Princess, Elsa, is based off of me. "Let It Go" is my anthem because...wait for it...the cold doesn't bother me anywaaaaaaaays! My breed, contrary to what Innoko and Sampson think, is the BEST! We might not be as big as Malamute's or Saint Bernard's, but Siberian Huskies are VERY adorable. That is my unbiased opinion too. My cold-weather canine was used for dog sledding as well, just like Innoko. But yeah, I like the snow and I'm a princess so I WIN BOYS!

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