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Monday, April 29, 2013

This weekend along with Today!

Look who's talking!! Meet Carol Yarnold!!

Look Who's Talking article from the Northshore Women's Lifestyle magazine.  Meet Carol Yarnold!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you to a career with dogs?
I was born in Madison Indiana and grew up in Whitehall, Michigan. Married to Patrick Yarnold, we have a beautiful daughter Cayla Yarnold and a grand daughter Charley Mai.
As a young adult I worked at a veterinary’s clinic and then started Carol’s house sitting for dogs and cats while going to college. I have always believed that I could make a difference in a dog’s life each time I picked up one off the road or saved another at a local shelter. The Veterinary Clinic that I worked for in Madison Indiana had a community duty to euthanize at a local shelter once a month. I quickly decided that these puppies weren’t disposable, so I took one after another to my car with a determination to find them a home. I always thought I would have a rescue shelter and save dogs. But as I researched rescues, I realized that with all the great efforts of rescue the one thing missing was the human education and resource to help keep dogs in their own home. So the idea of Dog Star Ranch (DSR) was founded. A place that could help each human and dog stay together, and stop the revolving doors at the rescues.

What exactly is Dog Star Ranch? When did you open it? How did you decide on the location?
Dog Star Ranch is a renovated golf course that has gone to the dogs and their humans! We are a 48 acre canine care facility that offers overnight boarding care, an interactive daycare program, positive training options, the Stylist to the Stars grooming salon, and park memberships. Our regulated, off leash dog parks are fully fenced with two separate one acre spring fed ponds along with 24 acres of beautiful nature trails. With our park memberships, members are able to use the parks 24/7, receive discounts off Ranch services, priority boarding (we always hold spots for our members), and half off nail trims. Beep, beep! Have you seen the Dog-Gone-Waggin’ out and about? Our bus offers transportation to and from the Ranch with regular routes to Spring Lake, Grand Haven, Fruitport, North Muskegon, and Montague.
As for how we found the location, we were looking for property in Dalton Township when my husband noticed that the old par 3 golf course on Whitehall road was for sale. After walking the property we realized that the 24 acre par 3 golf course also had a 24 acre wooded lot included. This coupled with the location along the lakeshore convinced us that this was the home of Dog Star Ranch. Dog Star Ranch is now in its 10th year.

What makes Dog Star Ranch unique?
Dog Star Ranch is something very special to each human and their canine companion. It’s an individual feeling of comfort and security that owners find in our parks and our facility. It’s the stories of our customers telling us how their dogs begin to bark sometimes miles before the entrance. It’s our members bundling up and bringing your dog for a visit in the parks… rain, snow, sleet, or hail. It’s gaining trust and confidence in your dog and yourself in a positive environment. It’s asking your dog to sit while there is a world of distractions going on around them and all their focus is on you. It’s seeing how happy your dog is after a trip to the spa. It’s seeing the photographs of your dog playing with their friends while you have your own vacation.

We feel very blessed to be of service to the four legged souls that love and heal unconditionally. We are a resource for the community and work closely with all our members and clients to help them if issues should arise; health, mental, or behavioral. We love the fact that we give so many dogs somethin’ special to bark about each and every day.

We recently started the MY WAY HOME program, designed to take a dog that is currently homeless (from a local animal control shelter or rescue) and give it a place to grow and learn as it finds its way home. We work with the dog to improve its manners through training and socialization, give it the vital tools to be a wonderful “canine citizen” and place it in its forever home. We are having good success with this program.
Lastly, the staff makes DSR unique. We have the best staff who shares the philosophy of the Ranch. As one member on Facebook said “they are the icing on already great cake.”

I bet you have some funny and heartw arming experiences with dogs. Can you share some?
It’s been a joy to have so many dogs visit on a regular basic. I recently went on a star buddy walk with an elderly group of dogs when I realized they have been a part of the Ranch from the beginning. They all started visiting us when they were puppies, and now nine years later her we are together on a star buddy walk. Kirby, Coco, Molly, Sammy, Sadie, Sandy and myself. A great experience.

Do you have dogs yourself? What kind?
We have a husky named Sasha that found us and made herself at home as a six month old about 12 years ago. Then came a gift– Gilligan, Mika and Kora, all Japanese chins. Finally, Murfee is our first official My Way Home for DSR. We also have two horses Misty and Rosie and a kitty named Lovett.
Dog Star Ranch is located at 4200 Whitehall Rd, Muskegon, MI 49445. 231-766-0444.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a beautiful Spring Day!!!

Happy Birthday Lucky!

HAPPY HAPPY 1st Birthday Lucky!! Were so happy you got to 
spend your special day here with us at the Ranch and with all of your friends!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Barkley!!

Happy Happy Birthday to one of our Fav Boys!!  Thanx for celebrating your 5th birthday with us, Barkley!  It's a muddy party had by all today!!

WELCOME to your first day of Doggie Daycare Charlie!!  You and all the Littles had a blast!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The fun weekend + today!!

Birthday Fun!

Happy Birthday Miss Lilly!! 
All of us at DSR are very happy you are spending your special day here with us!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Canine Express is no longer under H20!!

The Canine Express is no longer under water and the paths are clear to the Canine Frontier!  We hope to see you out for the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life in a couple hours!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flood of 2013

Before too long we're gonna need a boat to get around in the parks!  We hope that everyone is doing okay as we know so many are affected by the volume of rain and water.

To the side of the Wag-On-Inn

Next to member's gate

Central Bark

Central Bark / Community Yards

Central Bark / Special Use / start to the Canine Express

Star Buddy Park

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11 showers bring May flowers... Hopefully they do, but for now they are bringing puddles and more puddles for the pups to enjoy!

We could all learn so much from our canine counterparts!  Each day should be fun, exciting, and carefree like these puppies are definitely demonstrating!

Words can't describe the amount of fun these dogs had today!!  Watch the video and you'll see for yourself!!

Want to see what Structured Daycare is all about and what it can do for your dog??  
Check out the DSR Training Blog for updates, videos, and fun training information.

Dexter having a blast with Lauren!

It's coming up fast!  Saturday, April 20, 2013 Dog Star Ranch will be hosting the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life!  We hope to see you and
your canine companion there for all the fun!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mud Fun!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4th's Doggie DayStars!

Check out Max, Gus, and Dozer!

DayStar of the Month ~ March 2013

Drum roll please….   Mr. Barney Turek was voted the DayStar of the Month for March 2013!  Barney is a wonderfully happy boy that has been coming to DSR since June 2012 as a young lad.  He always has a smile on his handsome face and a wiggle in his hind end!  He is a big favorite among all the Star Buddies and the Grooming Buddies absolute love him!  It has been a great adventure watching him grow and mature from the happy puppy that he was when he started coming to DSR into the young adult that he has become.  Thank you for sharing Barney with us at Dog Star as he as a way to brighten any day!  Congrats to Barney Turek for being the DayStar of the Month for March 2013!