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Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy end of January! Meet Miss Molly!

We would like to re- introduce Miss Molly to the My Way Home Program. This story is one that is close to our hearts at the Ranch. Many of you remember Michelle. She was a part of the Ranch family in our grooming department for several years. Many of you may remember her gentle hands in the grooming room or encountering her out in the parks on her off days with a “Chuck-It” in hand. Before Thanksgiving 2010, Michelle passed away in her sleep, leaving behind her family, friends, and her best companion, Molly. Per the request of Michelle’s family, and knowing that these would be the true wishes of Michelle, Molly has joined the My Way Home Program.
* * *
Dog Star Ranch was always like a second home for Molly and Michelle and a place where they shared many happy memories together. Molly has been adjusting very well to her current home at the Ranch and we are to the point that she is ready to join the My Way Home Program and start looking for her new forever home.
* * *
Molly is possibly a Whippet Mix, maybe… Michelle used to joke that she was the mix of a Dingo due to some of her quirky physical characteristics. Molly’s birthday is June 2008, she is a spayed female, and appx. 35 lbs. She is very social and has lived in harmony in homes with other dogs (big and small) and cats.
* * *
If you would like to know more about Molly or would like to meet her, please contact the Ranch! We’d love to help Molly with her transition from the Ranch to her new forever home.

Today concludes our special month of Free Daycare for all Foster Dogs! We want to thank all the Foster Parents for participating. Will be be doing more programs in the future and will continue to support and help local rescues, such as Pound Buddies. We are happy to say that several of the dogs in that visited Dog Star Ranch have found their forever families!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blast from the past...

For the occasion of Baloo Bear's birthday, I thought I would go back in our files and any dog that did Daycare in 2008 and the start of 2009 would have a "Daycare ID" picture. This doesn't include all the dogs that are here today, but these are all that I have these old pics for. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BALOO from all your pals at Dog Star Ranch!

These guys came today for daycare and are looking for their families along with Dog Star Ranch's My Way Home Molly who is also looking for her family.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More and more snow to bark about today :)

What is a Partner for Life Park Membership? Have you thought about being a Partner for Life, but you just weren’t quite sure?

Did you know that if your dog is a Dog Star Ranch Park Member for 8 consecutive years he/she is automatically a Partner for Life?! That means that after those 8 years, you won’t have to pay the annual renewal fee and he/she will forever be a Park Member! You also have the option to do a Partner for Life Park Membership upfront for a discounted rate (equal to 5 years of annual fees). Do you want to try annual membership before you decide if you want to do a Partner Membership? At the end of your first annual membership, you have the option to apply that year’s membership rate to the Partner for Life upgrade! There are so many great ways to use the park and if you haven’t been out there yet, what are you waiting for?! Give your dog somethin’ to bark about today with this Free Daypass! That is a $10 value and good for a full day of park play (Temperament Test required). Definitely let us know if you have any questions and call us at (231)766-0444 today!

Murfee’s quote for the day…

"Hybrid vigor is an important concept in the plant world. You get this from combining the different strengths of different strains. It's the same with mutts — if you want a dog with hybrid vigor — get a mutt.” (Mary Gallagher)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Towel Togs at Dog Star Ranch

New at Dog Star Ranch ~ Towel Togs!

Dry your dog effortlessly after a bath or a swim, protects carpet and furniture (and your vehicle), wicks water away AND it's MADE IN MICHIGAN! Sizes range from S to XL, Prices $29.95 to $49.95 (plus tax)

Check out their website at

Thurs., Jan. 20

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow days for the Schools but not for Dog Star Ranch!

“Now today I may have spent the day at home with Carol and Pat, but don’t think that I’m not checking in on all my Daycare pals! I’m happy to see that so many of you made it out today, even though practically every school in Michigan was closed today.
To the every day Rancher, I may seem like the “perfect” dog. I’m ruggedly handsome and unique. I help at the Welcome Desk. I assist in training projects and programs that we are doing at Dog Star Ranch. I’m a Therapy Dog. I go to schools to teach kids how to be a responsible pet owner. Even a “perfect” dog like me, may need a refresher every now and then. Yes, I admit that I have gotten into the garbage a couple times while at home in search of buried treasure. Yes, I have decorated the outdoor kennel with things that belong in the garage. I wanted to share this example of my “less than perfect” moments to remind you that our Dog Star Ranch training staff does a wonderful job at providing dogs like me with a solid foundation in obedience, but also refresh my manners as they slip. If you are interested in having a training session or general manners session while you are with us for Daycare, make sure to let us know! You can also email the training staff at to get the “ball rolling” (hehe).
This is just to remind you that I may seem like the “perfect” dog, but no dog is perfect. There may be a dog that is right for you, but every dog needs a little refreshing every now and then to keep us as good canine citizens in the community. Make sure to stay warm everyone and to the humans, make sure to drive safe, and I’ll see you bright and early in the morning!”
~ Just another note from me, Murfee

Monday, January 17, 2011

As the snow falls, we can't help but smile :)

“As I sit with my fellow canine friends, I look out the window to Pup Paradise and see the snow continue to fall. I see all the humans bundled completely except for their eyes and the dogs eagerly pulling them to the parks. It sure is a wonderful feeling to see so many happy dogs thoroughly enjoying the winter fun, even on the coldest of days! Thank you for giving your dog somethin’ special to bark about today!” ~ Murfee

Just like every snow flake that falls from the sky, each dog is so unique and different in their own special way. You notice characteristics in your own dog that make you smile and remind you every day why they are such a huge part of your family. These rescue dogs are very much the same. They have their own quirks that make them unique and one in a million.
Are you looking to add a new canine family member to your home? Talk to one of us at Dog Star Ranch about our My Way Home program and how we work along side local rescues, like Pound Buddies. There are also lots of wonderful discounts from Dog Star Ranch to new adopted dogs as a way to say “Thank you” for helping a life and to help make the transition into your home a smooth one.

Also, don’t forget about our online Facebook contest! You could win $100 off your next park membership just for referring your friends to Dog Star Ranch!

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a winter wonderland at Dog Star Ranch!

Winter Weather Tips for you Canine!
From Murfee at Dog Star Ranch, Muskegon, Michigan
Winter brings with it many cold, even frigid, weather days that can be difficult on you and your canine friend. Here a couple helpful tips that might make playing in the snow more enjoyable for you and your canine friend’s feet:
One of the simplest things that you can do for your dog is to maintain “Foot and Pad Health.” Make sure to check your dogs feet regular after being outside. If your dog is a breed that has hair in between their toes and pads, make sure to stop by your groomer and have that cleared out regularly. They would use clippers and get rid of all the hair on the feet that may cause issues and allow snow balls to collect causing discomfort. Double check and make sure that their pads aren’t cracking from the cold. Humans have the same issue and our skin dries out more during the winter months. Always, not just in the winter, make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed on a regular basis. This is a key factor for overall foot health, but also makes sure they won’t slip on icy surfaces. Would you rather walk on an icy sidewalk with winter boots or ice skates? Another winter enemy to your puppy’s pads is side walk salt. Salt can be very painful to feel so make sure you find pet friendly salt for your sidewalk and use caution on other walk ways. Boots may be an option to protect their feet from the salt and cold of the ice and snow.
If you have any other winter weather suggestions that you wish to share, email your tips to!

Foster Dog Friday! Check out all these Pound Buddies Foster Dogs that spent their Friday with us! One note that the Dog Star Ranch Trainer wishes to share is that Mrs. Blue didn't have an issues with him during her food test.

Final Exam ;)

Jordan has been an intern from Reeths Puffer during this last semester at Dog Star Ranch and we gave her a very challenging final exam. She took some of the daycare dogs from Thursday and had to write about them, either from the dog's perspective or the Star Buddy Perspective. Read her Final Exam below and let us know what you think! ;)
"Mia: So I was playing with all my friends during day care at Dog Star, running around Sophie’s legs because I just had so much energy, and in walks this girl. She seems like she wants to play, so I race past Sophie and Sadie and Hoover and as she sits jump over the paper she’s writing on and into her arms. When she starts to pet me and smiles at my lopsided grin, I jump up and give her a hug, covering her face in kisses.
Lexi: I was very excited when my new friend came in to play today! I had met her a week or so ago, and hadn’t seen her in awhile. But . . . then she didn’t pay attention to me! She was petting and smiling and talking to Mia! At first I was upset, but then I thought maybe she hadn’t seen me yet. So, excited again, I hustled up to her and nosed Mia out of the way. Of course she began to pet me, and so I put my front paws on her knees, to make it easier for her to pet me . . . and I wanted to be closer to her face, to give her a kiss!
Hoover: Made a new friend today. She seemed to like me a lot, but I was worried when she said she wanted to take me home with her . . . I think she might have been joking. Then she told me how pretty my big droopy eyes were, and she let me cuddle with her; I got to sit on her lap, but it was kind of hard because I was a little bigger. And then, when she started to pet me, I leaned my head into hers. But then Rosie started growling at the other dogs. I didn’t think it was very nice, and so got up and told her so. But I got yelled at for barking at her, so I guess I should have just kept cuddling.
Sadie: Today I watched all the dogs freak out over the new visitor. They all ran up to her, almost knocked her over. But I just held back and watched. I’m sure she would appreciate space, so just waited for her to come to me—which she did when she got past the other dogs. I was glad she decided to play with me, and smiled when she began petting me.
Sophie has the most adorable loving golden eyes that can just melt you into a puddle. When I when to pet her, she looked up at me and I just wanted to keep playing with her! She got really excited and started skipping around in a circle, making it hard to pet her. And when I stopped petting her, and went to pet another dog, she got jealous! Just pushed the other dog out of the way, wanting all the attention on her!
Ramsey, a sweet and mild golden retriever, was all smiles when he played. When you go to pet him, he turns around, making it seem like he’s going away, but really he just wanted you to pet his back and scratch his butt.
Buddy was such a big baby! He was very lovable, and liked to be pet. But when you left, he’d just look at the door with his head tilted to the side, his tail wagging, like he knew you’d be back, you simply wouldn’t be able to resist his charm—his pretty big brown eyes.
Rosie, Rosie. What to say? Small and soft, she’s the most innocent little ball of white fur. She is as sweet as she looks, but just because she’s small doesn’t mean she can’t get excited and playful! When you pet her, she gets so excited, and begins to jump in place, looking side to side at the same time. Then, finally deciding what to do, she jump up to your face and gives you kisses."

Facebook Contest!

Okay, we want to add to our fan base of the Dog Star Ranch Facebook page and we are going to reward you for your help!!!
Here’s how it works:
Send the link to the DSR Facebook page (!/pages/Dog-Star-Ranch/112734328769899) to all your friends. Simply have them become a fan (click “like”) now through January 31, 2011 (contest ends at 6pm 1/31/2011). After they become a fan of DSR, ask them to share on the DSR wall who invited them to join (they MUST post your name on the wall for me to be able to know who referred them). The person who refers the most people to DSR wins a $100 towards a DSR Park Membership!
* * *
This contest will be open to all fans of the DSR Facebook page (even those that are invited through this contest) so start spreading the news and give your dog somethin’ to bark about today!
If you have questions regarding this contest, please email Thank you and let’s watch our fan numbers grow!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 13, 2011

Mia working on her recall in her Daycare group. Are you interested in your dog having Manners Sessions while in Daycare? Just ask us how today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have you thought about adopting a new family member through a rescue or shelter?

Many of you may already know, but newly adopted dogs (from a rescue or shelter) are eligible for some discounts through the Dog Star Ranch!
* * 50% off an Alpha Star Park Membership
* * Free First Grooming
* * 20% off a Training Class
(to be eligible for these discounts, must be done within 30 days of adoption)
Do you volunteer for an organization like Pound Buddies or Bellwether? You may also be eligible for discounts on your personal pets! You can recieve 10 ~ 20% off a Park Membership for your personal dog! PLUS 50% off Alpha Star Membership and 50% off 20 Daycare Day Package (weekly use required) for your Foster Dogs!
Dog Star Ranch wants to give all dogs somethin' to bark about!

Brrr.... It's Tuesday!

Wendy, we all have our fingers crossed that you found your family!
Trainer's notes for Summer: Real nervous at first, but started to warm up a little. Needs to develop a trust with someone in order for her to progress. Recomend more Daycare to get comfortable and to build a trust.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you for a fabulous 2010!!!

A new year is upon on us here at Dog Star Ranch, as we all look forward to 2011 and all its promise lets first reflect on 2010. We had 605 new humans enjoy the park, stay over night, come socialize in daycare or just get cleaned up. Our new guests traveled from many parts of Michigan ( St. Clair Shores, West Bloomfield, Dexter, Fremont, Grand Blanc, Port Huron, Utica, Westland, Royal Oak, Millford, Grand Rapids, Buckley, Mears, Grand Haven, Shelby Township, Tawas City, Eastpoint, Troy, New Baltimore, Farmington Hills, Benton Harbor, Jackson, Ada, Redmond, Tecumseh, Lansing, and many more) We also saw many out of state guest from; Cincinnati and Hamilton OH; Spring TX; Oak Park, Hinsdale, Peoria, and Villa Park IL; Richmond VA; Seymour, Green Bay, Franklin WI; Bates City, MO; Memphis TN; Centennial CO; Rochester, NY; Chapel Hill, NC; Oakland, CA; and one family from Hamilton ON. This brings our human guests total to 5083, and our guest dogs total to 6857 that visited DSR since June 2004!
We noticed more out of town visitors traveling with their family pets and finding the comfort of Dog Star Ranch as a must see place for their dogs to enjoy a vacation in conjunction to their vacation. While the humans enjoyed their cabins, amusement parks and all the wonderful activities Muskegon has to offer, their best canine friends enjoyed all the fun that Dog Star offers.
2010 had a lot of firsts both joyful and heartbreaking. We officially started our My Way Home program and have had multiple success stories. Our group, “Paws for Boobs” walked for cancer in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer and raised $3000! We had a very interesting birthday party with 25 Grey Hounds. What a sight! Along with all the good times at the Ranch we also had to sadly say good bye to our friend and co-worker, Michelle Hammerle. In her memory we will be making a memorial at the Ranch in June, 2011. With every good bye there is a hello and in 2010 we celebrated the birth of our youngest Star Buddy, Charley Mai; Carol’s first grand daughter! We also enjoyed our Star Buddy Tyler’s marriage with his wonderful wife Deanne. Our service usage of DSR has happily increased, with new record numbers in Daycare, Park usage and the Dog Gone Wagon.
All of us here at DSR thank our business community especially Community Shore Bank for believing in our mission.
A huge bark out to our wonderful DSR members, your support and commitment sustains this amazing dream. We appreciate all of our DSR Star Buddies (staff) here at the ranch. They are dog loving with positive and happy dispositions that loves being apart of Dog Star Ranch.
Here is to an amazing 2011 with all its unknowns and sure things.
Happy New Year!
DSR My Way Home 2010 updates:
2010 was a wonderful introduction year to the DSR My Way Home Program. The purpose of this program is to give dogs that are homeless a chance at happiness. They all need a little help finding their way to their forever homes and families. They spend time at the Ranch to make sure they are ready to make that step and we work to find the right fit for each dog. All of the My Way Home dogs have a guarantee that they will never be homeless again. If something happens in the home that they are placed, they will always have a place to return to at the Ranch.
Carol has been involved in rescuing and re-homing dogs all her life, but the My Way Home Program started (officially) with a boy named Murphy (respelled to Murfee). We think Murf may be Husky Weimeraner mix, but when asked what his breed is, he’s a Murfee. Murf came to us with a family hoping to work on some of his separation anxiety issues. Murf was destroying his owner’s apartment! After some time and training on their behalf, they decided that Murf wasn’t the right fit for their home. This was the third home that Murf had been to and again was bound to be returned to Pound Buddies. This would have been his last trip back to the pound as they had expended all resources on him to have him continued to be returned. We just couldn’t have that! Carol contacted Pound Buddies and had Murf signed over to Dog Star Ranch ownership and the My Way Home Program “officially” began! From that day forward, Murfee became an ambassador for the Ranch! Since then he has greeted many new DSR guests, temperament tested countless canines, earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title, certified to be a Therapy Dog, and has wiggled his way into the hearts of many who come to DSR! Murfee earned the Golden Ticket when he walked through the doors of the Ranch and we hope to give that to many, many dogs for years to come!
I’d like to present Bear. Bear was rescued by the California Shar Pei Rescue who found him exploring the mountains on his own. He was then found online by Sue and Jim (avid Shar Pei lovers and owner) who instantly fell in love with that big face! They arranged to have him transported to Michigan and he went right into the My Way Home Program to start acclimating himself to Michigan and get ready to join Sue, Jim, and Bear’s future sister, Phoebe (another Shar Pei). It didn’t take long and he was warming the hearts of all the Star Buddies! Bear and Phoebe are now inseparable and Bear has also earned his CGC and Therapy Dog certifications! Bear is a wonderful representative of the breed and enjoys the company of any human or canine companion.
Next up is Archie! Archie is a Swiss Mountain dog mix, we think. Carol scheduled an appointment to go to Vector Control and pick up the next My Way Home dog. As she walked down the isles, she instantly noticed those big brown eyes and said “I’ll be back for you!” Archie joined us at the Ranch that day. We are unsure how he made his way to the pound and his only form of identification to those who cared for him was a number. The name did take a little while to work out and everyone had their own idea of what he should be named, but eventually Archie stuck.
Maria and Joel had been members of the Ranch for several years with their dogs Sisco and Halley. Early in 2010, Halley passed away. Naturally, it took some time before they were ready to start looking for a second dog for the family. Archie was with us until July before he was found by Maria and Joel. They opened their arms, hearts, and home up to Archie. Archie and Sisco have been pals ever since. That now makes three dogs that began their journey homeless, in the pound, that found their way home…
The next dog to join the program was Jimmy, who was re-named to Cody (he was definitely more of a Cody). Cody was a medium sized Golden mix. Prior to his arrival to Pound Buddies, Cody lived in an area where he could run free. He could come and go as he pleased and spend his days exploring. That family went through a divorce and Cody had to leave his free range and moved to a smaller home where roaming was restricted. Cody didn’t agree with that and he was surrendered to Pound Buddies. Jim and Cathy adopted him, but were having some issues as Cody still thought he should be allowed to roam as he pleased. Cody then spent some time with us at the Ranch. We worked on his general manners, recall, crate manners, and general obedience when he was with us and Jim and Cathy came regularly to participate in the training. When Cody had “refined” some of his behaviors, he returned home to continue his new life with Cathy and Jim.
Now let me tell you about a dog named Mickey. Mickey may be one of the most popular My Way Home dogs (only second to Murfee, of course) that we have had so far. Patty was a long time client of the Ranch with her dog, Lewie. She had become connected with Pound Buddies in hopes of being a foster mom and helping other pets that may be less fortunate. She found Mickey at the pound and fell in love with that goofy smile and big floppy ears. She took him to adoption days and several events, but couldn’t seem to find the right match for Mickey. Circumstances in her life changed and she had the opportunity to move out of state (Patty and Lewie were Texas bound), but she didn’t want Mickey to wind back up at the pound. My Way Home Program, here comes Mickey! Mickey is a big old boy with a sweet, sweet heart and a shepherd mix. Mickey was just over a year old when he came to us and he was all puppy, just in a big package! He spent several months with us at the Ranch and grew to be a part of the family, but we all longed for him to find a family that was just for him. Several members would stop by the Wag-On-Inn when they were headed out the parks with their own dog to see if Mickey wanted to join them. Mickey never said no to a play trip in the parks!
I still have to laugh because the day that we met Steve and Lori we were talking about how Mickey would be a great farm boy. Enter Steve and Lori. They had to say fair well to their sweet Husky, Bart, in November. Bart was becoming very elderly and diabetes had taken his sight from him. About a month after loosing Bart, they were looking online and came across a goofy smile and those big floppy ears. They came down and spent some time with Mickey in the parks and did a weekend home trial two weeks later. They were a perfect match right away! The Monday before Christmas everyone’s wishes were answered and Mickey had finally found his forever home with Steve and Lori and their three cats and horse. Mickey is a farm boy now on 10 acres in Fremont and it is the best Christmas gift any of us at the Ranch and Steve and Lori could have asked for!
During the time that Mickey was with us, we had another addition to the program. Carol received a call about some issues a foster mom was having. She had taken on two siblings as fosters, but she was going to be going out of town for three weeks and needed someone to care for them. They were super duper shy and timid and sending them back to the pound for that time frame was not in their best interest if they were ever to be adoptable. So Mable and Cokie came for a little vacation at the Ranch. When they first came to us, they looked like Siamese twins, attached at the hip. Step 1: Seperation. They were given rooms on their own and put into different groups to allow them to grow on their own rather than feed off each other. With time and LOTS of patience by all members of the staff, they started to come around and show their own individual personalities. When the foster mom returned, Mable went home with her and Cokie stayed with us and entered the My Way Home Program. It took lots of dedication and love from all the Star Buddies for Cokie to start come around and show trust in humans.
Enter Sam and Melissa. Melissa adopted Sam, a black lab, from someone who just didn’t have the time for her. With lots of love and socialization, Sam went from a shy girl to a rambunctious lab! She is a park member and makes frequent visits, never to forget the tennis ball, and was very active in daycare. Melissa wanted to add a second dog to her household. First she tried Mickey. He did great, but was a little apprehensive around her dad, so she didn’t feel he was the best fit. Then Melissa met Cokie. She did a weekend trial with her and it was set. Cokie was renamed to Evening (Eve for short) and with the help of Melissa and Sam, Eve is coming out of her shell! Eve definitely relies on her big sister, Sam, for comfort and direction, but it’s been amazing to see the true happy dog that Eve can be.
Not all dogs find their way to the program from the shelters. Rosemary had been a long time client of the Ranch with her little mix, Aggie. When Aggie started coming to the Ranch she “screamed” at anyone, boys especially, until she got to know them. We spent a lot of time with Rosemary helping her work through these issues and helping Aggie become more comfortable around men and strangers. As time went on, Aggie progressed and thought of the Ranch as a second home. As we continued our training and daycare with Aggie, Rosemary was battling with breast cancer. During the summer months of 2010, Rosemary’s health continued to decline quite fast. Aggie would spend a lot of time with us when Rosemary was in the care of family. She knew that her time was limited and asked Carol to take on Aggie and find a home for her upon her passing. Rosemary said that she only trusted Carol and the staff at the Ranch to find the right place for Aggie as she was a special girl. Aggie joined the My Way Home Program. Aggie found her way to a family friend of Rosemary, Jan and Jim. Aggie, now known as Maggie, lives with Jan, Jim, and their three little guys, Sami, Roo, and Ophelia. She still regularly participates in daycare and loves to see the Dog-Gone-Waggin’ pull up in the driveway to bring her and her sisters to the Ranch.
This past October we kicked off the first annual Bark Fest. Bark Fest 2010 was an educational and fundraising event for the My Way Home Program. All funds were put towards the care of the dogs in the program and also provide aide to other dogs in fosters and shelters. We invited area rescues, shelters, organizations, and clubs to partake in the event and also encouraged rescues to bring adoptable dogs to the event. Over $800 was raised to help support the program and also provide daycare benefits for dogs in foster homes. It was a success and we hope that both Bark Fest and the My Way Home Program continue to grow and expand in the future. October has been deemed “My Way Home Month!” Well, not really, but it does have a nice ring to it!
So as you can see, dogs find their way to the My Way Home program a variety of ways, but no matter how they get here they always have the Golden Ticket to a life never leading to the pound. To adopt one of these special dogs, the new owner purchases a park membership of their choosing and a basic obedience class. That means when they take that canine home, they have the parks and the Ranch as a resource and a training class to work and bond together. The money from a purchased membership and class go back into the program to help support the next dog to join. The My Way Home Program has been a success and we look forward to what the future holds. We hope that through this program we can find the way home for many dogs, continue to educate people on responsible pet ownership, and continue to be a resource, umbrella if you will, for all area rescues and people looking for their next canine family member.
Happy New Year!

Very, Very Chilly Monday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy Dog Star Ranch!

Here are some pictures from the winter wonderland at the Ranch. I invite you all to take some pictures of your visits at the Ranch during this season and email them to so I can add them to the blog and Facebook pages!

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday Everyone! I wanted to let you know that it's a BEAUTIFUL day at the Ranch today, cold, but beautiful! The trails have been freshly cleared and ready to go! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let is snow kinda Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! The snow was fallin' and everyone was enjoying it! Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see ya back on Monday!
Getting these rescued dogs “balanced” (mentally and physically) does not mean that they stay balanced. DSR offers Daycare and the Parks to get them to a balanced point, but the maintenance needs to be done.
Please talk to one of the Welcome Buddies about the discounts for foster pets and rescue volunteers. Let’s help keep these dogs in balanced, permanent homes together!
P.B. Maitre (May, previously Mabel): Many of you may remember when the “Siamese twins” of Cokie and Mabel came to stay at the Ranch. Cokie stayed on as My Way Home dog and has found her family, and May is now with a P.B. foster family. She has done a 180 degree turn from the dog we first saw and she is progressing really well! She spent a large part of her day as an Office Help with Jen, Carol and P.B. Matisse.
P.B. Matisse: Office Buddy for the Day with May
TT - Unsure, nervous, will snap if cornered or pressured.
POA (plan of attack) - Getting her comfortable in a new setting, grouping her with dogs that won’t pressure her and will let her develop at her own pace.
Advice - Get her out of the house more. Take for walks on leash, as many settings as possible.
P.B. Booba:
TT - Energetic puppy who has no rules, Jumps all over every person and all dogs. Even though obedient
POA - Give some self-control in order for him to behave around people and dogs.
Advice - Claim space. Don’t let him invade anyone’s space until he is invited.
P.B. Mrs. Blue:
TT - Insecure dominant with no leadership, Even though obedient
POA - Introduce to dogs steadily with Nick controlling on leash in order to give her a sense of pack structure.
Advice - Bring to daycare as much as possible

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Updates:

Happy Snowy Thursday ya'll! Murfee asks that all humans coming to use the parks during heavy snow fall times to please park towards the back of the parking lot (along the fence by the staff vehicles). That way when Pat comes through to plow the parking lot it will be much easier to get the whole thing cleared. Thank you in advance for that!
Also if you need updates on any winter park issues, such as closings due to snow damage, please watch on the blog or the Facebook page. We'll keep that updated at much as possible! Thank you everyone and drive safe tonight!

Snowy Thursday 1/6

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its a wonderful day to let your favorite pup enjoy our snow covered parks!

Its beautiful out here at the ranch today. The sun is shining but we still have tons of wonderful snow for our daycare pups to play in.
Come on out today and take a stroll in our 48 acre park! To cold for you? drop your best canine friend off for a day of daycare. He can still enjoy the outdoors while you enjoy a cup of hot cocoa indoors.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Return to a winter wonderland...

During the month of January, DSR is doing a promotion through the My Way Home Program to help some of the dogs in Foster Homes. So we'll try to help highlight who is a foster kid just in case you are looking to add a new member to your family ;)
Also, don't forget to check out the information on the current My Way Home dog, Miss Molly :)

What a happy croud of daycare kids today and they all definitely enjoyed the fresh snow!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2011!!!

Introducing Molly to the My Way Home Program!

We would like to introduce Miss Molly to the My Way Home Program. This story is one that is close to our hearts at the Ranch. Many of you remember Michelle. She was a part of the Ranch family in our grooming department for several years. Many of you may remember her gentle hands in the grooming room or encountering her out in the parks on her off days with a “Chuck-It” in hand. Before Thanksgiving 2010, Michelle passed away in her sleep, leaving behind her family, friends, and her best companion, Molly. Per the request of Michelle’s family, and knowing that these would be the true wishes of Michelle, Molly has joined the My Way Home Program.
* * *
Dog Star Ranch was always like a second home for Molly and Michelle and a place where they shared many happy memories together. Molly has been adjusting very well to her current home at the Ranch and we are to the point that she is ready to join the My Way Home Program and start looking for her new forever home.
* * *
Molly is possibly a Whippet Mix, maybe… Michelle used to joke that she was the mix of a Dingo due to some of her quirky physical characteristics. Molly’s birthday is June 2008, she is a spayed female, and appx. 35 lbs. She is very social and has lived in harmony in homes with other dogs (big and small) and cats.
* * *
If you would like to know more about Molly or would like to meet her, please contact the Ranch! We’d love to help Molly with her transition from the Ranch to her new forever home.