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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, Feb. 27

... Well, today, we've had a little "oops." Nick was our Star Buddy this morning. He spent the morning shift with the camera in hand snapping lots of photos of the Daycare dogs enjoying the parks. The only "oops" was that he left with the camera in hand... and now he's home. He'll be in later tomorrow so be looking for the photos to be uploaded and posted then. All of the dogs had a great day, including a new puppy today named Tucker. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 23 CGC Test

Happy Birthday Miss Sami J!

Happy Birthday to you Miss Sami J! Thank you so much for the yummy treats, Tristan! The humans and dogs loved them!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Phoebe!

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Phoebe! Phoebe wrote a really nice letter today and I hope that she doesn't mind if I share it with our bloggers...
"Dear Dog Star Ranch Buddies,
Let's celebrate! Why you ask?
- Spring is less than a month away...
-Today is my CGC Test
I want to celebrate my birthday with all my friends at DSR!
I want to thank Nick for his patience in the EARLY morning. Nick patiently waits for me to sit before he takes my leash for a day of excitement. I would rather greet him with a good jump but I have to sit.
I also want to say a special thank you to Kevin... he helped me accept my sister. Training with Kevin has opened more doors for me. I have more friends. It is more fun to run with my friends than my sister - they challenge me to run. In fact, the extra exercise has allowed me to have more food without adding to my waistline.
Thanks again for all the fun and treats!
I hope that you don't mind that I shared your sweet note. Phoebe, thank you so much for spending your birthday with us! We always enjoy seeing you and your sister along with all our Daycare kids. Have a wonderful birthday and best of luck to you and all the CGC testers tonight.
With Love from all you Daycare Pals... Beene, Bo, Bosley, Copper, Elf, Frances, Gloria, Izzy #1, Izzy #2, Jola, Juno, Lilly, Missy, Molly, Morgan, Pippi, Rusty, Ramsey, Sadie, and Sammie B.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, 2/20

Well, the camera does tend to work better when the battery has been able to charge... Oops… So no photos for today, but these dogs sure had a great time! Lots of dogs here today came for double the services. Some headed to the grooming salon before going home. They have to look fabulous for the Oscars weekend. Some were able to spend some quality time working on their skills with Kevin. Today’s total Roll Call reads something like this… Alex, Banjo, Barkley, Beene, Bo, Boo, Chopper, Dax, Ginger, Gracie, Izzy, Juno, Meggy, Missy, Molly, Molly, Ramsey, Roo, Sammie, Sami, Shadow, Tarby, Thea, Tristan, and Tucker. Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll cya next week! (Stay warm)

Training Information

Did you happen to see the video of Kevin with Banjo that was posted on 2/13? If not, make sure you check it out! Do you want to know how to get those results with your dog? Check out the above video about training options available to you at the Ranch. There are lots of choices available to you to get the results that you would like. Programs can be customized to meet your needs. We have a couple newer packages that we would like to introduce you to.

Daycare Manners Training Package:

6 Manners + One-on-One with Kevin = $170

Sirius Star Members = $153

Daycare Obedience Training Package:

6 Sessions + One-on-One with Kevin = $290

Sirius Star Members = $261

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thurs, 2/19

Wow, hold on to your hats! It’s another windy wintry day at Dog Star Ranch. Because of the frigid wind chill, we are going to avoid the parks and take to the Wag-N-Train arena for our play times. We’re not picky. As long as we get to play we are happy “ranchers.” We’ll start with our active, mostly Lab or Lab relatives, group. This would include Lilly, Brodie, Copper (not Cooper), Rebel. This group was very eager to run and wrestle. Next on the list would be Sadie, Molly, Morgan, Izzy, Ginger, Rusty K, and Rusty M. These guys are “players,” but may not be as rambunctious as the first group. They enjoyed their sandy playtime as well. On deck would be Jola, Sophie, Rock, Red, and Buddy. “Catch me if you can” was the name of their game. Phoebe and Pippi spent some quality sister bonding time with Nick in the middle. Nick also was the best bud to Mr. Jack. Jack always loves his special Star Buddy time. So does Missy! She loves to be spoiled and pampered while she is enjoying her play time. Let's not forget the little stars of the day. Today we had Miss Lucy who joined the chin crew (Boogie, Gilly, and Kora) along with some boarding dogs of Sophie and Bennie. When they weren't playing in the arena they were helping Jen greet the people coming and going for the day.

…To end the day, Pat and Carol head out to Marquette Elementary School to help teach kids about canine safety. Buck, Sasha, Gilly, and Kora are headed along to help (they are always great little helpers). Phoebe, Jola, and Sadie are going to join Bosley, Goldie, and Kevin for some CGC prep work. Let’s see if we can get some more dogs their CGC titles!

Don’t forget to check out Dog Star Ranch on all the different webpages… (username: dogstaranch)

Do you know any other sites that DSR should be a part of? Let us know!

Also don’t forget to pre-order your very own, special DSR Red Dingo ID tag for your canine companion. We are getting orders ready. Once they will be processed and then they will be shipped directly to your door in April! Be the first dog on your block with a DSR tag on your collar!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mon, Feb 16

What another great day and the perfect way to kick off the week! We even had a special guest... Carol's nephew, Aaron was here as an honorary Star Buddy for the morning! He had great fun and all the dogs definitely kept him on his toes!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our fabulous Daycare "kids"! We were so happy to hit 30 DayStars today and what a day it was! Thank you for spending your day with us.
Miss Keeli, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. The look wonderful and will the Wag-On-Inn with a wonderful smell.
Richard, we wanted to send you a note to have a speedy recovery. We love seeing Sherrie, but we miss seeing you. We hope that you are starting to feel better and back on your feet in no time!

DSR Training in ACTION!

Do you want to know more about DSR Training options and what kind of results you could see with your dog? Check this out! This is a video clip of a very popular Daycare Regular, Miss Banjo. Banjo and her mom have been working hard and particpated in several training classes, earned Banjo her Canine Good Citizen title, and continue to polish her skills with Daycare Manners sessions.

Wanna sign your dog up and "get the ball rollin'?" There are loads of training options available. Check out the posted newsletter below or contact Jen at We want to help you give your dog (and you) somethin' to bark about today!

2/2009 Newsletter

DSR Owners News:
We are coming up to our 5th anniversary and what a ride it’s been for our family to be apart of Dog Star Ranch. We would like to thank all of our loyal clients for trusting us with your beloved Dogs. “Dogs come first” is our mantra and we work tirelessly to insure that all staff meets the criterion that defines us here at Dog Star Ranch. As Star Buddies, Groomers, and Trainers come and go, always be assured that we only replace them with compassionate and caring dog lovers. As always your input is welcome.
Sincerely, The Yarnolds (

Star Buddy News:
Nick Burnham came to us in August 2008 as a Cabin Buddy and quickly was promoted to a Star Buddy. Nick is working on his training certificate from the Animal Behavior College and is an apprentice under Kevin Kinker here at the Ranch. Nick has a natural nack with the dogs and just added a new member to his family, Lady, a 12 week old Austrailian Shepherd. His training interest are in agility, herding, and obedience. He is trying to talk DSR owners into getting some sheep. He graduated from Reeth Puffer High School in 2008. Nick usually answeres all the Daycare early morning door bell calls. We are happy to have him here at Dog Star Ranch.
Spring Yet?
As you all know, this has been a rough winter and it is going to last for a while longer. There have been large volumes of snow along with severe icy conditions and negative temps. There may be times that we need to close the parks because they are unsafe (i.e. tree down, weather damage to fences, wind chill advisory). During the days that are considered Extreme Weather Conditions we will be closing the Special Use Park and Canine Frontier. The gaits to those parks will be locked. We will do everything that we can to keep Central Bark, Small Dog Park, and Active Dog Park up and running. On the other side of the spectrum when all this snow starts to melt it’s impossible to snowmobile the trails during melting snow (its to wet). So wear water boots and hopefully it will melt fast. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen again this year, but we would like you to be aware of the situation. If we do close those parks we will try to notify you via email and the Daycare blog. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue. As the weather warms up our lost poop will reappear so please remember the POOP OOPS RULE. This helps keep our parks clean.

Boarding News:
A note about boarding reservations… Our memberships have continued to increase and we will be holding more spots for members. Remember, members receive priority boarding at all times! Non-members should reserve their pup’s location at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance to be safe. We intend on giving you and your dog the high quality services that you are used to. So remember to think ahead when planning your get-away.

“When my dog stays overnight, what are my options?”
*Cabin Runs – In between 4 community plays and any schedule star buddy walks or manners training, your dog is put into an indoor/outdoor sleeping area with automatic water, attached food dish, and a comfortable Pet Cot.
*Luxury Suites are the same as Cabin Runs accommodation only during the day your pooch enjoys couch time in Luxury Loft or Pup Paradise or being a greeter in the front office.
All boarding dogs get community plays at 6am, 12pm, 4pm and 9pm. Feeding and medication times are at 7am, 12pm, and 4pm with a bed time snack. Star Buddy Walks are not included in either stay, but can be added to either stay.
*Do you have an active dog that may need more than just a Star Buddy Walk? Think Daycare! Daycare is a great way to provide lots of exercise and socialization for any dog, even those that are boarding overnight!
”What do you do when it’s negative temperatures outside? I don’t want my dog to freeze!” No worries! We always take the weather into consideration when we plan our daily activities. If it’s 10 degrees or lower, than we turn to our Wag-N-Train indoor arena to let the dogs stretch their legs. That provides your dog with the exercise that they are used to when visiting the Ranch and you don’t need to worry about them getting too cold.

Members News:
500 Wow! We hit a big number this year, not only do we have over 500 annual memberships for DSR but we have 22 Partners for Life Memberships.
We thank you for your continued support.

Did You know? Dog Star Ranch is starting a new monthly educational series for our clients. Once a month you will be able to receive helpful information via email, the Daycare blog, the MySpace, and the bulletin board in the Wag-On-Inn. For February 2009, we discussed nail trims. If you have information that you would like to know more about and see in one of the sessions, have questions regarding some of the information presented, or would like to be added to our email listing please email Jen at Enjoy!

Training News:
Would you like your dog to walk nicely on a leash or heal at your side? Maybe take treats easy and not jump on a guest at your door? On hand to meet your training needs is Kevin Kinker along with the rest of the Ranch staff. Kevin can evaluate your dog when they are here and advise you in the best steps to take to get the end results that you are wishing to achieve. DSR training has taken off in leaps and bounds and we love to have you be part of the action! Get the most from your relationship with your canine friend with the training options below! Contact the Wag-On-Inn for details.

*Who’s the Boss? Are you dealing with unwanted behaviors at home and want help? This is just what you need! There is no need to bring your dogs to this class, just come prepared to learn. If your dog is a monthly Daycare participant, you receive a $10 discount on these classes!
*Risin’ Star Basic Obedience Class This is a six week course that helps you teach your dog or puppy (and yourself) some basic manners and obedience. Classes are starting regularly and fill up fast so reserve your spot today!
*Let’s work on it! Bring your troubles with you to this class and we’ll work on it with you to help you get the results you are looking for. You can come one time to try or come once per week. This class meets at 9am every Saturday.
*Canine Good Citizen Evaluation (CGC) Do you want your dog to earn his CGC title? Prep classes are set up as testing dates are available. Want to know more about what the CGC is? Ask a Star Buddy!
*Risin’ Star Advanced Class Have you completed a basic course and want to know more? This class is just the ticket. Take your basic skills to the next level in this six course set to teach and challenge you and your dog.
*Kids & Canines Dog Star Ranch now offers a variety of classes to help kids get involved in dogs. We have Canine Safety Classes that teach kids how to be safe around dogs. Once that class is completed, they could participate in the Kids and Canines Basic Obedience class. This is a four week course to help kids train their dogs. Don’t have a dog of their own? The Ranch dogs are available to help. Check us out in the Kidsville News! Truman and the Kidsville News has been an active part of the Ranch and he will also be available at some of the Kid’s Classes. Truman and Kidsville News can also be found at

Get your Dog Star Ranch Calender hot off the press! How many of you live by your calendar or planners to keep your schedule organized? Dog Star Ranch has put together a 2009 calendar that is available to you filled with photos of Dog Stars enjoying all aspects of the Ranch. It includes some of our classic Halloween Daycare images, to the beauty of the Canine Frontier, do shots of your favorite Star Buddies and your own pup enjoying the parks. These will be available for purchasing at the Wag-On-Inn for $10.00.

Daycare News:
Get more out of your daycare experience with a manners session, obedience training, or structured daycare with the DSR trainer! Doggie Daycare has continued to be a wonderful option at the Ranch. It provides you with a care-free day and peace of mind while you dog has lots of interaction with the Star Buddies and fellow Daystars, plenty of exercise, and loads of socialization. Now it gives you another perk! While your dog is here for Daycare, our trainer can spend some one-on-one time with your dog working on their basic manners or trying to tackle other issues you may be having. This does not take away from their regular play times, it just adds to it. Every dog needs to be polished up and we are here to help!

Daycare Manners Training Package
6 Manners + 1 One-on-One with DSR Trainer = $170
Sirius Star Members cost = $153

Daycare Obedience Training Package
6 Manners + 1 One-on-One with DSR Trainer = $290
Sirius Star Members cost = $261

Star Structured Daycare with Kevin
This Daycare experience provides the combination of manners and obedience in a structured group atmosphere with Dog Star Ranch trainer. You must have particpated in one of Kevin’s classes to take advantage of this great offer! This will only be available on Tuesdays. Maximum class size is 10 dogs.
$40 per session (plus Daycare costs)
Sirius Star Members receive their 10% discount!
Grooming News:
The Stylist to the Stars Grooming Salon would like to welcome Michelle Hammerle to the DSR family. If you don’t know, Amber has relocated during the week to the Lansing area. She visits DSR every other Saturday to meet with her clients in West Michigan. Michelle has been working hard alongside Amber to continue to meet your grooming needs. We are happy to have her on staff and she has been a beneficial addition to the grooming salon. Her canine companion, Molly, has quickly become a Daycare regular and loves her days at the Ranch.

Dog Star Ranch loves being an active member in your dog’s life. We continue to brainstorm and think of new ways to help you and your canine companion and we have a special new program that we would like to introduce to you. It ties in connection with this month’s Did You Know? series. We now have the Star Pedicure Package. This is an annual package to have your dog’s toenails trimmed every 4 weeks! You receive a bigger savings per trim and your dog has happy feet.
Non-Members ~ $120/year ($10 per trim)
Daycare Regulars/Alpha Members ~ $100/year ($8.30/trim)
Sirius Star Members ~ $90/year ($7.50 per trim)
What to know more about the importance of nail trims? Check out the February 2009 Did You Know?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its all about what the pictures are saying

What a mud puddle of a day! :0
Wednesday was playing outside in the rain and water puddles

Friday, February 6, 2009


The parks were busy and so was DAYCARE.
We all went outside to the Star Buddy Park and had a great romp!
Nick & Kevin took Pictures
Have a great weekend

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Combo of 2/4 and 2/5

Thursday ~ It is another super duper chilly Thursday. At least the sun is shining it makes it look warmer even if it’s not actually warmer… The cold is just in our minds, right? Okay, it was worth a try. Today was a great day and we had lots of great dogs to enjoy it with us! Today we had Beene, Bosley, Brodie, Buddy, Cannon, Copper, Dax, Elf, Frances, Gloria, Izzy, Jack, Jola, Missy, Molly, Morgan, Rebel, Rusty, and Sophie. Today was filled with lots of high energy kids ready to play and wrestle and run all around the arena. We even had a newbie today named Rusty. Today he was here for the first time and he was a bit nervous. It didn’t take long for him to get into the swing of things. Thanx for another great day!

Wednesday ~ It’s a little late, but we’ll make sure to give you the scoop. Today we had a great attendance with Benji, Bode, Frances, Frodo, Ginger, Gloria, Goliath, Missy, Molly, Morgan, Phoebe, Pippi, Sadie, Sam B, Sam Z, Smokey, Stella, and Tre. Benji and Bode took the day to play prior to doing their class tonight. Phoebe and Pippi have been making great steps to be a part of the general Daycare groups. It was a great day had by all. They always love when they can run around with their bud, Nick. Don’t worry guys, before you know it, it will be spring time again, I promise. Shortly after that the pond will be back up in action!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Did You Know?

Did You Know?
This is a new series provided especially to all the Dog Star Ranch families. Once a month you will be receiving helpful Did You Know? facts and tips for your canine companion. We will provide you with helpful training tips, health care advise, grooming pointers, and overall information about your dog. This series will be sent directly to your computer via email, will be posted on the blog, and available to you at the Wag-On-Inn. It will be available at the beginning of every month. Was there a specific topic that you missed that you want more information on? Do you want to know more about something specific that could be a topic for this series? Let us know! Would you like to receive this and other newsletters from Dog Star Ranch? Send me a note at and let me know!

Did You Know?
- February 2009 -
Did you know about your dog’s NAILS?

Long nails are more than unsightly; they also present a potential health problem. The nail is very strong and grows in a slight downward curve. Over time, long nails cause discomfort and weaken the pet natural foot structure. Longer nails could break off exposing the quick which is very painful and problematic (may bleed). On smaller pets (and dewclaws) nails grow in a circle and can go back into the pad causing a puncture wound.
How often should your dog’s nails be trimmed?
It depends on the dog, but every 4-6 weeks is a good guide.
How much should be trimmed off?
As much as you can without causing bleeding from the quick. They may just need to be tipped or ground down (dremmel).

**Black toe nails are definitely more difficult than clear ones, but you’ll notice the shape difference between the uncut nail and the trimmed one. Use this as a guide. Trim (or grind) small amounts at a time until you reach your goal length.

Dog Star Ranch is here to help!
We would like to introduce you to our new program to help you keep up on your dog’s nails.
Star Pedicure Package
This is an annual package to have your dog’s nails trimmed
every 4 weeks and receive an even bigger savings.

Non-Members ~ $120/year ($10 per trim)
Daycare Regulars/Alpha Members ~ $100/year ($8.30 per trim)
Sirius Star Members ~ $90/year ($7.50 per trim)

***Weather Related Side Note… This time of year is very hard on dog’s feet and nails. If your dog has long toenails, simple tasks (i.e. walking on the sidewalk) becomes very difficult, much like spending your days on ice skates. Also if you are finding that your dog has hair between their toes and pads of their feet, you may want to have that trimmed. It will deter snow from collecting between their toes which is also painful.

Mon, Feb 2

Time to party! It's almost 30 degrees out! Back to the snowy fun for these Daystars! Now, I know I'm not near as good of a photographer as the Star Buddies are, but here are some photos of some of our Daystars. Sorry, I know that it's not everyone that was here today. We're going to get back into the habit of taking the camera along now that we can play outside again! What a great way to start the week!
Notes to some parents... Benny wanted to make sure that I sent a hug to his mom in Florida and Rex wanted to send his dad a hug as well.
Thanx for another fabulous Daycare day. We always love to see all your smilin' faces and waggin' tails.