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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ah, the end to another week...

Friday ~ Okay, time for Roll Call everyone! Make sure to bark really loudly when you hear your name… Banjo, Barkley, Boo (hope the bus ride was good, boys), Bosley, Elf… Tristan, I’m almost to your name… Frances, Ginger, Gloria, Gracie, Meggy, Missy, Molly H, Molly D, Morgan, Phoebe, Pippi… Yep, Morgan, just a few more names and we’re good to go… Roo, Sammie B, Sami J, Stormy, Tarby, and Tristan… Yep, looks like everyone is here and ready to go. Let’s get this ball rolling, literally! One thing that really makes me smile is how many little dogs love daycare just as much as the big guys! Some days we have just as many pint sized pups as we do super sized! Everyone had a great day and we hope you have a wonderful weekend. Cya next week!

Thursday ~ Sorry for the delay in the journal being posted… It’s been a crazy couple of days here. Carol and Jen are running around here crazier than normal (if that’s at all possible). It makes all of us dogs giggle… Today was a full of great adventures! The roll call for today includes Brady S, Buddy F, Buddy P, Duke, Frances and Gloria, Jack, Jola, Lilly, Missy, Molly, Morgan, Rebel, Red and Rock, Scout, Sophie, Stella and Tre, Tucker R, and Tucker Z. Every body had lots of fun in their own individual way. Thanx for spending this wintry Thursday with us at the Ranch. We will do our best to keep up the blog better for you as well. We are looking forward to the “heat wave” of 30 degree temps so the dogs can play outside and the camera can be back in action!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Baloo!

Wow… That’s the first thing that can be said about today. The day started off as a whirl wind of dogs checking in for the daycare fun. For those of you parents that were dropping off this morning, I apologize for the craziness. It was just me and Kevin here and lots of dogs to care for. Thank you for your patience on checking in each and every special daycare guest. What a great day it is to have 30 daycare dogs here with us! The more the merrier we always say… And to make this day even more special, one of them is celebrating his first birthday with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BALOO! We are so happy that you found a special home of your own and a second home in the Ranch. Happy Birthday from all your pals (human and canine)! All the dogs thanked you for the yummy snacks too. Did you make them yourself? We also had some other special guest today. We had a Girl Scout troop come to the Ranch to learn how to be safe around dogs and how to be a responsible pet owner. What great ways to help the kids in the community learn to be safe around dogs and I’m so glad that all our DayStars could help! Thank you. Again, thanks for a fun and fabulous day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our pal, BALOO!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mon., Jan. 26

Okay did everyone remember to wear their thermal underwear today? It’s definitely going to be a very cold one today… The Star Buddies, Nick and Tyler, come fully prepared to take on this chilly Michigan winter (Carhardts at the ready) let’s see if you guys are… Again we resort to our “warmer” location (if it’s possible to consider it warmer, but it will definitely block the wintry whirl winds) of the Wag-N-Train arena. It may not be completed yet for public use, but it’s good enough for all of our canine friends to enjoy some major exercise. The name of today’s game is “Catch Me If You Can!” Only the super speedy will win! Miss Molly just had her “big girl” surgery last week so she’s taking it a bit slower, but I know she would normally be a contender. She’s all legs and lots of energy. Now we have the duo of Lola and Franklin that are pretty speedy themselves and they watch out for each other. If one is outta view of the other, they make sure to reconnect to continue the race. Sammie B was here today and she wasn’t really impressed by the whole “run around thing.” “Okay, yes I’ll go out and play, but I want back inside on the comfy couch or pillow bed…” Lilly always wins the award for the tallest DC kid, but I don’t think she’s the speediest… She’ll run well for a while, then stop and smell the roses. Either way she enjoys herself. Now Mr. Musky, the fabulous husky, has a different idea for the day. He’s made for this weather and loves to enjoy the snow. “Bring me inside, no way! I’m a snow dog and that’s where I belong.” Rebel makes the earlier duo a trio of Labradoodles for the day. She definitely has, how did her dad put it… more Lab than Doodle. She had a great day as well. Rock and Red is another pair that is non-stop action. They are herders to a tea and know what they are supposed to do when it comes to a Frisbee or ball. It involves skill and focus and these boys have both. A very different pair would be Phoebe and Pippi. These girls know how to play, but fetch is not the name of their game. Miss Morgan is another youngster that’s here today. She knows the ropes of the Ranch inside and out. Along with her daycare fun and socialization we make sure to help her learn her basics. Gotta get you ready to be the Risin’ Star of your class on Wednesday night! Missy is a five-day-a-week gal and we love to see her each and every day! She knows the routine and thoroughly enjoys spending her day playing working towards her New Year’s Eve goal of finding her waistline again. We’ll get ya there! Sammy and Teddy P are a team all their own! A Springer and Cockapoo that will keep you on your toes! They are off to play then it’s off to the Stylist to the Stars grooming salon to get you looking fabulous, Teddy. Last but by far not least is Copper. He’s a Lab in the full sense of the word. Run and play and retrieve and repeat… He loves to play and he has the energy to spare! Thanx for a great day ya’ll. We look forward to having you back this week and hopefully the weather will start to warm up enough that we can take on the mighty snow covered sand dune of the Star Buddy Park soon. Have a good night!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The ABC's of Thursday's Daycare

A is for Another fabulous daycare day!
B is for the Bouncin’ around pals of Beene and Brodie
C is for Copper (not Cooper)
D is for Daycare, Daycare, and more Daycare!
E is jack van Epps
F is for buddy Franks
G is for miss Ginger
H is for the one and only Hans
I is for the boxer known as Izzy
J is for a golden named Jola
K is for the waggin’ regular Konig
L is for the giant Lilly and the mini Lucy
M is three times as strong with Meleny, Missy, and Morgan
No one is ever left out of the daycare fun!
O is for the many “O” that were raced around the sandy arena…
P is for Pepper, Phoebe, and Pippi
Q is for a Quick nap then it’s back out to play some more!
R is for Rebel and Red
S is for Shadow, Simba, and Sophie m
T is for a pup named Tarby and a lab named Tucker
Up and at ‘em everyone!
V is for the Very yummy lunchtime treats…
W is for sophie White
X marks the excavation spot of the day…
Y does the day have to come to an end?
Z is for the Zippin’ and Zoomin’ that was done by all!

Important Weather Notice to All Park Members

As everyone knows, it has been the start to a hard winter season. There have been large volumes of snow along with severe icy conditions. We do our best to keep up on the park system so that you have a safe location to take your dog to. There may be times that we need to close the parks because they are unsafe (i.e. tree down in the Canine Frontier, weather damage to fences, wind chill advisory, negative degree temperatures). Please respect the Ranch when this is the case. During the days that are considered Extreme Weather Conditions (such as this past weekend) when there is a large amount of snowfall or icy conditions, we will be closing sections of the park system (the Special Use Park and the Canine Frontier). There will be locks on the gates so there will be no confusion. We will do everything that we can to keep the Small Dog Park , Active Dog Park , and Central Bark up and running. We are “keeping our fingers crossed” that there will not be many days when this would be an issue, but we would like to be prepared and make all of our members aware.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other Dog Star Ranch services, please feel free to contact me at any time. Again, the only time that the parks would be closed would be for yours and your dog’s overall safety. Thank you for your continued service and we look forward to being a part of your canine’s life for many years to come. Dog Star Ranch will always be here to give your dog somethin’ to bark about.


Jen Hutchison

Dog Star Ranch
4200 Whitehall Road
Muskegon , Mi 49445

Wed, Jan 21

Adoption Day Today! Today is a special day that we are able to celebrate with a fellow Daystar. Pippi may not know her actual birthday because of her rescued origin, so they decided to celebrate the day she was adopted as her birthday. She wrote such a nice letter today that we just had to share it with you. Thank you to all the Daystars today for sharing this special day with Pippi and her sister, Phoebe.

“Dear Dog Star Buddies,

My family does not know my birthday but I was adopted on January 21, 2007. I will celebrate Adoption Day with you!

Adoption has been a great experience for me. I like two square meals a day and medical care. After moving from California to Michigan, Dog Star Ranch has been GREAT.

At first I was not sure about the Ranch. After my temperament test, Carol said I was a “pistol.” I was not sure what she meant but I certainly learned the “rules” while attending “boarding school” with Kevin. He taught me how to get along with my sister (Phoebe). A special thanks to you for all your help. All my Dog Star buddies continue to remind me about the rules.

Thanks for your patience with me. You have helped me settle into my new home with new parents in Michigan. It doesn’t seem like I have been at DSR for almost 5 months. My family knows I have improved! Thank you for helping me!


Thank you, Phoebe and Pippi, for being a part of the Dog Star Ranch family. We hope to be a part of your lives for many years to come.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tues, Jan 20

What a day! The sun definitely warmed us all up a bit, but because it was still so frigid this morning, we took advantage of playing indoors. Maybe the temps will get back up to the 20’s or 30’s and it will be safe for us to play outside again, but until then, the arena is calling our name. As much as the Star Buddies enjoy playing in the snow, I think, deep down, they like the break from the chilly wind too.

Today we have to welcome a couple newbies! Frances and Gloria were here for their first Daycare day and so was Mr. Chopper. Fun was definitely had by all! Frances and Gloria made some new friends ~ Bandit, Buddy K, Buddy F, Lilly, Rebel, Storm, Red, and Rock. Chopper also made some new pals ~ Tristan, Noah, Maddie, Baloo, Buster, and Beau. Let’s not forget the little guys of the day ~ Tarby, Sami, Roo, Boogie, and Rosie. Missy was here today for some daycare fun too!

Everyone had a fun day. I know you are all eager to see photos again, but until the weather is comfortable enough for the Daystars to play outside, we are holding off on using the camera. The photos just don’t look as crisp and clear in when taken in the arena since the lighting isn’t full completed yet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mon, Jan 19

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today the sun was shining and it seemed warm (crazy how the sun alone can make it feel warmer without it actually being warmer). It’s definitely a winter wonderland out here at the Ranch. We had a handful of daycare kids that were brave enough to take on the Michigan winter.

Barkley, Boo, Copper, Franklin, and Lola enjoyed a rambunctious romp together. They all had a great time running and chasing each other. It’s definitely obvious that dogs have a winter coat built right in because they love this stuff!

Sammie B took Molly around for a while and enjoyed some more mellow play time. They both really enjoyed their couch time at the end of the day.

Chelsea (welcome back), Banjo, Molly, and Sammie B made some new pals in Phoebe and Pippi. Pippi had to stay on a leash by Nick, but she was able to enjoy her play time with the rest of them. Phoebe also spent her down time in Pup Paradise with Chelsea, Molly, Banjo, and Sammie. Pippi enjoyed a nice nap in her own space after her playtime. She did spend some time in Pup Paradise, but it was supervised and on leash too. It’s always fun to make friends in Daycare.

Missy also had fun spending her run with her Star Buddy, Tyler. These Star Buddies always know just how to spoil and pamper us Daycare dogs…

Okay Franklin, Lola, Barkley, and Boo... It’s time for you to head to the grooming salon so you look fabulous for your parents.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, Jan. 16

Today is the battle of the doggie sizes! Cast your votes now! Do you think the Big Dogs outplayed the Littles or the other way around? Do those compact bodies have more energy per square inch than the larger ones or do the Bigs have their stamina outlast thAre you ready to meet our contestants of the day…

In the right corner, representing the Littles we have…
Aggie Sue, Charlie, Niko and Sheridan, Roo and Sami, Sam B, Simba and Boogie!

And in the left corner, representing the Bigs (and Middle Weights) we have…
Duke, Ginger, Meggy and Molly, Meleny, Missy, Musky, Shadow, and Tucker , Ginger and Koko, Molly H, Phoebe and Pippi, and Tristan!

I don’t know, I think the Bigs may win with the amount they have on their side, but you Littles always give them a run for the money. I think we’ll call it a tie for now. Both had an equally fabulous Daycare day filled with arena fun! Have a fun and warm weekend and we promise to give you somethin’ to bark about again next week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thur, Jan 15

Just a reminder to all you Daycare mom’s and dad’s, make sure to take it easy with these icy roads. It’s going to be a long and frigid couple days... No worries if you a dog in daycare though! You’re only out for a little while and we take full advantage of the Wag-N-Train arena for your fieldtrips. I know, it will never be Cody’s Cove, but it helps in these single digit days…

Barkley ~ Boo ~ Brady ~ Bosley ~ Buddy
Copper ~ Elf ~ Finn ~ Konig
Levi ~ Lilly ~ Lucy ~ Miles ~ Milo
Missy ~ Molly ~ Musky ~ Rebel
Simba ~ Sophie ~ Tarby

Thanx again for a fabulous Daycare Day! Sorry that we have no photos to share, but we would rather you be nice and cozy in the arena and we’ll update some photos here soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tues, Jan 13

Ah, another wintry (windy) daycare day has come and gone… The frigid temperatures pursueded allowed us to use the Wag-N-Train arena for our fieldtrips. It was the perfect option for the day. Now when we have our runs in there, the camera doesn’t perform as well, so photos never turn out crisp. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, from the littlest, Tarby, to the youngest, Morgan, to the biggest, Miss Lilly, and everyone in between – Baloo, Beau, Buster, Buddy, Jake, Missy, Musky, Rebel, Red, and Rock. Everyone finished off the day with a group reading from the Muskegon Chronicle about DSR and the Kidsville News program! Check it out for your self and ask a Welcome Buddy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thurs, Jan 8

Everyone enjoyed the snowy fun. Even Czarina took a good frolic in the snow before she headed to Carol's jacket. Have a great rest of your day and we'll cya'll again tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunny Tuesday, January 6

Today was all about Daycare at the Ranch! 20 was the magic number of the day and that made about 3 playgroups for the day. Now with all the ice all over the parks, we wanted to make sure that everyone had a safe fieldtrip. So instead of using the Star Buddy Park, we took advantage of the Wag-N-Train Arena. That makes our play trips wind and ice free! Because the lighting is not the best in there yet, the camera wasn't used today. The photos come back dark and slightly blurry so until the arena is fully completed, when they run there, we won't have any photos to share... I was able to take some of my Welcome Desk helpers. Show them a treat and they are ready for any photo opt!

We'll got little and work our way up... Today we had Sami and Roo, Sheridan, Boogie, Czarina, Tarby, and Boogie. Candy also went along with these guys. She may not be little (size wise) but she's still a puppy and not ready for the bigger groups. Tarby was definitely happy to be back after spending the holiday time with his family. He was full of energy from the start, and he was ready for his nap after lunch time. Czarina is also getting into the swing of things. She loves her walks, but she really loves being a front office greeter.

Today Missy made a couple new friends that were a lot like her - Red and Rock. The trio joined the brothers of Barkley and Boo for some fun adventures. This group was all about romping, wrestling, followed by a good game of chase. "Catch me if you can..."

Next up we have Buddy, Rebel, Rudy, Harmony, Tristan, Meleny, Baloo, Beau, and Buster. Energy, energy, and more energy is the name of the game for this crew. They were ready to play from their first steps in today and they played hard until their parents came to get them...

Everyone had a fabulous day! Thanx for coming out and enjoying the sunshine with us! Cya tomorrow!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Jan. 5, 2009

Like always, the week started off with a bang of excitement and energy! Each Daystar is so unique and special and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. Today the camera was MIA so I'll tell you all about the special Stars of the Day!
We start our story off with the dynamic duo of Beene and Izzy. These boxer sisters are ready to go, whether it's out in the park with Mom and Dad or in for a day of Daycare. All that matters to them is that they can play and run. Beene made a new pal, Izzy. No, not Izzy her sister. Izzy is a boarding kid that loves to play just as much as they do! Pup Paradise was all theirs...
Chelsea was here today and rearing to go. The only thing on her brain was when can I run, where can I run, and who's gonna run with me! She had a blast and finished her day with a snooze on the couch while she waited for Dad to pick her up...
Copper (not Cooper) meets the description of a young lab... Happy go lucky, ready to play a little Fetchball, and ready to join his friends. He's definitely missing the pond (like so many other Daystars), but we make sure to keep him on his toes...
Czarina is a newbie and what a sweetie! She's a little dachie and it didn't take her long to get into the swing of Daycare. She enjoyed her playtime outside, but I think she enjoyed her quality "lap time" a little more. She's a very sweet girl and we look forward to having you in our Daycare program...
Little Lucy B was right alongside Czarina showing her the way of the Ranch. She had a great time playing out in the park and the wrestling with Tocino continued after they came in. She had another great day and everyone was ready for a nap by the afternoon...
Sammie B is the queen of the front Daycare groups. First it's time saying hello to all my Star Buddies then it's off to the park. After that she returns to her bed in Jen's office to relax the afternoon away. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it...
Morgan is also a newbie here today. She is a weim pup ready to take on the world! She teamed up with Izzy and Beene for some fun. They had it down to a schedule. Play and bounce around then catch some zzzz's and repeat! She did great and we look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful gal...
We also have another fabulous duo here today. Phoebe and Pippi take on the park like a pair of pro's. Being a California gal, Pippi isn't real excited about this winter weather, but she's enjoying herself with her sister. It's always a great day to be a dog!
Thanx for another great day everyone! We'll cya in the morning for more Dacyare fun!
Some General Updates....
Don't forget to pre-order your DSR Red Dingo Tag! Stop by the Wag-On-Inn to view a sample and order one of your very own!
We have lots of training classes starting in January! Enroll your pup today!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Molly Dean!

Happy Birthday to You...

Happy Birthday to You...

Happy Birthday Miss Molly...

Happy Birthday to You!!!

You were definitely the Star of the Day! May you have many more fun filled adventures down the miles of road ahead! Thank you for the yummy goodie bags too. Everyone loved them!

Everyone had a great day! The little guys of Sam and Frodo, Sami and Roo, Boogie, Gilligan, Goliath spend their run time out in the indoor arena and the camera just isn't the best out there so those photos weren't too clear. We'll work on that for the future. But they had a blast running and romping in the sand. Phoebe and Pippi also did their romp in the arena. It's almost as good as the California sand between your toes, right Pippi? The big dogs were able to handle the crisp cold so they bundled up their Star Buddy and out to the parks the go for some Birthday fun with Molly. Thanx for spending your birthday with us...
Reminder: Pre-order your DSR Red Dingo tag today (see the 12/29 entry)! They make fabulous gifts for the favorite dog(s) in your life! We also have lots of training classes starting in January. For more info on those, contact the Wag-On-Inn or send an email to Jen at