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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanx for a Great September!

After all the hoopla from yesterday’s excitement, we enjoyed a mellower Daycare day today. We still had plenty of dogs today with energy to spare. Beauregard and Buster Bluey were here with their housemates Evan and Baloo Bear (I’m telling ya, that’s a tongue twister until you’ve had a couple cups of coffee). Just a reminder to anyone who might be looking for a new canine friend: Baloo Bear and Evan are foster pups and looking for a home to call their own. Their pal, Meleny, was here today along with Lucy, Tristan, and Lorri’s kid, Josie. Josie may be a little terrier, but she knows how to handle the big dogs! This group never disappoints! Any Star Buddy that is able to take these guys out into the parks always leaves with a smile and a sore side from laughing so hard. It did a lot of raining this morning, but by early afternoon, the skies cleared up enough to venture out to the pond. No worries Tristan. It looks like the rain is going to hold off for a while so we can enjoy the parks. Lorri rounded everyone up and off to Cody’s Cove we go with waggin’ tails. The photos will tell the rest of the tail…

It’s almost time to say Good Bye and Good Luck to a very dear friend. Mr. Bo Berge and his family will be moving out of state shortly and today was one of his last Daycare days at the Ranch. He thoroughly enjoyed spending the day helping Jules with her office work and phone calls. We love spoiling the big guy and we are going to miss you, Bo…

We also have some ever special little Daystars here today. Sami, Roo, Adios, and Boogie were able to steal Amber from the Grooming Salon and took off to the Special Use Park. They teamed up with a Tucker Out Special named Baxter. The park was ours for the taking and we made sure that we explored every corner of it. Boogie made sure that he showed Baxter all the good places to “leave is his mark” while Adios was full of energy zigzaggin’ every which way. At one point he forgot to look where he was going and disappeared into a hole that a larger dog must have left behind. No worries… Up pops his head and off he goes again. Sami and Roo just looked at him with questions on their faces and went about exploring the different trees and fallen branches.

We wanted to take some time and thank all of you Daystars and your families. We love being a part of your weekly routine. Each day you bring us loads of smiles and laughs along with waggin’ tails and dirty paws. You continue to make each day a new adventure and for that we thank you. Have a fantastic rest of your day and we’ll be back again tomorrow!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fox 17 WXMI visits Dog Star Ranch Daycare Program

What a special day to start the week! Today all of our Star Buddies were up bright and early, even super duper earlier than normal, to be prepared for our special guest. Pat was here with morning hugs at 5:00am with Amber, Mel, and Tyler right behind him at 6:00am! Tim Doty is the Lifestyle Feature Reporter for Fox 17 WXMI News in Grand Rapids. First of all we want to send out lots of doggie Thanx to Tim and his crew for spending the morning with us. We enjoyed being able to share the Ranch with them. The morning started with Tim taking part in boarding fun with community plays and the feeding schedule and then it was off to the grooming room where an especially dirty Miss Sasha was ready for her close up (and a full-body shake off). Next is where all of us lucky Daystars come into play! The swimmers/active big guys were “chomping at the bit” ready to take on the pond with the cameras rolling. Tyler made sure we were all on our best behavior for the live filming, but all we were focusing on was the ball and the pond!

You know how excited all us little guys are when we are part of the Daycare day! Miss Lorri told us that if we wanted to be TV Daystars that we had to be up on Sheba’s Summit so the camera crew could get a good view after filming the pond swimmers. Sammie B had to make sure she had her stick (her prize trophy) before she headed out. Well, up we run right up to the top of the hill with Mika at the tail of the group, but rather than wait up there for the crew to be ready, we had more fun running around the Star Buddy Park with each other! We may not have been TV Stars, but we are always Stars with our Star Buddies!

Just to let you all know, we are working on a way to post the video clips from the show for those who were unable to see it live. Once we have figured that out, I will let you all know. Thanx.

Again we would like to thank Tim Doty and his crew for spending the morning with everyone at the Ranch. It was a fun opportunity for us to show the workings of the Ranch with the entire Fox 17 families. Tim, you guys are more than welcome to come back and see us next time you are in the Muskegon area. Also as an FYI, Tim and his crew are looking for more jobs to explore and share with everyone. If you are interested in sharing your work environment with the Fox 17 families, check out their website at for more information!

Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF ~ Sept 26

Today was really busy for daycare. Gracie made a new friend named Brutus, he’s one of our boarding dogs, and he loved chasing her around the field while trying to steal the tennis ball from her or trying to lick her muzzle. Samantha really voiced how she loved being here at daycare and a few times she sneaked up on Brutus and Benji to push them into the pond which they didn’t seem to mind. Lilly and Rebel were their usual selves, bouncing all over the pond and raising up on their hind legs to tackle each other into the sand and weeds. Ginger was happy to be back with her more active friends, Chelsea and Benji, and together they all bounced around the pond while picking up sticks as we made our laps. Buddy and Bandit were glad for a trip to the pond and Bandit was even attempting to make 1 sided sand angels. Phoebe and Pippi were happy for their walk but after a few laps they just wanted to relax in the shade and Pippi wanted to chew on some pinecones. Tre and Stella went for a trip to the pond with Hans and everyone was happy for a dip in the cool water; Hans even went swimming today, on his first attempt he splashed around like a fish out of water, but on the 3rd try he was out and swimming like a champ. Every day at the ranch is full of surprises and always exciting.

~ ~ ~For those of you that are looking to be a part of our “Special Guest” Monday, September 29, the Daycare portion of the broadcast will be about 8:20am. If you would like to be involved, make sure your parent’s drop you off before 8:00am. That gives the Star Buddies enough time to formulate the groups based on the guests that we have for the day. Do you want more information about our “Special Guest?” Check out the blog posting titled “Calling all Daystars!!!” from Monday, September 22 or contact the Wag-On-Inn!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Thurday :)

It’s always fun when things don’t always go as planned… Today Mel headed out with the camera in hand to find out the battery had no juice left in it. That being said, no photos were taken to catalog the days events. We’ll just do our best to give you the play by play…

The first group to venture out today with Mel was Kirby, Sadie, Bo, Chelsea, Buddy, Jackson, and Dexter. Now Kirby was set on getting as dirty as possible. He must have known he was headed to the Grooming Salon after his fieldtrip. If he was going to go home clean and sparkling, he was going to make Amber work hard. Sadie and Chelsea definitely followed suite and fully enjoyed rollin’ in the sand and kickin’ up dust as they ran by. As they flew by, Jackson and Dexter decided to join in the chase. Buddy thought he would be sneaky and caught up to them at the other side of the pond. Bo was completely content playing with the ball and wading for a swim as well. The end result was as lot of happy, wet waggin’ tails!

Batting next in the line up is Sophie, Copper, Bode, Sugar, Chip, Bosley, Elf, and Jola. Like always, Jola earns the crown for the sandiest boy! He hits that water for a cool down then follows that up with a thorough roll on his back in the sand. Ah, what a good exfoliation. Keeps the skin looking young… It doesn’t take long and Copper and Sophie join in the wet and wild fun. Mel was definitely thinking ahead and has a pocket full of tennis balls. Bode and Bosley have her complete and full attention… The pond is definitely the “Hot Spot” for our Daystars. You guys are going to be disappointed when it closes down for the winter. Oh, wait, I forgot you also enjoy the mountains of snow that replace it. Let’s not start thinking about snow and enjoy the cool water and beautiful changing fall colors. May be soon we’ll be lucky enough to take a color tour through the Canine Frontier.

-> -> -> For those of you that are looking to be a part of our “Special Guest” Monday, September 29, the Daycare portion of the broadcast will be about 8:20am. If you would like to be involved, make sure your parent’s drop you off before 8:00am. That gives the Star Buddies enough time to formulate the groups based on the guests that we have for the day. Do you want more information about our “Special Guest?” Check out the blog posting titled “Calling all Daystars!!!” from Monday, September 22 or contact the Wag-On-Inn!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 08

Today was quite busy for daycare. Izzy, Ben and Ginger made friends with Baby Rue and together they wrestled all around the field and played tag, weaving around and underneath the other dogs. Chelsea was excited to find Daisy and Kiki here for daycare as they chased each other around the field and took turns stealing the tennis ball from one another. Libby was also excited to be here and would chase the other dogs around the sand hill but then she would have to take a breather for a few laps before she could continue. Rick was glad to be out with the other dogs but couldn’t make up his mind as to who he wanted to play with so he would chase one for a little and then move onto the next dog. Brady was on his best behavior so he got some friends to play with on his run, Rebel, Smokey, Maddie and Sadie and together they had swimming races out to the middle of the pond to retrieve the tennis ball; Sadie even got Brady to briefly play with her but then he wasn’t paying attention and Sadie ran head on into Brady’s side, which they just shook off and continued walking. Tre and Stella went out with Red and Rock and they all played very nice together; Tre and Red enjoyed swimming for the balls while Rock and Stella briefly wrestled and then chased the other 2 into the water. Pippi and Phoebe went by themselves, but they didn’t seem to mind as Pippi just wanted to walk around smelling the flowers and Phoebe chased the tennis ball through the weeds. The day started out as a scorcher and it later cooled down but none of that affected the great times that we had today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tues., Sept. 23

Today was an average day for daycare. Lucy made plenty of friends but she enjoyed playing with Meleny and Jackson the most. Tristan, Josie and Teddy went whipping around the pond after each other and occasionally they would run into the water to splash the other dogs and then they would take off running again. Chelsea was her usual playful self and spent most of the day playing with Meleny but once she realized Jackson had a tennis ball in his mouth her new mission was to obtain it anyway possible. Bling and Benji were quite the pair today as they tackled one another while we walked around the pond and then they would take brief swimming breaks to cool off in the water. Lilly was glad to see Konig as they bounced around the field and Konig would taunt Lilly with whatever stick or ball he could pick up so she would chase him; Later they would body check the other so they could be close enough to get pet as we finished our laps. The Williams gang was on their best behavior and they all took turns playing with Maddie and swimming in the pond; Lilly was hoping to get in on some of the action but her big size accompanied by her huge leaps and play bows scared Evan away. With every passing day friendships are being formed and memories are always waiting around the corner.

Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

What a fabulous way to start the week! Lots of Daystars are here ready for what Daycare adventures lay ahead of them. Everyone was full of energy from the weekend and full of stories to share. It was a race to see who could get to the pond first! It was hard to tell who won. All that could be seen was a giant splish and splash and happy tails in the air. We had Beene, Chelsea, Ginger, Izzy, Jack, Lucy, Rebel, Rock, Sammy B, Maddie, Banjo, and Tristan all ready for some (almost) fall time fun.

Phoebe and Pippi had some Shar Pei style fun with their bud, Buckstar. Phoebe was having too much fun and didn’t want to take the time out of her day for a photo opts, but Pippi was all about it.

Now, let’s never forget the little stars of the day… Sami, Roo, Boogie, Gilly, Mika, along with Kedzie and Maddie were the little office helpers of the day when they weren’t out playing in the parks.

Don’t forget that next Monday we’ll have a special guest! Check out the previous blog entry for the details. To fully be involved, try to come bright and early! Have a great day and we’ll cya tomorrow!

-> Just a reminder to all the parents… You can rest assure that there are NO BUGS IN DAYCARE!
As many of you may be encountering, the flea populations have recently started to show their ugly heads. I wanted to take some time to remind you of our policies when it comes to those pesky critters (and parasites in general). Every dog is check for fleas when they first arrive for any services at the Ranch. If there are any signs of fleas at that point they are then taken to the grooming room for a flea treatment (at the cost of the owner) before they have any interaction with other guests. That way we can ensure that the guests will not get fleas from their time at the Ranch. You can also feel safe knowing that your pup is having a great time at the Ranch and will come home bug free!

Calling all Daystars!!!

Dog Star Ranch invites
Tim Doty with Fox 17 WXMI News

Monday, September 29, Tim Doty will be joining the Dog Star Ranch Team for the morning adventures. Tim is one of the members of the Fox 17 WXMI news team and presents a feature special with the morning newscast. He’ll spend some time with our boarding staff and grooming staff to see the workings behind the scenes and then he’ll head out with our Daystars to take on the parks. The more Daystars the merrier and your pup could be part of the morning news!

They will be live tapings that air at 6:45am, 7:20am, and 8:20am on Monday, September 29.

Tim Doty of FOX 17 WXMI

After spending 14 years on the sports beat Tim has made the move to mornings and presents feature reports every weekday on FOX 17 Morning News. From cooking to the outdoors, to something that might make him look downright silly, Tim is willing to get out and try it. As far as adjusting to the new hours, well, that’s a little tougher!A 1994 graduate of Michigan State University, Tim began his TV career in Alpena, Michigan in 1994, then worked in Lansing before coming to Grand Rapids in 2001. In his spare time he enjoys golf, travel and martial arts.

(Tim’s information was taken from on 9/22/2008)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, Sept. 19

Today was very busy for daycare. Benji made a new friend today named Tucker and they would wrestle around the pond and a few times Benji went rolling down the hill thanks to a friendly nudge from Tucker. Lola and Franklin enjoyed going for a swim in the pond and chasing the other dogs as they ran after the tennis balls. When Lewie wasn’t busy tackling Rebel, he was swimming out to retrieve the tennis ball before Tre, Brady or one of the Duncan boys could get it or he would pick up sticks and throwing them into the air. Koko and Ginger made it back to the ranch and due to Ginger’s injury she was placed with the calmer dogs but she didn’t seem to mind; the soothing pond water allowed her to get some exercise while keeping weight off her injured leg. Bo and Ramsey also made it back in and while Ramsey spent most of the day chasing after the tennis ball, while Ramsey was on an exploration. Can’t forget Lilly and Blackie. They were a couple boarding dogs that joined in the daycare fun. Don’t forget about our office helpers of Sami, Roo, Kora, Mika, Gilligan, Boogie, and a pupstar named Rocco. Even with the week coming to an end, the great times never seem to stop.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, Sept. 18

Today was another perfect day for an adventure down to the pond. Gracie was her usual rambunctious self and ran laps around the other dogs. Cannon did very well on his run and made a new friend named Kiki, they just liked walking next to one another and occasionally they would turn to each other and rub noses. Jackson has discovered a new game he likes to play; he steals the tennis ball from the other dogs and chews on it right in front of them, trying to get someone to chase him for it. Chelsea was also very good on her run and got Kiki to chase her a few times and they had a brief wrestling match in the wet sand. Storm was really happy to see Bosley here at daycare as they bounced all around the pond barking at one another and when Bosley would dive into the pond after the tennis ball, Storm would stand at the water’s edge barking at him and waiting for his return. Jola, Sophie and Copper were all crazy for the ball and would race each other out to the middle of the pond for the tennis balls and then steal it from whoever dropped it on dry land. Daisy enjoyed playing with everyone expect Storm’s loud bark would scare her away but that just made her more determined to try and get Storm to chase her. Kiki did super good and even made friends with Cannon and Elf; she and Elf wrestled for a little but then they turned their sights to Daisy and decided to tag team wrestle her. Brady, Phoebe and Pippi went on their run together and everyone was on their best behavior; Phoebe tried to get Brady to play with her but all his attention was on chasing after the tennis ball so she would wait for him to come back to shore with the ball and then jump all around him and poking him with her nose. Even with the week coming to an end, the fun times never dull down.

Also, Pippi and Phoebe would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to their mom (Phoebe) /grandma (Pippi). She turns... ...tomorrow! Have a great birthday, Sue.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sept 18, 08

Today was excellent weather for daycare and a trip to the pond. Barkley is becoming quite the social butterfly and enjoys playing with everyone. Boo, Rebel and Lewie were a force to be reckoned with and got everyone in the playing mood. Izzy was inseparable from Beene except when Beene went down to the water because Izzy didn’t like being splashed by the other dogs, but she did like dunking her shoulders in the refreshing water when no one was around. Brady became fast friends with Millie, Smokey and Gracie and they enjoyed chasing one another into the pond and stealing tennis balls from each other. Ben and Teddy were happy to see each other in daycare and spent most of the day wrestling in the weeds and even went for a quick swim together. Stella and Tre went down to the pond with Red and Rock; Tre and Red thoroughly enjoyed swimming after the tennis balls and Stella and Rock just enjoyed swimming/dunking in the cool water. Pippi and Phoebe went on their walk with Buck and Pippi did very well but after a few laps Pippi just wanted to roll around in the grass and take a nap. We definately took advantage of the perfect summer weather.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sept. 16, 08

Today was fairly busy for daycare. Sami and Roo went off on their own adventure, running up and down the sand hill and all over the park. All the bigger dogs were able to be in one big play group and everyone did very well playing together. Meleny was going around and giving everyone a turn to play with her and taunted most everyone with a ball in her mouth, daring them to try and take it. Lewie and Buster played very well together; they would run right next to one another, growling and barking and if Buster nudged Lewie at the right time, he would loose his balance and tumble over himself and Buster would jump on top and wrestle him into the wet sand. Chelsea, Gracie and Meleny took turns chasing each other up and down the dirt hill at the pond and when they reached the water’s edge they would quickly splash in and then take off running again. Konig did excellent in the group and even made friends with Jack; Konig would pick up his leash and swing it around in circles till Jack would try and take it and then the chase was on. Milo was at first not very happy that there were bigger dogs out there but after pouting on the hill while we did a few laps, he came down to join the pack and made friends with Josie and Tristan and forgot all about the others. Finn was perfectly happy just chasing the tennis ball as long as it didn’t involve swimming to go get it but occasionally Chelsea would beat him to the ball and he would have to follow her around till she dropped it so he could steal it back. Josie was right at home with the big dogs and even managed to wrestle Konig down a few times. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed getting to play with each other.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15 2008

It was great today. Not a lot of us here but we still had a really good time.

Phoebe played with a couple boarding dogs during her play time then went out with her sister PiPi when it was her turn to kick up her paws. Phoebe is still teaching PiP about the park and shows her something new each time they are out.

Brady, Sam, Emma, Lilly, Lucy, Izzi, Beene, Benji, Chelsea and Phoebe W. all went out together and had a great time at the pond, not much swimming went on for most of them but they did a lot of digging.

Rock & Red enjoyed their time with Kevin, unfortunately the picture of them did not turn out today, we will have to try next time. They weren't too upset about the picture because they hate to stand still for it anyway which is why it didn't turn out in the first place. If that makes sense... their family will understand.

Miss Trixie went out to play with some of the boarding dogs and of course was the bell of the ball.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept 12, 08

Today was not that bad for a Friday. Meggy did very well today in her group and actually socialized with Sam and Chelsea. Benji was happy to be here and had a blast with Chelsea; they ran around like they were attached at the shoulder and tumbled down the sand hill together. Reggie went with the gang then was called in for a beauty treatment, the picture is post groom, handsome right? Simone helped out quite efficently in the office. Tucker and Goldie were pals for the day and were a constant combination of play bows and tackles into the wet sand, which made Benny a little jealous till Molly came over to play with him. Gilbert and Makers just took it easy today and were satisfied just calmly walking around the pond and going for a nice dunk in the water. Gracie was her usually self and blew everyone away when chasing the tennis ball on either land or water but when she wasn’t doing that she was just walking around chewing on her tennis ball. Phoebe and Pippi made it down to the pond today; Phoebe enjoyed a nice shoulder dunk while Pippi was not too fond of going anywhere near the water because Phoebe splashed her when we first made it down there. Lewie made it back in today and Rebel couldn’t have been happier, they are like 2 peas in a pod and always enjoy tackling each other. Even with the threat of rain we managed to have some really good times.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept. 11 08

September 11, 2008

Remembering those who lost their lives on 911!

It was a beautiful day; we can feel a chill coming which we all know by now means that we better enjoy every single minute in the pond that we can... SO WE DID!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Fun had by All :)

Today was surprisingly mellow for a Wednesday. We were glad to see some old faces that haven’t been back at the ranch for awhile. Sage was welcomed back by Lilly with plenty of kisses and made a friend out of Bosley; she was not as skittish as when she first came here and her interactions with both dogs and people have greatly improved, the socialization has really helped her come out of her shell. Dexter was his usual goofy self and along with being quite the social butterfly, he found a new game he likes to play; he hides in the water troughs in the play yards and waits for the others to come near and then WHAM! He pounces on them, drenching the unsuspecting sap foolish enough to come too close. Izzie came in with her big sis, Beene, and she couldn’t have had a better friend for the day then Baby Rue; they were a constant blur of fur and puppy barks till it came time to take a nap but as soon as one would wake it was on like Donkey Kong all over again. Jake also made it back in and Kona was his pal for the day, they took turns chasing one another around the park. Kiki was super excited to get here this morning and couldn’t wait to get in the building; she was really a lot better than when she first came to us but she was still a little afraid of the others and wouldn’t generally leave Daisy’s side but she did play with Chelsea, Dexter and Beene, with a little more socialization here at the ranch she’ll be out there making her own friends in no time. It’s always exciting to see some old faces in the mix and the socialization will help build your lovable fuzzy family member’s confidence.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Daycare Fun on Tuesday, Sept. 9

Today was a very busy day. Meleny was a social butterfly as always but she took a special liking to Barkley; they tumbled all over one another and Barkley even thought it would be funny to nibble her on the butt (and to nibble my butt) and boy did she jump the first time he did it but after that she would just try to sit on his head. Cannon did very well in his group and actually made a friend named Tristan; he didn’t really want to play tag or to tackle Tristan, he just wanted to be chased and have someone to bark with. Sammy and Beau were just happy to get a chance to go fishing and practiced herding the fish toward the shore so they could scare them and watch them scatter. Lucy and Chelsea were quite the duo for the day, they chased each other along the water’s edge and Lucy would cover Chelsea’s muzzle with kisses when they had to stop for a break. Pippi and Phoebe were excellent together on their run and are becoming a very strong pack. With the summer days coming to an end, we’re all out there trying to squeeze every last memory we can from the precious time left till the leaves begin to change color and the snow comes blowing in.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's another rainy Monday at DSR

Well the rain is back for another day and we are just going to have to continue with a vacation for the camera for another day. We thought we would start you week off with a little humor and some fun cartoons just to make you smile. I decided to give my brother a break and write the journal for today. We had a great group of dogs here today. Everyone was rough and tough and ready to play! Today the little guys included Aggie, Pookey, Jack (even though we know that you aren’t a little dude, you love to play with them), Boogie, and Izzy. Izzy also made a new best pal. We have a 16 week old Border Collie gal staying with us named Baby Rue and she was instantly pals with Izzy. They even cuddled and snuggled on the couch together. Ahhh. These guys had a blast though. We were able to get you out and get you dirty before all the rain started falling. No worries Miss Pookey. You’ll look fabulous by the end of the day. You’re off to see the groomer next. Then we also have Toby, Rebel, Beenie, Max, Banjo, Chelsea, Brady, Sammie B, and Red. These dogs know how to play! They all got dirty and wet playing and romping down at the pond. That’s the way to have a great day of Daycare. Buck and I were also in the mix lovin’ the weather right along side all of you. We also had the dynamic duo of Pippi and Phoebe giving us a double dose of Shar pei fun. They had a great day enjoy the park together. By the time the rain came in the afternoon everyone was ready for a good, relaxing nap. Gotta love that couch in the Luxury Loft! Well, for now I’m off to snooze, but we’ll see you all again in the morning. Thanx for another great day!

…signing off for the day is Miss Sasha

Friday, September 5, 2008


It looks like Friday has reached us again this week. The rain is still a question of the day so we didn’t want to put the camera at risk, but we’ll make sure to tell you all about our adventures even if we can’t show you the photos! We’ll start with our little companions of the day (although, I don’t think they know that they are little). They are some of my favorite visitors. Sammie B is always here bright and early. She was shortly followed by my boys, Goliath and Boogie, with Miss Lucy B right behind them. They joined a familiar pal that’s boarding with us, Sheridan. Onward and outward we go! No worries guys, you can get as dirty as you want. The puddles are mostly gone, but there is loads of sand and mud ready for your enjoyment. Next we are going to break up our larger Daystars into a couple groups since there are so many of us here. The four Duncans (KC, Makers, Gilbert, and Tucker) are ready to start the day at full speed. KC is moving so fast that he doesn’t even want to wear is collar any more! (Don’t worry. Lorri found it in one of the community yards.) So for the first group, let’s look at Chelsea, Lewie, Rusty, Gracie, the Duncans times four, Rebel, and Sophie. Sophie is normally a Thursday kid, but she’s boarding with us and eager to make some new friends. Rusty is also boarding with us and doing Daycare today. Mel is here and rounds ‘em up. The only place that they want to go is the pond. Man, I’m worried about what we will do come winter when the pond is frozen over. Those are always sad times… But let’s not think about that for now because we’ve got plenty of time to enjoy the water before we get to romp in the snow. Rebel and Lewie instantly pair off and play tag around and through the middle of the pond. Rusty loved jumping in then rolling in the sand. “It’s good for my fur coat.” Fetch anyone? Well, that was a given! Everyone gathers round as the balls start flying! The recipe for this happy group includes plenty of water, ample amounts of sand and dirt (mud can also be substituted here), an unlimited supply of tennis balls, and one Day Buddy to keep the “ball rollin’.” Next at bat, we have Sammy P and his little bro, Teddy, Cannon, Benji, Bella, Elf, Meggy, Molly, and a Tucker Out named Coco Beane. These stars love to play, but may not be as rambunctious as the previous group. They are still just as driven to have fun and enjoy the day. With the same destination as the fellow Day Stars, we start the fieldtrip off with some splashes, splooshes, and kerplunks. Cannon loves to swim almost as much as he loves to explore. With his nose to the ground he takes off to make sure he knows everyone who’s been to the pond today. Sammy P was tied for first in the water with Benji. Benji may still be a pup, but he truly runs with the big dogs. We also have Elf in the mix ready to play in the sand with Coco Beane. Bella and Teddy team up for a competitive game of Fetch. Teddy may be the smallest of this group, but he sure doesn’t know it. It’s time to take a look at the “Mammoths of the Day.” Bosley has always been one of the tallest Daystars that we see at the Ranch, but Belle and her brother, Zeus, were not very far behind. All three of these guys LOVE the water followed by a digging session or roll around in the sand. Nothin’ feels better than being cool and dirty. Rock and Red also joined us today with one thing on their mind – fetching anything and everything! The Day Buddies just couldn’t throw the balls fast enough! They would stop occasionally for a swim, but then decided to combine the two and fetch into the water. Now that’s using your noodle! Miss Phoebe is also here ready for another day. She’s been such a trooper doing so much Daycare and training to help get to know her new sister. Today she took more of a lazy day to relax and enjoy some one on one time with her buds and sister. All in all, it was a fantastic day! I always love to see all your smiling faces and waggin’ tails. Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya next week! Now off to the tub Lewie, Goliath, Molly, Benji, and Coco Beane. Your parents want you to sparkle and shine! We also have some pedicures lined up for KC, Makers, Gilbert, Tucker, and Gracie. Everyone likes to look their best... ~ Buckstar~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain was the topic of the day...

Today was a fairly slow day and the weather is probably to blame for it. It rained and rained and rained some more. Due to the amount of rain that was falling down, we didn't take the camera around today. Kendal Bear and Chelsea were good pals today; Kendal was following Chelsea around waiting for her to chase either her or the ball and then once she was caught she would jump around Chelsea in a circle and/or wrestle her to the ground in whatever puddle was closest. Copper and Tre had a blast running through and splashing in the puddles as they chased the tennis ball all over the field. Jackson was quite the social butterfly and got everyone worked up in his group and played with them all but he preferred to play with Zeus; they wrestled pretty much nonstop and Jackson would jump onto Zeus’ head and put him in a head lock then Zeus would try to wiggle out of it. Musky was not too fond of being out in the rain, but that didn’t stop him from interacting with the others and playing under the cover of the trees. Molly and Belle enjoyed just walking next to each other and brief play time with their fellow run mates. Even with the almost constant rain today, fun times were had by all and new friendships were formed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain or No Rain, that is the question of the day...

Well, today was another fantastic day for our Daystars! We want to give you all the scoop right from the doggies mouth! All the Star Buddies kept checking in with some “weather radar” thingy. I guess we were supposed to get some rain today, so they wanted to make sure that we fully enjoyed ourselves outdoors before the rain came. I don’t think the Star Buddies realized that no matter where we are when we are at the Ranch, we will always make our own fun, even on a rain day! Today the number of Daystars actually outnumbered the amount of boarding guests! Everyone is getting back to school so we are able to come and enjoy some daycare fun. Today it was a party of the Bichons! We had Gigi, Sophie, Sam, and Frodo starting the day off with white paws that shortly turned to black… Sophie and Gigi then spend some time in the spa to make sure that they were white again by the time they needed to go home. Sami, Roo, Aggie and Boogie also enjoyed the Bichon party too! Then we have Cannon, Sammy and Teddy P, Ginger, Josie, Sam B, Soupcan, Beenie and Izzy, and Hilde. Hilde had a bit of an ouchy foot today so we let her get the royal treatment and some extra pampering rather than a huge romp. She definitely appreciated being the princess for the day. Sammy P was also on a mission to catch those fish. He was soooo close and he just kept on trying. Sammy B was on her own personal mission. “This is my stick and I’m going to keep my eye on it very closely…” Ya know, I don’t think anyone ever told Teddy that he was a little dog. He was headed out to the middle of the pond fetching the tennis ball right along with the best of them! Everyone enjoyed a good exploration… Our pal, Soupcan Pete was able to come out and enjoy his last day in Michigan at the Ranch. Tomorrow he’s a travelin’boy and headed to his new home in New York. Best of luck to you pal. Next on the list is the more active group. You know who you are… That would be Smoke, Chelsea, Dexter, Rebel, Musky, Belle, Zeus, and myself. We were so excited to be in the pond that there was no way we were coming out of there. Get wet, roll around in the sand, playing fetch… What more could we ask for?! Phoebe was also here for Daycare today, but it wasn’t a normal day for her. She’s been working with the trainer to get to know her new sister. Things seem to be coming around well with that. All in all, it was a great day! There were so many of us here that the party just never ended. I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow so we can make some new adventures…

~ Buckstar (and my sister, Sasha, too)
P.S. I wanted to make sure we all sent out happy thoughts. One of our Daycare pals, Colton the collie, hasn't been feeling so well. He's going in for some serious medical procedures and I thought it would help if we all send out happy thoughts and prayers his way.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday, September 2

Today was a really slow day for daycare. Lilly, Bosley and Rebel were super excited to be together and tackled each other nonstop throughout the day. Musky and Lucy were quite the couple; Musky would stand shoulder deep in the pond and bark at Lucy while she swam around in the deeper parts and then Lucy would run on shore to lick his muzzle and pounce around him. Meleny was being a social butterfly and played with everyone in her group. Elf really enjoyed playing keep away from Meleny with the stick she had pulled out of the ground. Chelsea made a new friend today named Nui; they had a blast chasing the tennis ball together till Nui decided it would be funny to play bite her on the butt after she stole the ball needless to say, she didn’t think it was that funny. Beau was content with swimming around the pond with a ball in his mouth trying to squeak the broken squeaker inside it. Despite the low turn out for today, we had fun and everyone had friends to play with.