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Friday, August 29, 2008

It was a great Friday! Have a Happy Labor Day!

Today was a fairly busy day for daycare. Rebel was glad to see the Duncan gang was here (Tucker, Makers, Gilbert, and Kc) and immediately ran to their yard and asked to be let in. Emma was super excited to be back in daycare and couldn’t wait for the pond; she blew everyone away on both land and water when she was chasing the tennis ball. Zeus and Sheriff were both happy to see Daisy Duke and they kept taking turns tackling her and wrestling all in the grass. Chelsea and Daisy have become quite the dynamic duo and are almost inseparable as they run around the pond. Meg was actually not clinging to the fence most of the time and came down to be social and play with the other dogs. Everyone was on their best behavior today and they all had plenty of buddies to play with.
Also Happy...
We hope that you all have a great Labor Day weekend. Reminder, Monday the Wag-on-Inn will be closed and there will be no Daycare on Monday, Sept. 1. Regular Daycare will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

We had a jolly ol' time today with our best friends.
We also celebrated Roo's birthday... Thanks for the
treats Roo.

DSR and Canine Parvovirus Type 2c

Dog Star Ranch and Canine Parvovirus Type 2c

The general public has been made aware of a newer strain of the Canine Parvovirus, known has Type 2c (CPV 2c), that has affected the Kent County Humane Society. All of us at Dog Star Ranch would like you to know that we will continue to provide all the services that we always have. Dog Star Ranch has always put the health of our guests as priority one, and there has been no indication of this virus. We have always taken the necessary precautions to keep the Ranch clean and healthy. Every dog is health checked upon arrival. If a dog does not seem healthy enough to stay with us, we recommend that they see their veterinarian. The best thing that you can do as a proactive owner is to continue with your dog’s regular schedule. That is the only way that you will be able to see if something is not right with your dog. If you are noticing any lethargy or that your dog is “just not himself” it is best to keep your dog at home and contact your veterinarian. If you have any further questions regarding CPV 2c, contact your veterinarian. Also feel free to contact Dog Star Ranch to further discuss what we are doing here to be proactive against the virus.

August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27, 08

Well, we had a blast today. One of the funniest things we saw was Beene giving her sister a lesson in jumping as high as she can. Izzy wasn't all that interested but Teddy was because we all know how much he loves to jump. Sheriff hung out with this group today and did quite well. Cannon is still getting used to the whole Daycare thing and is taking things easy. Ginger tried to teach Ben how to stick out his tounge but Ben is a gentleman and wouldn't be caught doing that. Hilde sat back and watched the lessons, thinking to herself "they could be doing something so much more fun, like stroll around with Sugar, Smokie, Gracie, and Jack". Elf had a good ol' time with Chelsea, Dexter, and Bella. Rebel, Sammy, Rusty, and Bosley played so hard that Bos actually laid down and took a breather (with his ball). Mean while Miss Phoebe basked in the afternoon sun while laying on the picnic table after her walk of course. It is hard to see Chelsea in the picture but we all know she was there because they turned out so BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, Aug 26

Today wasn’t that bad for daycare turn outs and the weather was perfect. Zeus and Belle made friends with Benny and Goldie; Benny and Goldie were a little unsure at first but after Zeus let them know he just wanted to play it was all gravy. Meleny and Sheriff were quite the couple this afternoon; he immediately had a connection to her and that bond grew down at the pond as they wrestled in the sand and bolted around the water. Buster and Evan were startled at first to find Lilly the great Dane out with them, but once they got over her size and saw she was just a big puppy, they couldn’t help but to jump all over her and play keep away with the sticks lining the shore. Stella got to play with her friends Red and Rock today; Red and Stella really hit it off and were chasing one another around the park and stealing sticks from each other’s mouths. Even as summer draws to a close, we’re still making the best of everyday and always on the look out to make new friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, 8/25/2008

And the Daystars of the day are…

Banjo, Beenie and her sister, Izzy, Bo B, Chelsea, Conner (a newbie), Ginger, Hilde, Kacy, Kirby, Rebel, Phoebe, and Sammie B! What a perfect combination for a fun day! Today a lot of our boarding dogs joined into the Daycare fun. The more the merrier! Sam and Izzy joined the medium sized mellow kids of Ernie, Gus, Bailey, Epi, and Maddie (okay, Maddie is a Great Dane pup, but she has a very mild personality.). Rebel, Beenie, Bo B, and Banjo met up with Stella, Mac, Copper, and Abby. To the pond anyone?! Star Buddy Gretchen was the Day Buddy for the day and both groups were able to enjoy a smooth dip in Cody’s Cove. Nothin’ beats the humidity like the pond!
Also wanted to remind you, we are getting close to the "Last Call" for Labor Day Boarding...

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Staff behind the Star!

We wanted to take this opportunity to fully introduce you to the staff behind the Star!

ALEX BODENBERG ~ Alex is a Cabin Buddy who has been with the Ranch since August of 2008. Alex is in high school right now with hopes of being a veterinarian. She loves animals and she wanted some experience to help her when she does apply to vet school. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the different dogs while she is cleaning their rooms. Alex lives in Whitehall and attends Muskegon Catholic Central. She has three dogs of her own along with a rescued kitten and seven horses. Alex currently shows her horse, Ziggy, with the Whitehall Equestrian Team. When she graduates from high school she plans to attend MSU. Working at the Ranch is Alex’s first job and it is giving her experience for the roads ahead.

AMBER FROST ~ Amber is our groomer in the Grooming Salon. She has been with the Ranch since March of 2008. Prior to the Ranch she was grooming in the Grand Haven area. Amber was in search of a fun working environment and exciting new opportunities which led her to the Ranch. She loves to see how excited all of the dogs are to be here. There are so many different ways for them to enjoy themselves. Amber has always worked with animals ever since she was 15 years old. She worked at a zoo, horse farms, veterinarian clinics, and then found her niche in grooming. She worked as a mobile pet groomer and a dog grooming instructor. Amber has a 5 year old daughter named Madison that is just as much of an animal nut as she is. She has a mastiff named Tank that enjoys coming with her to work for some Daycare fun.

ANALYN HLADKI ~ Ana is a Star Buddy and Bathing Assistant here at the Ranch. She has been with the Ranch for two years. Her father pushed her in our direction because of her love of dogs. Ana’s favorite part is being involved in bathing dogs. She enjoys being able to help them look beautiful in their own way. Ana is 17 years old and grew up in Muskegon. She loves just about every sport there is. Her favorite pet was her family’s golden retriever named Gypsey. Ana plays tennis for Reeths Puffer High School and she is on their yearbook committee.

CAROL YARNOLD ~ As many of you already know, Carol is the owner, operator, and overseer of all Ranch operations. Dog Star Ranch has been a picture in Carol’s head since she was a young adult. With the support of fantastic family, friends, business community, and a great staff it has become a reality. Carol feels very blessed to be a part of this majestic place. She has so many favorite aspects of the Ranch that it was impossible to list just one. It’s so great to meet all the dogs and being able to see them transform and enjoy their stay in so many different ways. We catch ourselves talking for the dogs as well when they are out with their new friends and playing with the old ones (Come on, you know you’ve all done that too). It is also a wonderful feeling to have the human customers appreciate our commitment to all the dogs. The love of Carol’s life is her family (Pat ~ husband, Cayla ~ daughter) and her family in the White Lake Area. Growing up here, she always thought it felt so small. So she moved away to California for a year then off to Seattle, Washington, for seven years. Seattle is where Carol met Pat and started their life together. After the birth of their daughter, Cayla, they moved back to Michigan so she could be raised around family. This is when she realized that Whitehall really isn’t that small, it’s just right. They now have six dogs who are also Ranch employees (BoDean, Buckstar, Sasha, Gilligan, Mika, and Kora), two horses (Rosie and Misty), and four bison that go by Ozzie, Sharon, Kelly, and Mandy (a.k.a. the Osborns).

CAYLA YARNOLD ~ Cayla has been with the Ranch since the very early stages. She helped her parents, Carol and Pat, put the building blocks together to bring us to where we are now. She can be found many days helping as a File/Phone Buddy (Welcome Buddy in training… hehe) and sometimes she even has a chance to take out a couple Star Buddy Walks. Sometimes she ends up doing jobs that are not her favorite (such as filing), but she always does so with a smile. Cayla enjoys helping at the front desk and having “puppy duty” as often as possible. Cayla currently attends Whitehall High School. She has one dog (Kora) and one kitty (Lovett). Cayla is an artist in her own right. She plays, writes, and performs her own music with her guitar. She is an addict of McDonalds. From Cayla’s own words… “I have the coolest family ever!”

GRETCHEN LANGLOIS ~ Gretchen joins the team as a Star Buddy and Star Bather in the grooming salon. Her true passion is working with animals and she has been with the staff for about two months. Her favorite part of the Ranch can be found in the depths of the Grooming Department. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning the new trade and helping dogs to look and feel their best. Gretchen has grown up in Muskegon and lived here her whole life. She currently has horses, a cat, and a dog. She loves to trail ride and camp with her horses.

JEN HUTCHISON ~ Jen is the one in “lock down” behind the front desk. She is a Welcome Buddy who is able to meet and greet all those coming to the Ranch, both canine and human. Jen has been with the Ranch since the K-9 Rodeo in 2005. She grew up in Spring Lake then went to MSU to study Animal Science. Prior to arriving at the Ranch, she worked for a local vet clinic as a veterinary assistant. Jen’s favorite part of the job is being able to share all the wonderful sides of the Ranch and be able to see how it changes the lives of the dogs. It’s such a great feeling to hear all the happy stories from people about their dog’s experiences at the Ranch. She also loves having all her “little helpers” with her at the front desk. It wouldn’t be the same without them. Animals have always been her passion and her hobby. Jen is the oldest of four (two brothers and one sister). Her family has always been her rock, foundation, and motivation. She currently has two dogs (Sadie and one of Carol’s Chins, Boogie), two horses (Lotta and Ana), and an old bunny (Daisy).

JULIE RESCIGNO ~ Ah, what can be said about Jules… She has been with the Ranch since it was just an idea at the drafting table with Carol and Pat. She truly is the Jules of all trades. She does the graphic art and design. Those fabulous signs around the parks, fliers that are out in circulation, the Dog-Gone-Waggin,’ and the webpage are all Jules. She can be found in all aspects of the Ranch; Carol’s assistant, Welcome Buddy, Star Buddy, Grooming Buddy, Cabin Buddy, Dog-Gone-Waggin’ driver, Star photographer (Jules, did I forget anything?)… Jules has a wonderful husband, 3 great children, 3 grandkids (who call her by Mia since Grandma is not allowed), two bulldogs, and an Adios! Jules is very close with her family and considers her children and grandchildren more like friends. Jules also LOVES spaghetti! She married an Italian just so she could eat it all the time!

JILL STRASZHEIM ~ Jill is one of our Star Buddies and do everything buddy also taking on college life. She has been with the Ranch for a little over a year. Prior to working with the team, her dog, Libbi, was a regular Ranch guest. She had always wanted to go through the “Employee Only” gates and spend her days working with all the dogs. Jill’s favorite part of the job is that no matter what they always have fun. The people are easy going and make even a bad day turn into a good one. Jill has one happy Lab and two younger sisters. Her youngest sister and her share a birthday exactly six years apart. Jill enjoys going to the beach, playing volleyball, and scrap booking. She is currently going to GVSU to study nursing and hopes to someday work at Devos Children’s Hospital specializing in pediatric nursing. While she is in school, Jill will continue to visit with us during holidays and her off time. Best of luck to you!

KEVIN KINKER ~ Kevin is a Star Buddy and Training Buddy. He has been with the Ranch for nearly one month. He had looked to the Ranch because of the traffic of dogs that came through the doors. He has also been given the opportunity to help dogs and their owners get the most of their pets. Kevin’s favorite aspect of the job is to be part of such a caring staff. All the staff at the Ranch put the guests as their first priority. He is also giving the opportunity to train dogs of all sizes, from the little guys all the way to the big dogs. Kevin’s hometown is Owosso. He traveled to Florida to enroll in the American Marine Institute then off to Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City where he received his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement. Following his education he worked for the Traverse City Police Department and Eisen Faust Kennels training police and protection canines. Kevin has been training since he was 15 years old and started with general manners and obedience. He began doing the police and protection training about 5 years ago. Kevin sees so many opportunities at the Ranch and it will take the input of our members and guests to provide all things big or small to our canine companions. So feel free to speak up and let you voice be heard. Share you thoughts with us so we can continue to improve life at the Ranch.

KYLE GOUDREAU ~Kyle is a Star Buddy at the Ranch and he has been with us for about two months. Kyle recently returned to Michigan from being in the Navy for six years and was looking for a job that he would enjoy. He truly enjoys being able to make dogs happy after so many years of them doing the same for him. Kyle has a Brittany spaniel named Karma. She is a huge part of the family and she took care of Kyle’s parents while he was away with the Navy.

LORRI KELLER ~ Lorri came to us to help the growth and well-being of our Grooming Department and became so much more. She has been a Certified Master Groomer since 2002 and has earned several awards for her grooming accomplishments. There is also another side to Lorri. She was the manager of the Paragon School of Pet Grooming. She ran her own home based business for a number of years and was also the Field Salon Manager for a pet superstore within a three state area. Lorri is currently putting her management skills to work as the manager of the Star Buddies and Cabin Buddies departments at the Ranch. This September will mark her second anniversary at the Ranch. Lorri came to the Ranch in hopes of finding an environment that was committed to the total care of its pet guests. Her favorite part is making each one of our guests have the best time possible and watching them enjoy themselves. Lorri is a wife and mother of three. She lives with her family and a Standard Poodle, an American Cocker Spaniel, a Welsh Terrier, and two cats.

MEGAN RIELLY ~ Megan is a newer Cabin Buddy that has been with the Ranch since August of 2008. She is currently a high school student in the Whitehall district. She currently enjoys being able to help in the care and upkeep of all the canine guests.

MELANIE KINNUCAN ~ Mel is a Star Buddy who has been here for about two months. It is Mel’s true love of animals, especially dogs, that has brought her to the Ranch. She will always have dogs in her life and have a special relationship with them. Mel truly enjoys being able to play with all the dogs out in the parks, especially the pond. It’s so much fun to watch the dogs having so much fun themselves! Mel has three children that attend Reeths Puffer. She has a Bull Mastiff named Zoe. Zoe is three years old and definitely the baby of the family.

NICK BURNHAM ~ Nick joins the Ranch as a Cabin Buddy. He has been with the Ranch for a few weeks and it is his love of animals that has brought him here. Each day is a new adventure and Nick enjoys the fact that he can spend his day being around all the dogs. He has one brother and two dogs. He enjoys spending his time outdoors doing all sports and hiking. Soccer was his favorite and rather than accept a scholarship to FIU, he opted to stay in the area and join the Ranch team.

PAT YARNOLD ~ Pat is a unique feature of the Ranch. He and Carol were the master minds behind the idea of the Ranch. Together they pursued the dream. As Carol puts it “She sees it and Pat builds it.” Now that the dream is here and a reality, Pat plays a vital roll in its upkeep. He does a lot of work to keep the land and the property looking its best. He also fixes everything that we break in our day to day routine (except the computers…) and for that we thank you. He is also one of the familiar faces behind the steering wheel of the Dog-Gone-Waggin.’ We definitely would not be here without this dynamic team of Carol and Pat! Pat’s family (other than Carol and Cayla) are located in Memphis, Tennessee. There is another side of Pat that you may not know about. He is very musical. He writes and plays his own music. He won the Jimmy Dean True Value Talent contest for the state of Michigan when he was in the country band “Tuscon.” Cayla also shares Pat’s musical talent and Pat enjoys spending time with Cayla on her many musical adventures that take her all over. Pat also enjoys tending to the “Home Star” and all of its many critters (dogs, horses, and bison).

TYLER AVIANO ~ Tyler is a Day Buddy and cares for all the Daycare dogs. He has been with the Ranch for five months. He moved out to Michigan from Anaheim, California, with wedding plans at hand and looking for a new start with his fiancĂ©. He had been involved in a dog care facility in California which led him to continue caring for dogs at the Ranch. Tyler grew up in Escondido, California, and later moved to Anaheim to be with his soul mate. He has a dog (Daisy) and a cat (Maggie Moo). Daisy loves to play with anyone who wants to play with her. Maggie is a cat that thinks she is a dog. She drools, plays fetch, and even knows a few tricks. Tyler’s goal is to become a dog trainer. That way he may be able to help find homes for dogs living in shelters that might otherwise be put down.
~ This has also been sent to all those on our email listings. Enjoy! ~

Welcome to a Friday Daycare Day!

August 22, 2008 ~ Today was very busy for daycare. Rebel and Lewie were excited to see each other as always and they made a new friend named Murphy. Sadie and Gracie were pals for the day and they enjoyed jumping around each other in circles while barking. Loeka was a little timid at first but Tristan helped work him out of it and soon they were jetting around the pond and in the water. Tucker had a visible crush on Daisy and was tailing her around like a love sick pup, waiting for a chance to cover her muzzle in kisses. Stella, Phoebe and Daisy were quite the little trio today; Daisy would wait in the brush for one of the 2 to walk by and then pounce on them. Brady has really improved in his behavior and went out with Daisy and Buck; He chased his tennis balls all over the field and even let Daisy lick his face/ tennis ball and when his tennis balls would get all covered in his drool he would rinse it off a puddle. Despite the thunderstorm earlier in the day, we all had fun and we made a few new friends.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Camera is back in business!

Today wasn’t very busy for daycare so we mixed in some boarding dogs and let the fun times roll. Sarah was excited to see everyone again and covered them all with kisses and wrestled in the tall weeds with Buddy, Izzy and Chelsea. Colton and Jackson made a new friend named Khyel; when they weren’t busy trying to get a good rub down, they would play bow and jump up onto their hind legs and grapple with each other. Buddy was feeling extra spunky today and made friends with Diesel and Morgan, together they helped get everyone in the chasing mood and had a train of dogs chasing them around the park. Phoebe was reunited with Konig and even got to help with his manners training. Despite today’s low numbers we still managed to have fun and make sure everyone had some friends to play with.

Sand in the camera is not good for photos...

Wed, Aug 20 ~ Well, we had a bunch of photos to share, but then there was an "oops" and the camera fell in the sand. The camera is up and workin,' but the photos were lost...
Today was quite a busy day for daycare. Rebel, Smokey and Lilly were glad to be back together and spent a good portion of the day chasing one another and wrestling in the dirt. Lucy B and Daisy hit it off from the start, licking each other’s muzzles and running at high speeds around the pond. Beene was eager to be back in the swing of things and brought her little sister Izzie back for a visit; they were quite the tag team, playing with Ben, Teddy, Elf and Tristan. Stella was on her best behavior today and had an excellent time just chasing her brother, Tre, around the pond while trying to steal the tennis balls out of his mouth. Storm and Bosley were together again and they made some new friends, Diesel and Morgan; once they were out in the field, it was just a series of play bows, jumping up into the air and mass wrestle mania. Despite the busy atmosphere, everyone was able to take time to have fun and enjoy the day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008

Today was a beautiful day and a nice one for daycare. Phoebe and Jack chased each other around the park till Phoebe became too tired/bored and then they walked around together. Lucy G and Copper were glad to be reunited; they expressed that feeling by covering each other with kisses this morning and tackling each other out in the field. Chelsea wasn’t able to go to the pond today because of an ear infection but that didn’t stop her from making a new friend named Diesel; they chased after the ball together and when Chelsea would roll around on top of the tennis ball Diesel would stand over her puzzled as to why she was doing that. Keelie, Meleny, Lucy B, Kona and Buster were mostly just a blur of fur as they wrestled along the edge of the water as well as in it. Jackson decided his girlfriend for the day was Lucy B and when she wasn’t busy in her tag team match, she was jumping around with Jackson and running around with a ball in her mouth, playing keep away from him. The weather couldn’t have been better for such a wonderful day of daycare.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The end of a Monday...

It's always a fabulous way to end the day of Daycare with a nice cruise in the convertible... Just ask Rock and Red, but don't forget your shades. Gotta love smooth to ride in style...

It's a sunny Monday

Hey, it’s another day… What can I say about our fabulous Daycare Stars of the Day…

Aggie, Goliath, and Boogie were the little dudes of the day. Out in the park we go to romp and play then back to help Jen at the Welcome Desk. You know she can’t run the desk without our help! We had an old boy named Buster that was helping us too. It’s always so much fun to meet and greet and share our stories too…

Rebel, Buck, Bo, Banjo, Chelsea, Ginger, and Sam venture out into the parks with Lorri. A sea of blonde is all that could be seen in Cody’s Cove. Lorri wished she could join in the swimming fun and cool off, but the pond is just for the canines… All the dogs wanted to do was swim and swim some more! They had Lorri laughing so hard as they swam every which way. It was time to head out and dry off and Bo just looked at her like “Not gonna happen!” And you know Chelsea had a thing or two to say about that! “Leave the pond??? Are you crazy!”

Crazy, that Chelsea doesn’t know crazy until she runs and plays with the Aussies! Rock and Red shared some bonding time with a newer Star Buddy named Nick. Fetch, fetch, and fetch some more and we were happy DayStars…
We also wanted to take a sec and wish one of our Star Buddies good luck. Jill is headed off to GVSU to start her study of nursing. Best of luck to you from all your Dog Star pals!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today was pretty slow for a Friday. Tucker made a new friend named Charlie and together they wrestled and ran around the pond at break-neck speeds. Molly was all about Dozier till Meg reminded her that they were sisters and she jumped into the fray. Benji and Barkley are quite the little social butterflies and played with everyone from Lilly the Dane and Tank the Mastiff to Rebel the Labardoodle and Boo (Barkley’s Brother). Lilly was glad to have her Tank to play with; they romped up and down the coast and played keep away from the puppies with a stick and tennis ball. When Pita first got here this morning she was a little unsure of herself and the other dogs but after a trip to the pond and some puppies to play with, she came out of her shell and was bouncing all over the place eager to wrestle in the sand. Today was a great start to the weekend and we can’t wait to get your furry family members back for a visit next week.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

~ August 14 ~

Today was a calm day for daycare. Ginger and Copper immediately hit it off this morning when their parents were dropping them off and Copper continued covering Ginger with kisses while they were down at the pond playing. Then Ginger, Daisy and Chelsea began a game of tag, stopping only when one of them grabbed a stick, turning the game into keep away. Sebastian was a little skittish at first but Daisy was persistent and eventually they were chasing one another all over the play yard and kept it up while they ran around the pond. Jack decided he wanted to play with Buck so he would bark at him till Buck chased him and would also wait at the water’s edge for Buck to return from retrieving a ball so the game could begin anew. Phoebe and Sugar had a great time with each other; they would do some play bows then pounce on one another and take off running around the pond. Despite the low count of daycare dogs, we managed to make the best of it and everyone had a friend to play with for the day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13 08

Today was a great day for being outside. In our first group of the day, Colton found a friend in Odie and together they ran all over the field and up and down the sand dune. Red came in today without Rock but he didn’t feel lonely for too long because Teddy figured he could beat him in a wrestling match so they body checked and slammed each other and even played ball with one another. Phoebe enjoyed chasing Emma as she ran for the ball and once the ball was had, they would bounce around the field till they made their way back to the pack. Rosie got to play with Finn today, they pretty much just walked around with each other and Finn would go chase the ball and come back to her. Rebel and Smokey were reunited today and they always go all out when playing with each other. Ginger and Dexter formed a new friendship with Ben and they all tumbled and rolled around the water’s edge; Ginger left land today and went for some brief swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it shouldn’t be long till she’s a pro like so many of the others. The perfect weather made the day so enjoyable to be out and about but all the new friends just made it that much better.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Goliath!

(Goliath, that photo was just so cute that I had to use it twice, also I posted
it twice for his second birthday!)

Today we celebrated Goliath’s 2nd birthday and everyone must have known because we were swamped with daycare dogs. Goliath was strutting his stuff, letting everyone know that he was the birthday boy. Watching Meleny and Sugar play was like watching 2 long lost friends finally be reunited and they didn’t have a care in the world. Brinkley and Callie came out of their shells even more today and they were ready to take on the world; Brinkley wondered around the park while Callie remained close so she could get rubbed down and receive high amounts of praise. Evan quickly took Izzy under his wing and showed her the ropes down at the pond; she didn’t dare set foot in the water but there will be plenty of time for her to learn. Benji and Buddy looked like they could have been brother and sister and certainly acted like it with their play bows and bounces all along the water’s edge. Even though we were jammed with dogs today that didn’t stop the fun times or make us forget Goliath’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLIATH!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

~ August 11 of 2008 ~

We hope you all had a fabulous start to your week! All of the Daycare DogStars certainly did! Everyone had an opportunity to join in the beach fun!
We also wanted to send out a big thank you to Miss Ginger. Today she brought some very yummy lunch in to share with her Star Buddies. We all wanted to make sure we sent out a big Thank You to you and your Dad.

Today was surprisingly busy for a Monday. Hilde and Epi were quite the match while out in the park together; they ran along the fence line together and Epi would encourage short burst of play from Hilde. Beene came back today and didn’t miss a step getting back into the swing of things; she and Ginger quickly hit it off together and they ran all around the pond, which got Chelsea worked up and soon they were too engaged in each other that they continued to run into the other dogs as they played. Brinkley and Callie took some time to win over but with lots of praise and encouraging words we were soon out on our walk and running all over the sand dune together. We’re glad to have so many of our friends here today, it always make the day that much better the more dogs we have.

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 08

Today was the busiest day we have had in awhile so that means everyone had plenty of friends to play with. Gilbert and Makers had to take it easy today so they got to play with the older dogs, but that didn’t stop them from having a great time down at the pond. Tristan, Elf and Daisy were quite the troublesome threesome, mostly wrestling with one another but every once in awhile Sam would jump in with her stick in her mouth and try her best to pin one of them. We attempted to merge a few boarding dogs with a daycare group and it turned out perfect. Lilly, Frankie and Rebel helped Sage come out of her shell which allowed her to find her place in the pack and made her day as they romped down by the water’s edge. Brady S. was the star dog today; he came in with a great attitude and didn’t attempt a lunge, growl or even a bark at another dog. He got to go out with Buck and Daisy and just blew them away every time he ran/swam for the ball. It was a very hectic morning but everything came together and it turned out to be fun for everyone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008

Today was filled with surprises; first it seemed like it was going to be a slow day for daycare but we ended up with a fairly good turn out and then it began raining out of the blue. Dexter and Zeus quickly founded a friendship and enjoyed splashing each other down at the pond; Dexter would also hide in the holes along the coastline waiting to pounce on Zeus then it would be back to splashing in the water. Sarah and Chelsea didn’t start off this morning on the best foot together, but after some exercise down by the water’s edge they soon became good pals and would even share the sticks they fetched from the water with each other. Phoebe and Stella are no strangers to each other, but today they were able to break down their tough girl exterior and actually play with each other. Everyday here at the ranch is always different than the last and you can never know what to expect only that memories and friendships are always being made.

Hey what about the little kids... Aggie did an excellent job typing this document (pretty good for not having any thumbs). Fro and Sam had a grand ol' time tricking the new Star Buddies by turning around and trying to make them guess who was who, (little hooligans).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6

Today we seemed to have a break in the humidity which made it that much more fun to run and play through the parks and pond. The little dudes took it kinda easy in the heat, but they had just as much fun as the rest of them. Everyone made sure to take some time in the crisp water. They even found some "lumber" that needed to be taken through the water. Smokey, I think you may have been behind that. Enjoy the fun photos because your Daystars truly enjoyed the day and they can't wait to show off to you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

More birthdays to celebrate today! The Williams group of Beau, Buster Bluey, Baloo Bear, and Evan had two birthdays to share today. Buster and Evan celebrated their birthdays with us today. Everyone enjoyed the yummy treats (Thanx boys) and thanx for sharing your special day with all of your Daycare pals!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a muddy mess at Daycare today...

Lots of mud puddle fun to be had by all. We waited until the rain stopped to head out and venture into the parks. Ginger splashed around and Jackson smelled it to make sure it was okay. Phoebe and Tucker ran all over and didn't care if they were in the mud or the grass. Everyone joined in the fun, maybe Daisy just a little too much... You might need to go to the pond to rinse that mud off...
From mud puddles to the pond we go! Lucy was chomping at the gait ready to go. Last on in the pond is a rotten liver treat! Sam, what are you looking for? Konig enjoyed a swim with all his favorite pals. Lewie is boarding with us overnight and never misses an opportunity to splish and splash...
Ya know, we can't fully prove from these photo that Konig swims, but he sure loves the water. Rebel and Lewie seem to be best pals and love to swim together. Come on, I'll race ya! Rockingham and Red also enjoyed a nice cool down in the crisp water. Chelsea may have been a later arrival, but she sure didn't miss out on the fun.
Thanx again for another spectacular Daycare day! We always love to see you smiling faces and waggin' tails!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebel!

Happy Birthday to one of our Daystars! Miss Rebel turned the big ONE today and we were so happy that she celebrated with us. All your pals thank you for the yummy treats!