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Monday, June 30, 2008

Starting the week off with a smile

There were only a few of us today in daycare but that doesn’t slow us down any! Sam, Bo B, and Buck ganged up with our boarding dogs Gracie, Shadow, Brandi, and Molly. They all had so much fun with Becky, first they went to the star buddy park where they played some tag over the sand hill and then they went to the pond to cool down. Sam found a couple fish to try to catch, Bo mostly followed becky getting lots of hugs, and Buck loved to chase the ball in the water. Sugar, Lewie, Rebel, Beene, Sugar, and Fletcher got to tour all three of the parks today. They started out in the star buddy park where Rebel, Beene, and Lewie had a blast as always getting nice and dirty in the sand hill. Next they headed over to the special use park so that Becky could play some hide-and-seek with them around the trees, that sugar sure is good at using her nose to find her star buddy! And of course lastly they all ran to the pond and leaped into the refreshingly cool water, Fletcher was so happy to finally be able to swim after the ball while all the other day buddies chased each other around the water in an exciting game of tag. Aggie and Boogie were our only little daystars today but that’s ok because they had lots of boarding friends to play with, they also got to tour the star buddy park and then of course their favorite part of the day helping Jen up in the front office. Banjo and Phoebe had so much fun playing together, they ran out of the gate full of energy into the star buddy park and had a quick game of tag until Banjo found a ball and decided that it was a good game of fetch. Phoebe was more interested in greeting all her friends coming in to use the back 24 acres than playing with a tennis ball. Needless to say they both had a good time and came back from their run exhausted and ready to crash on the couch for a while. All in all it was a fun day, everyone is happy and tired at the end of a long day of rough housing and playing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So many friends, so much fun!

We really enjoyed the beautiful day. We had a great time, the problem is that the Star Buddies forgot the camera BOTH TIMES... That's fine with us because we don't really like to take time for that kind of stuff. Those of us that were not getting a bath had a blast getting the ones getting baths good and dirty before hand. Did they mind? No way! We took a break and cooled off, had lunch and went back out to start the afternoon the way we only know how.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did you remember your rubber boots today?

June 25 ~ It looks like it’s going to be a rather adventurous Daycare day today, but what do the rest of you think? Out we go for our big morning fieldtrip. We must be super special because our fieldtrip this morning lasted for over an hour! We just kept on playing and romping and rolling and wrestling. And the sun slowly starts to disappear… Now it looks a little overcast then the sky opened up and dumps “buckets” of water on us. We loved it! The Star Buddies got a little soaked, but they enjoyed it too. When it’s nice and hot, a good rain shower is always a refreshing addition to any walk.

So I guess you are all dying to know what fabulous Daystars were here today! Perkins and Teddy were the stars of the Little Dudes! They teamed up with Gilligan and Boogie, along with some boarding kids – Miss Aggie, Daisy, Pippin, and Sam. Never underestimate the small pups! They were tearing it up and kickin’ up dust (or mud) all over the parks. Ya know, that water makes our hair look curlier than usual…

Rock and Red were here for half the day. Out to the parks you boys go then off to the bathtub for some serious pampering and spa treatment with Miss Amber. You boys have to look your best before you head up to the cabin. Make sure to stay clean for at least a little while…

Tre, Stella, Lilly, Hans, and Bosley dominated the day as the Big Kids of the Day. If there was mud ANYWHERE, Stella and Lilly would find it! They enjoy those mud puddles even more than the pond. Throw a ball or stick and you’ll have Tre, Hans, and Bosley’s attention. Another successful day in the books for these four – mud and tennis balls, every dog’s dream…

Now today we have two groups of the big kids ready to enjoy the unlimited adventures of the parks. We’ll start with Finn, Rebel, Smokey, Beene, Lewie, Fletcher, Sugar, and Tucker. Next up is Chelsea, Sam B, Sammy P, Noah, Gigi, Hilde, Rosie, Bo, Ramsey, and Elf. We all LOVED our run! We started out by venturing out to Cody’s Cove for a brisk and refreshing swim (or splash as it may be). The rain was a fun addition to the swim. We were surrounded by water then water was coming from the skies! There was water everywhere! That’s the perfect addition to a hot and humid day.

Everyone ended the day with lots of Star Buddy hugs and kisses along with a belly full of liver treats… It’s a tough life, but someone needs to do it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer time fun at the Ranch

Man, it’s a warm day here at DSR, even at ten o’clock in the morning! Summer has finally arrived!! Good thing the people at the Ranch were thinking ahead today and planned for us all to go to the pond! Lucy Honey Church, Rusty, and Buster played together most of the time, running between sand and water, hurdling over each other, and wresting and pinning each other. Buckley would join in occasionally making the wrestling match a bit more challenging. All Copper and Casey wanted to do was to have Jill throw the ball and let us chase it down and challenge each other to see who could get there the fastest. Of course it was a little difficult because Jackson would swoop in a steal the ball out from under us, but we loved the challenge. Baloo bonded with Jill as he would go play with his friends and then take a break and stroll by Jill’s side. We all got a visit from one of our friends in boarding named Elf! We were so glad he was able to join us because he defiantly made the run twice as much fun. Beau, Tristan, Evan, and Beene, were just happy running with each other from one end of the pond to the other. Meleny took full advantage of the water and could wait to share it with the star buddy as she would run up to her and gave her half the pond on her pants as a present, and the funny thing was - she loved it! Ally, Chelsea, Sugar, Fletcher, and Bo all got to go to the pond also, but with Pat. Boy, he sure is fun! Bo got to play fetch with him all by himself, what a treat! Bosley and Lewie had lots of fun with Pat too, as they went to the pond as well. Our whole group just loves to wrestle and swim, our favorite stroke is the doggie paddle. Phoebe and Lucy L. had lots of fun together in the star buddy park with Pat as well. It was just such a nice day we could have played all day. Sophie, Giggi, Lucky, Sami, Lucy B., Perkins, and Roo all got to run with Julie today in the star buddy park and let me tell you we love to get dirty. We would run, run, run all up and down the sand hill until we were super dirty. What a great day we had and we defiantly welcomed the summer in with a splash!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunshiney Monday...

It’s been an exciting day of daycare here at the Ranch, lets see if we can’t give everyone the highlights of the fun we’ve had so far. Perkins got to go out and play with all his smaller boarding friends, they had a lot of fun playing tag in the special use park with Becky, they may be small but they always have huge fun! Lewie, Scout, Sugar, Fletcher, Rebel, Beene, and Quinn had a blast as always playing out at the pond with Katy. Amazingly enough they weren’t interested in playing fetch today but instead the game of choice was tag. They raced and chased all around the pond. Sam B, Hilde, Colton, Meg, Molly, Red, Rock, Chelsea, and Aly also got to go to the pond to play and they decided to follow suite and play tag as well. There was a fast track around that water for sure, everyone was tired by the time it was time to come inside and get refreshed by some air conditioning. Angel got some quality one on one time with Jill playing in the special use park, they both had a great time checking out everything over there and of course there was time for a long belly rub for Angel. We want to wish a warm welcome to Lucy and Aly on their first day of daycare; they both did exceptionally well and caught on really fast to the fun that is to be had around the Ranch. Aly joined in with the larger active group and had a blast playing tag while Lucy joined in with some of our boarding dogs and loved playing with anyone and everyone.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Friday

Today started out nice in cool and then it turned hot, hot, hot. But that’s alright, the dogs don’t mind especially when there’s a pond to swim in and a pool to lounge in. But even better than that was the surprise activity. Today there was a special field trip down to the Nature Trails. It was tons of fun and the dogs just loved racing down the trails and wrestling in the shade. And then of course there were all the smells to smell. I mean there was hardly any romping the first half of the walk, they were too busy checking things out. But even the most interesting smell can’t keep these Daycare regulars from getting to that down and dirty business of play. And then of course there was the second pond for the dogs to swim and splash in. And then there was plenty of time to hit their home turf in the parks to play some fetch and tag and roll in the sand and run up and down the hill. Really, you know your four legged children I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how much fun they can accumulate during a day. So make sure to ask them all about their day, if they aren’t too tired, I’m certain they’d be happy to fill you in on all the dirty, sandy, water-logged details. Have a great weekend with your best friends!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our favorite part of the day is...

Oh boy has it been a fun Friday so far here at the Ranch! We’ve been busy having all kinds of fun so we decided to interview all the Day Stars to see what their favorite part of the day was, lets see what they had to say…

Sam B – I loved hunting for moles in the Special Use Park, Once I think I got really close to one it was awesome!!

Roo – My favorite part of the day was going on a nice stroll with Day Buddy Tyler, I enjoy taking a nice and easy walk in the sunshine before going back up to the office to help Jen.

Sami – Definitily playing tag with Kimber and Sally the beagles!!! We zipped and zoomed all over the parks!!! You should have seen how fast I was running, I may be small but I’m speedy.

Barkley – It was my first day and I loved being around so many people and friends all day long! It was the BEST! Roxy the sheltie puppy was my best friend, she’s just my size although I have to say she’s got a little bit more energy than me she really kept me busy.

Molly – The best part of the day was when we went to the pond and I managed to fit two tennis balls in my mouth, that is a tallent that many of you may not realize is actually very difficult to obtain, you should try it sometime though because it is very satisfying!

Boo – I had a blast rolling in the mud puddles with Arial, there was a huge one this morning in the Star Buddy park and we both came out totally covered in gooey, sticky, mud. It sure is a good way to cool down in this heat.

Sadie – Did you all know that the star buddies got us a new toy to play with?? It’s a plastic toy with wheels that floats and I absolutely loved it. Liz threw it into the pond a lot for me and I had a great time jumping into the water and swimming really fast to get it.

KC – of course the best part of the day is fetching!!!!!!!!!! Is there any other reason to go out and play? I enjoyed having my best buddy KC here to play fetch with today, between the two of us we always find all the balls in the park so we can keep our Day Buddies arms working by throwing them non-stop.

Tre – Yep I agree with KC, we were born to fetch and we do a darn good job of it if I do say so myself! I also taught Molly how to hold two balls at once today, she’s not as good as me yet but she managed to do it for a few seconds.

Rebel – My favorite part of this day (and everyday) was rolling in the MUD, oh yeah!! I wish I didn’t have to get cleaned up before my mom and dad come because I’m sure they would love to see how I can look exactly like a chocolate labradoodle instead of a yellow labradoodle!!!

Jaz – I loved splashing all over the pond, Boo, Molly, and I played a lot of tag all over the pond and star buddy park. I was really fast and was almost always in the front.

Sarah – Oh boy have I had a blast today, I’ve been playing so hard all day I just love it. I can’t really pick a favorite part of the day because everything was so much fun, rolling in the mud, swimming in the pond, and chasing the ball were my favorite activities.

Arial – I loved playing in the mud with Boo and Sarah, then after we got done Liz told us to go to the pond and wash off before going inside and we were more than happy to oblige! I jumped into the cool water with a huge leap, it felt really good.

Meg – My favorite part of the day was playing tag with Jackson and Dakota, we ran around all the trees and I even tried running between Liz’s legs but she said I was too big for that so I went around her instead.

Gilbert – I found a nice big mud pit in the special use park and let me tell you that felt awesome after being in the hot sun for a while, I rolled around in that until I was nice and cooled off and then I continued on my walk with my friends.

Makers – The best part of my day was just being around everyone all day, I love all the hugs and kisses I get from the day buddies. They even hug me when I’m all wet!!!

Josie – The best part of the Ranch is being able to run and play tag with all my friends!! I never stop moving the whole day, I just love to run, run, run, and for a change of pace run some more!!

Tristan – I loved playing with our new daycare buddy Dakota, he’s a black lab puppy and we got along famously. I took him under my wing…or paw I guess…and showed him all the fun that can be had during daycare. We played tag, and dug a hole, and rolled in the mud, and had a blast doing it all.

Jackson – Oh boy, I have to pick my favorite part? Gosh, I did so much today I can’t possibly pick a favorite. I played a lot with Tristan and Dakota, and then I rolled in the mud with Gilbert, and walked next to Liz, I was very busy.

Dakota – Wow, today is my first day in daycare and it has been a very eventful day for me. At first I was really shy and nervous but with Tristans help I quickly realized how much fun there is to be had around here and I had so much fun playing tag with my new best friend Tristan.

Stella – My favorite part of the day was wrestling with Konig at the pond, we were playing with his leash and first I would tug on it and then he’d pounce on me and we’d wrestle and chase each other. He’s a lot of fun and he can play just as rough as me.

Konig – I think my favorite part of the day was saying hi to all the dogs who were coming into the parks with their parents, we saw Rosco and Benney, and a few other dogs who I don’t know the names of but I said hi to all of them and gave them a big ranch welcome.

Phoebe – The best part of the day was going out and checking out all the cool smells, I also enjoyed joining Konig and Stella in their game of tag for a while until I got tired and decided hunting down some moles would be easier on the legsJ

Rock – The best part of this day was definitely swimming in the pond! I was getting really hot and it felt really good to jump into the cool water and swim after the tennis ball, afterwards I rolled in the dirt and that felt awesome.

Red – I had an absolute blast wrestling and playing chase with Aspen, he’s pretty quick but sometimes I would cut him off when he wasn’t expecting it and then I’d be able to catch him. We ran all around the pond and up and down the sand hill at least ten times.

Tucker – My favorite friend today was Molly, we played a lot together chasing the tennis ball and we even got a really fun game of tag going with Boo, Jaz, and Sadie.

Brady – My favorite part of the day was without a doubt swimming at the pond chasing the tennis ball. I will chase the ball as many times as my Day Buddy will throw it and today Liz threw it a LOT for me. I almost always came back with the ball in my mouth, unless one of my friends got there first and then I’d let them have a turn bringing it back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mud bath anyone?

Today's Daystars include Anna, Boogie, Bosley and Elf, Broker, Gilbert and Makers, Hans, Josie, KC, Lewie, Lilly, Lucy, Massey, Meggy and Molly, Meleny, Musky, Rebel, Roxy, Rusty, Sadie C, Sam B, Stella L, Stella and Tre, Tucker, along with Ranch dogs Aspen, Sasha, and Buck.
We decided to start our day out with a wonderful mud bath which is just excellent for the pores... And ya know, if you stick your nose (or whole face for that matter) under the water, breath out, you can make mud bubbles!!! Stella J, Stella L, and Lilly were the Queens of the Mud for today...After getting our paws dirty in the mud, it was time to rinse away the grime... Cody's Cove, here we come! Ya know, if the humans were smart, they would soap and sudz us up then we'd clean ourselves off while every dive in the pond, but instead we play in the water and roll in the sand. That sand sticks pretty good to the mud that's already there... With this humidity, the pond is the perfect soluntion! We top the day off with bright green grass from all the rain and some park excavation. Come on Musky, just a little deeper and that whole will be bigger than you!
Aspen and Elf decided to help and move some wood around. Thanx bud!
Of course the littles, didn't want to miss out on any of the wild and crazy Daycare adventures...
By the end of the day everyone was content with smiles on their faces... Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again next week!