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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a warm up!

Today started out cold but it warmed up fast. It must have been all the fun our Daycare dogs were having. Buddy, Sophie, Sadie, Katie, Gator, Sugar and Fletcher were all into to chasing down tennis balls and then playing keep away. It was a lot of work and a whole lot of fun.
Elf, Jackson, Emma, Benny, Goldie, Bo, and Lucy Honey were tag happy. They started off running and kept on going until they got tagged and then they stopped turned and started running until they could tag the next dog. Bo, was more like a ref than a participant but he had a good time barking out orders.
Aggie, Adios, Charlie, Gilly, they were more fond of playing king of the hill. No one really knows why little dogs enjoy heights quite so much, but you could get them off the hill.
Bosley, Copper, Mable, Stella, Tank, and Hans were wrestling and romping all over the entire park. One could hardly finish a good wreslting match before they got talked into a new one with another furry friend.
Phoebe, Banjo, and Konig were after that squirrel on a string. They chased it un the hill down it and all around it. Then they succeed in pulling the squirrel off the string and that was their crowning moment.
Kacy she was on a one woman mission to set the record for laps up and down and all around the park in a singel field trip. Of course she had two tries to get it all done and you know, she just might have done it.
Jake was here for his very first day of daycare and he sure did pretty spectacular. After his first run down to the pond where he splashed and jumped all over the place he got to go out with the Star Buddy dogs Aspen and Buck and they did a good job of trying to teach Jake just how to play when down at the ranch. And Jake did a pretty darn good job of learning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Raining - Wrestling - Running

Today was kind of cloudy, a little bit rainy, somewhat muddy, and a ton of fun. Rock, Red, Gar, Sam, Bo, Jack, and Riddick hit the parks first. There was plenty of fun to be had, they didn’t have to go to the pond to get all wet. Mostly it was a tag team wrestling match. First Rock and Red had to go a round or two, then Rock tagged out and Jack jumped in. Red got distracted by a tennis ball and Riddick took over, then Jack bounced out to grab a branch and Rock took back over. Then Riddick had to check out a mole hole and Rock grabbed his brother Red again. Then Rock decided he should take a break and roll, so he tagged Sam in and she and Red finished up the first half of the wrestling match. Bo and Gar were much to dignified to join in such adolescent behavior so they strolled around the park together enjoying the smell of wet dirt and rolling in the damp grass.
Lewie, Rebel, Cleo, Mable, Tucker, Smokey, Nui, Sugar, and Fletcher headed out next. They splashed down and the pond hoping to be declared the messiest group of the day. They weren’t so interested in wrestling on this field trip. Running was the key to this groups happiness. Sugar led the pack for a few laps. She ran and ran and ran, then took a break to check out some smells and roll in them. Nui was big on the chase. It was his favorite part. He chased Sugar and Rebel and Lewie and Smokey and Mable and anyone else that was willing to run. Fletcher was all for running, but only if it was after a ball. Lewie, Smokey, Cleo and Rebel were really into the wrestling trend. But only after they chased each other around and then they’d wrestle and then they’d chew on each other and start all over again. Mable was trying to play with everyone. She ran real fast and splashed into the pond, took a swim and then splashed out to chase after Nui. Tucker was a chaser and a wrestler and a lover. First he’d chase down his buddies, then he wrestle with them and then he’d finish with a few hugs and kisses. He seemed to have been stuck on a loop, because as soon as he finished he started all over again.
Konig and Gracie were the next ones out for a run and they shared a fondness for leashes. They took turns leading each other around by it. Then they’d drop the leash and run as fast as they could before they’d grab the leash and start up their game of walk the dog. Sam and Frodo finished up the day with a few friends from boarding. There was Fritz and Emma and Sophie and Bodean. They were all a lot of fun, especially Fritz. Sam and Frodo took turns being chased by Fritz. They always finished up on top of the sand dune so that they could keep and eye on everything and of course roll and wreslte in all that sand.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008