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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Know that we are a wild bunch. We’ve been that way for years, which is not to say we learned it from our parents; simply, this is the way that we have ended up. We swam in the morning. Dug holes in the afternoon. Our neighbors envy us; parents miss us. We have snacks we eat at lunch time, but they’re gone too fast, so we return to the parks, happy to be playing again.
Most of us excel at water sports.
It is not in our makeup to stick our nose up at fun. This goes against the grain, is entirely out of our character. We allow for napping, but not excessively. Ours are fast running, long jumping. Yes, some among us visit trainers, but, quite frankly, we believe this is a passing phase, like our former passion for puppy chow and teething on leather shoes and couches.
We’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen the slobber covered tennis balls of Hans, Max N. spend all day in the pond chasing a teasing bird. We’ve witnessed the fence races of Phoebe and Kacy. We’ve heard stories about the plush beds and liver treats Boogie, Adios, and Lucy enjoy in the office. We’ve joined the wrestling matches of Buster, Evan, and Jackson. We were there when it came out, during our return to the yard, that Bodean had shoved four tennis balls in his mouth. We’ve seen Sasha roll in the grass, Scrappy Doo investigate a ground squirrel hole, and Aspen chase and tag everything that moves. We were around for the flirtations of Max S. and Samantha. We’ve seen more than our fair share of fetch; Brodie’s sliding stops, Buck’s high jumps, Banjo’s circle and catch, KC’s no bouncers, Jola’s over the shoulders, Rusty’s belly flops, and Noah’s off the noses.
Still, we love to go home. And, in truth, we’re exhausted, which is not easy to do. But we’ll be ready for more tomorrow.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring is in the air

What another happy spring day we have today! Everyone had an extra bounce and spring in their steps. It was a fabulous day to be a dog, but don't take my word for it. Check out some of the photos from the Daycare fieldtrips...

Friday, April 25, 2008

It was a MUDDY and WET Friday

Despite all the clouds and spring storms we were able to have a fun filled Daycare day. No worries, there was enough mud to go around to everyone!
Have a great weekend and we can't wait to see you all again next week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Canine Frontier was Explored by Daycare

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sam, Mika, Kora, Roo, Lucy, Gilligan took a relaxing stroll
through the special use and the pond with star buddy Liz and Becky.

Phoebe, Hershey, and Aspen roughed and tumbled all through the pond with Liz and Ashley.

Tucker out Guest Libby & Belle joined the daycare dogs Beene, Bosley,
Buddy, Copper, Fletcher, Noah, Sammy, Sophie, Sugar,
Tank and Triston in the Canine Frontier Nature trail
exploration with Becky, Liz and the Camera.

Puppies; Buddy, Elf, Lily & Teddy played with our
new toys from the expo on #1 field trip.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A scorcher of a Wednesday

It was a scorcher today. They sky was blue and the sun was out and it was time to play.
Katy started out with the grownups Hilde, Champ, Brady, Belle, Bennu. She even brought a few other friends too. Belle was really excited about that because Buddy the puppy got to come and they were inseparable. They played tag and took turns swimming out to fetch balls with Buck and Brady. Brady and Buck were fetching kings trumped only by Bodean who stuffed 3 balls in his mouth. But Buck and Brady were running hard and launching themselves far to retrieve ball after ball. Bennu he was a big fan of Brady, he thought they were lost brothers. Bennu followed Brady everywhere and wrestled with Brady when he took a break from fetch. Champ he preferred to play fetch on his own terms. He went out for the balls that the others dogs left in the middle of the pond, forgotten about in all their fun and after a nice long swim he showed Hilde all around the park; the smells, the good rolling spots, the best shade, and the shallow wading water. It was a great group.
The Puppies headed out next: Lewie, Rebel, Beene, Buckley, Sara, Colton, Capone, and Smokey. They were more than ready when Katy took off towards the pond and of course they beat her by a mile. The cloud of dust they kicked up made it impossible to see who hit the water first, but when the dust settled everyone was wet. Rebel was busy taking swimming lessons from Buck who came out on this run too. She finally figured out that she had to keep her front paws below the water. Lewie and Beene were up to their usual antics, running circles and kicking up as much dust as they could. Colton was picking his battles, so to speak. He’d wade into the water, a partial attempt to fetch the ball, then he’d dash out after one of Sarah’s fly-bys and give chase for a bit and then he’d run over to Katy and rub all his fun water and sand on her leg. Buckley was doing his best to join in all the fun, except for the swimming he always likes to have his feet on the ground and the way he’s growing, he might be able to walk across the pond one day. Smokey and Capone were two of kind. A couple of big guys bouncing around, wrestling each other and chasing the girls every chance they got. And Sarah, well she was more a less a blur the whole time she was out, she hardly ever stopped running.
Phoebe, Rock, and Red headed out next and it was fetch, fetch, fetch for the boys. They were under strict instructions to get themselves tired and those are orders they don’t mind following. Phoebe was having a bit of a lazy day, she waded in and out of the pond just enjoying a good soak and the rays coming off the water.
And the last crew of the day, were the Itty-Bitty Babies: Sam, Frodo, Aggie, Goliath, Boogie, Kora, and Gilligan. They headed down to the pond too and boy did they have a blast. Frodo and Sam swam around and then jumped out and rolled around. Goliath was busy chasing down everyone in the park. He ran this way and that and ran there and back. Apparently, he was always it in his game of tag. Aggie, she was lovin’ the sun. She was trotting around with her tongue hanging out and a big old smile on her face. The Chins well, they were running and running and running and couldn’t be stopped, except to splash in the water real quick.
Guess what!?! We had some visitors from Bellwether out today; Porky, Max, Avis, and Sam. They sure looked like they were having a ball. They were running fast, kicking up dirt, and cuddling with their humans. They’re all looking for a permanent home and would love to meet you. Just check out the website for more information. You know you want to cuddle with those cute faces.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Lilly

All of the Daystars wanted to wish Miss Lilly (great dane gal) a fabulous birthday. All of the Daystars in attendance today were Abbey D, Adios, Aggie, Aspen, Beauregard, Belle, Benny, Boogie, Brodie, Buck, Buddy K, Buster Bluey, Evan (who is a foster puppy), Hans, Jacie, KC, Lilly, Lucy B, Max, Noah, Phoebe, Stella, Tank, and Tre. The big dogs wanted to show Lilly's family all the adventures of the birthday party so enjoy the video clips...

So today was pretty spectacular because it was a birthday day and birthdays at the Ranch are always a blast. We all wished Lily a happy birthday before we got down and dirty with our groups of furry, slobbery, messy friends. Max and Phoebe made quite the pair. Down at the pond Max ran back and forth hunting smells and birds and nothing at all and Phoebe ran in circles looking for sticks and balls and toys galore. Stella and Tank are a perfect couple. They’d chased each other all around and wrestled a whole bunch. Then they took a break to relax in the water before they started up again. Jack joined in the fun bounding after the stuffed squirrel dancing on the end of Becky’s plastic fishing pole. Lucy, Aggie, Boogie, Adios, JC and Buddy were champions in the park. They conquered the Sand Dune, Dirt Hill and Dirt Mound and all with really short little legs. Then of course they did a few victory laps to show off how fast they are.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tuckers picture

Here's Tuckers daycare picture, he looks so happy to have it taken. Lucky for us it was at the end of the day and he actually sat down for it.

Some Verbs for You!

Today was super fun!
Casey – fetched
Makers – paddled
Gilbert – flirted
Sam B – teased
Bo B – waded
Rosie – danced
Tristan – circled
Gus – lumbered
Lewie – pounced
Colton – jived
Rebel – jumped
Sadie – chased
Harley – tackled
Sissy – tagged
Little Bit – moseyed
Brady – wrestled
Hans – chewed
Tucker – hugged
Meg – beautified
Molly – ran
Sami – scavenged
Roo – cuddled
Banjo – rolled

Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Video Daycare Fun!!!

Hey Everyone,
Liz here, it has been an absolutely gorgeous day outside and we have all had a lot of fun! You’ll see most of the big dogs in the videos that we posted, the little guys and puppies managed to avoid the camera so I’ll just tell you what they did for fun today.

Buckley, Teddy, and Lily were our tumbling trio and oh boy did they have a BLAST! I took them out to the Star Buddy park and they entertained me the whole time with their fun puppy antics as they raced and chased each other all over the sand hill, you would not believe how fast these little kids can run!!! They should be totally worn out for their parents today, they played long and hard.

Aggie, Lucy, Boogie, and Adios comprised our small dog group today but they didn’t let the fact that there was only four of them keep them from having a whole ton of fun. They got to go out with Ashley and played tag for most of the time, Lucy loves to start the game by tagging Boogie who of course can’t refuse a challenge and takes off in hot pursuit, Aggie and Adios prefer to wait for the other two to come flying past and then pounce on them which is actually a pretty good technique! They all got to hang out with Jen when they weren’t outside and as always loved all the love and attention they get by being in the front office all day, these small dogs sure do live the good life.

Ozzie and Sybil got to spend some good quality sibling time together as they toured the Special Use Park with me, the sun was shining high in the sky and for the most part we just strolled around while they smelled all the fun smells and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine on our backs. We did play tag for a short while until I gave up, two four legged dogs against one two legged person just isn’t fair!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

~ Group 1 ~

~ Group 2 ~

~ Group 3 ~ These little guys weren't very impressed by the wind, but they made the most of their exploration...

~ Group 4 ~ Rockingham and Red share some brotherly love and a dip in the pond. Ah, refreshing...

Newbie of the Day ~ Elvis ~Welcome! It was your first day and you definitely enjoyed spending some time outside with your Star Buddy on this great spring day. We look forward to seeing more of you...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video Daycare Fun Part Three

Video Daycare Fun Part Two

Video Daycare Fun Part One

What a great day everyone has had. There are several small video clips that I am trying to post to show you all the fun so be looking for a couple small blog posts for today. Today in Daycare we had Daystars Aspen, Belle, Buckley, Beau, Buster, Evan, Axel, Phoebe, Rock, Red, Hans, Tank, Stella, Tre, Lilly, Sadie C, Sadie N, Aggie, Lucy, Adios, and Boogie.

Monday, April 14, 2008

More sunshinin' Spring fun

Good Monday Mornin' to ya'll!
Star Buddy Ashley gathered Bo, Ramsey, Abby, Tristan, Sam B, Sammy P, Lewie, Bo, Sadie, Copper, Rebel, Jackson, and Beene and took them to the Star Buddy Park to go have some fun. They were racing Ashley up, down, and around the sand hill. The small dogs were next to go on their run. There was Aggie, Boogie, Teddy, Sami, Roo, and Gilly today. Teddy was racing Boogie around the park and Teddy would win. Aggie was off exploring with Sami and Gilly around the park to see if Ashley dropped any cookies out of her pocket. Roo was helping Jen in the office and getting lots of hugs and kisses. Banjo got to go on a run with Buck, Aspen, and Sasha to the Special Use Park where they got to play fetch. Banjo would race Aspen and Buck to get the ball. Ashley made sure that they all got their turns to get the ball. Rocky, Red, and Aspen went to the Star Buddy Park where Rocky liked wrestling with Aspen, when he wasn’t playing fetch with Red. All the dogs had a blast here with Star Buddy Ashley today.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Plenty to do Today!

There were:
Brady B -- Balls to be chased
Brady S -- Aspen to be wrestled with
Champ -- Smells to be investigated
Ella -- Friends to be tagged
Gilbert -- Trails to lumber along
KC -- More balls to chase
Lewie -- Molly to chase
Makers -- Gals to flirt with
Meg -- Hills to be climbed
Milo -- Puddles to be dodged
Molly -- Dogs to tease
Rudy -- Star Buddies to dance with
Sam B -- Sticks to chew
Sampson -- Mud to be wallowed in
Tucker -- Dogs to be loved on
Aspen -- Holes to be dug
Buck -- More balls to chase
Bosley -- Sticks to be chased
Elf -- Games to be played
Lucy -- Dogs to be kissed
And we did it all!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

No problem!

Bo, Sam B, Lucy B, Brodie, Meg, Molly, Buddy, Lilly, Belle, Sadie H, Roo, Sami, Tristan, Rebel, Jackson, Phoebe, Banjo, Hans, Max, Copper, Tre, Stella, Sophie, Molly, Ella, Rudy, Aiko, Sadie C., Jack, Lucy G, Bosley, Elf, Cooper, Sam, and Frodo all were here and accounted for. Even though it is a little cloudy and rain is on the forecast, everyone is fired up and more than willing to get dirty for some fun! Becky and Jon rounded up the first group of willing participants, they are: Brodie, Buddy, Ella, Rudy, Ella, Tre, Lucy G, Sadie H, Sadie C, Copper, Max, Bosley, Cooper, Sophie, and Lilly. They made their way down to the pond so that they could break into the big stash of tennis ball that got donated from the Whitehall Girls Tennis team. There were close to 500 balls, you could see Tre’s eyes spinning. Dirt, tennis ball and water were all over the place and the dogs were loving every minute of it. Next up was Elf, Rebel, Tristan, Belle, Jackson, and Molly and they wanted nothing but the pond as well. Down they went bouncing and wiggling all the way there. Rebel and Elf were giving tutorials on how to get the dirtiest. Tristan was off making up his own version, while Belle, Jackson, and Molly were trying to play tag. Meg and Molly got set free with John so they could head out for some fun. They wrestled all over making sure to keep John on his toes, nothing but a romping good time from those three. Bo, Sam B, Lucy B, Sam, Frodo, Roo, and Sami made their way out for a walk. Bo made sure that there were a couple tennis balls ready to fly while Sam Frodo and Lucy took off wrestling and tearing all over. Sami and Roo were making sure no smell or cookie went unmissed. Finally Aiko, Banjo, Hans, Phoebe, Jack, and Stella made a head long dash for their stab at the pond. Stella, Jack, and Aiko were busy running in and out of the water playing tag, and Banjo and Hans couldn’t find any more space for all the tennis balls they wanted to carry. Phoebe was tucking tail and making some laps around the pond, stopping occasionally to dig in the sand. Now that’s taking a gloomy day and making it a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great day for daycare!

It was a beautiful day today so alot of us got our spring pictures taken. Hope you all enjoy them. We will keep on up-dating the other pups pics as we plug along. We had a great day!

Great day for daycare!

We had a wonderful day playing today. It's time to start new pictures so enjoy the new ones taken today. We will keep working on updating everyone else a little at a time. Until then we will stay busy, waggin', barkin', wrestlin', and sometimes napping.

Monday, April 7, 2008

To the pond!!

What a beautiful spring day, and what a great way to start out a week. Liz and Jon were here this morning making sure we all made it here before the fun got going to strong. After they all arrived Copper, Bo, Ella, Rudy, Bosley, Kirby, Lucy, Sam and Lewie headed down to the pond for the first wave of fun, and they were making sure that the water was just the right temp. Copper we think was trying for style points as he splashed in and out of the water. Bo, Ella, Rudy, Lewie and Kirby took a more sophisticated approach, but with more of less the same results…wet. Lucy, Bosley, and Sam were more into the tennis balls, but a dip every now and then didn’t hurt. Konig, Phoebe, Aspen, Rock and Red didn’t mind going second; it only meant that it was already dirty when they got there. Konig made sure to fully cover himself in sand right after a splash. Phoebe was running around trying to see how fast she could go, while Rock, Red and Aspen played tag and wrestled all over, with the occasional splash. Elf got joined by Odie, Rick and Biscuit for her run and they weren’t going to be denied to pond today either. The filthier the better they said as they took off for some fun, nothing but non stop zipping and wrestling from these young pups. Oh to have that much energy again. Coco, Aggie, Trixie, and whole lot of other small dog friends headed out for they chance to romp it up. They may be small, but they are many! Monday couldn’t have started out any better.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yeehaw Time for a Swim!

April 4, 2008 ~ Welcome Spring :)
BANG! and the day starts in a flash, literally... All hands on deck today! All the Star Buddies are here with smiles on their faces and coffee or Mountain Dew in their cups. Today we have 34 Daystars ready to enjoy the day, plus an extra 71 dogs here for boarding, so this place is definitely hoppin.’ For all you mom’s and dad’s, the PONDS ARE OPEN and the dogs are all smiles!!! The dogs have been asking and asking and asking and finally their wish has been granted. To the pond we go today! (As a reminder to the parents, grooming services are available for your pups per your request. So if you don’t want to take the whole sand dune home with you, your pup can have a bath at the end of the day.)

Can you take any more suspense? Okay, I’ll give you the play groups of the day…

Group1: The “Daily Littles” consist of Aggie, Roo, Sami J, Maggie T, Nellie, and Boogie.

Group 2: The “Actives of the Day” are Ella, Rudy, Buck, Sam B, Bo, Monte, Faith, Hope, KC, Makers, Gilbert, Tre, Sadie C, Lewie, and Charlie S (a Tucker Out).

Group 3: Then there is Alaska, Zeke, Tucker, Tristan, and some boarding kids (Harley and Davidson).

Group 4: Don’t forget about Banjo, Stella, Konig, and Phoebe.

Then we have some fun filled pairs of fur and energy...
Group 5: Thea teamed up with Brady S.
Group 6: Meg and Molly shared some sisterly love.
Group 7: Rock and Red challenged each other to a sibling rivalry.

Did ya get all that info? What a fabulous day and we are so thankful for each and every Daystar that comes through the doors. We hope that you have a wonderful Spring weekend and we hope to see you at the West Michigan Pet Expo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too cold to swim, but have no fear!

Spring is here, the pond is open
the pups are runnin' round a hopin'
that someones gonna let them in
so they can be first to take a swim

Tristan, Roo, and Sam chime
"we think we'll wait until next time
this is our first spring here
we'll just sit back and cheer"

Ramsey, Buddy, Boo, and Bo
crept to the edge to test a toe
no way they bark it's way too cold
Sophie says now don't be shy
futher in is warmer, that's no lie

Jack and Phobe want no part
past them Keeli, Konig, and Copper dart
stopping short of diving in
then test the water with their chin

"Yep it's cold, let's take a dip
up to an elbow or perhaps a hip"
one foot in is all it took
Bear and Molly step back and look

"We told you it's not warm enough,
only certain pups are tough enough,
to stand water that has just thawed out
now, let's go play instead of pout"

Sybil and Oz say, "let's head back
and give the hill another whack"
Then we all heard Miss Sadie say
"We'll try the pond another day

You know there's other fun to find
let's get that pond right off your mind"
They all agreed, and turned around
"to the Star Buddy park we're bound"

Check out the clip about the pond
and you will see why we're so fond
of coming here and hanging out
the best way to spend our time no doubt!

more video

Take a look at our Canine Frontier pond, its fully open to Members and for day pass guest.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun in the Sunshine Part 2

I am sorry, I've been working on the Blog all afternoon with minimal results... There were three other fabulous videos that I can't seem to get to post. I will continue to try for the next couple days, so keep a look out. Thank you for letting your pups join in the Daycare fun today. The head count of the day was 29! Wonderful!

Sunshine Day Part 1

Please bear with us...

I'm in the process of posting some videos from today's daycare, but we're having some computer error. I will get them on there as soon as I can...
While I have you attention, I wanted to make you aware of some news...
Welcome Back Cody's Cove and BoDean's Bayou! Both of the ponds are ice free and re-opened for the season.
Do you have any weekend plans? This weekend is the West Michigan Pet Expo at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids. Dog Star Ranch will be there along with other organizations, clubs, rescues, etc... If you are interested in the details, check out

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Great Tuesday!

Today was a great day here at the ranch, Katy was here bright and early to play and Liz joined in the fun later in the afternoon. Coco, Sami, and Roo joined up with some of our smaller boarding guests for a wonderful tour around the star buddy park where they all had a grand time playing chase around the sand hill and getting lots of hugs and kisses from their all-time favorite Katy. Our puppies also had a blast today, Elf, Teddy, Evan, and Buster wrestled and chased and wrestled and chased until they had the star buddies all dizzy trying to keep up with them, they are all the best of friends and just love playing all over the parks together. Phoebe, Konig, Harley, and Davidson also got to have some quality time with Katy in the Star Buddy park, Konig loves having his sand hill back so he can roll down it and get all nice and dirty and Phoebe loves chasing Konig while he has his fun and of course Harley and Davidson had to join in on the fun playing tag with Phoebe. Our active group was quite large today which of course means that we were able to have a rip roaring fun time! Ella, Rudy, Otis, Noah, Anna, Beene, Jackson, Ariel, Casey, Bella, Tristan, Beau, and Bo B got to play with both Katy and Liz today…there was a lot of fetch, a little bit of chasing sticks, a lot of tag, and of course lots of fun wrestling matches!! It was a nice brisk day outside today which was perfect for us because that means we’re able to run and run and run without getting too hot, it is GREAT!!!! Max was the last one to get Katy’s attention today and they had a great time checking out all the trees and stuff in the special use park, Max tried his best to find small furry animals to hunt down but unfortunately there weren’t any to be found so he had fun playing fetch with Katy instead. All in all it was a fun day of daycare with a whole lot of fun had all the way around.