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Monday, March 31, 2008

Say NO to clean!

Sam, Lewie, Jola, Rock, Red, Colton, Rebel, Konig, and Phoebe were the only willing daystars to brave the weather and join in some fun! Becky knows how much fun they want to have fun in the rain, but there was lighting, so into the area for some dry, but safe fun. They didn’t seem to mind once they were out romping and play. After their romp, Becky brought them inside for a break and some snacks. They really like their nap time. The rains continued down, as the daycare dogs were revving up for their second run. Katy was the lucky one how was here to take them on their adventure, but this time…it was out side! Splash, flop, squish went the daystars as they spun around the star buddy park. Up and down the sand hill, and in and out of the puddles, they weren’t taking any clean prisoners! What a way to end March, with a super duper slip and slide and a really filthy daycare room.J The Daystars seems very pleased with their work.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Theme Day

There's a theme for every group, clearly defined, and all about the fun!!!

Aggie, Boogie, Gilly, Mika, KoraEXUBERANT RACE
effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic; lavishly abundant
abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous
a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving, or sailing.
urgent need, responsibility, effort, etc., as when time is short or a solution is imperative
Rock, Champ, Sam B, Meg, Rosie C, Bo BSTEADY CRUISE
even or regular in movement
steadfast or unwavering; resolute: a steady purpose.
to travel about without a particular purpose or destination.
to fly, drive, or sail at a constant speed that permits maximum operating efficiency for sustained travel.
Phoebe, Jack, BradySPIRITED TAG
having or showing mettle, courage, vigor, liveliness
animated, vivacious, ardent, active, energetic, lively, vigorous, courageous, mettlesome.
to follow closely; go along or about as a follower: to tag after someone; to tag along behind someone.

having or showing great strength, strong feeling
strenuous or earnest, as activity, exertion, diligence, or thought
to follow or pursue the track, traces, or footprints of.
to make one's way through; traverse.
Molly, Stella, Red, Konig, AspenROWDY ROMPING
rough and disorderly
boisterous, unruly, obstreperous.
to play or frolic in a lively or boisterous manner.
to run or go rapidly and without effort, as in racing.
Gilbert, Makers, KC, Harley, Sissy, Willow, Lilly, Tre, Buck, BodeanCHAOTIC FETCH
completely confused or disordered
disarray, jumble, turmoil, tumult.
to go and bring things.
to go by an indirect route; circle

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is on it's way...

It was another super duper day out at the Ranch. We had so much fun that when Becky took the camera out with us she took 377 action photos! Now if only the computer will cooperate...
Here are some of the best snapshots of the day. Now it's definitely time for a good snooze...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh...we can smell spring coming

Hey some of us saw our first robin today and it sure did lift our spirits. One day soon it will really be here. We checked out the pond and it is starting to melt. We want to go swimming so bad, but the Star Buddies keep saying "sorry pups you gotta wait awhile longer"... It is so hard to be patient when you are a dog.

We know that the pictures are a bit boring today but the camera is not working well and needs to be repaired. This means that you humans have to try and be patient too, sorry.

Other than that we had a wonderful day, we had a special helper today, her name is Allison and did we like her. She is not much taller than us and lots of fun.

The snow keeps melting and as it melts we are finding all sorts of goodies: old balls, a frisbee, a couple of chew toys, and sticks galore... we wondered what happened to this stuff... it was like Christmas!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Little Snowy and a Lot Windy

Today was so much fun. It was a little bit snowy and a lot windy and we had a blast. The wind must have made everyone a little bit faster because the Star Buddies were getting dizzy just trying to keep up with everyone.

Gigi, Sophie, Coco, Sami, Roo, Lucy, Boogie – The little guys did what the little guys do best and that’s run and run and run. Lucy ran I nbig circles and Barkley the beagle tried to catch her. Gigi preferred run in zig, zag lines and Coco was hot on her heels. Boogie chased Lucy first then when Gigi crossed his path he chased her. Sami loved running from smelly spot to smelly spot digging in the dirt. Sophie preferred to take things a little slower, exploring the park with her nose. Roo, she had a blast hanging out with Jen and Rich in the office. She loved attacking rich with kisses when he laid on the floor to play with her.
Buckley, Buster, Evan, Beene, Tristan – Now the puppies they know how to have fun. They romped and wrestled and ran a little too. Tristan and Beene pulled double duty, running with the big guys and the puppies. Buster and Evan played tug of war with a stick. Tristan stole tennis balls and teased everyone into chasing him. Buckley played keep away with a chunk of wood. And Beene did a little bit of everything.
Lilly, Tre, Stella, Belle, Rocksey, Beau, Sugar, Fletcher, Aspen, Buck, Aspen – The big guys were full of it today. They took up the whole park. Aspen did acrobatics on the play set. Lilly and Stella became the best of friends right quick. They tag teamed anybody that would take them on, that is if they could catch them. Belle was having a blast laying in wait and ambushing Beene every time she ran past. Beene loved running past Belle because that meant they got to wrestle. Tre was on a mad hunt for a tennis ball, and when he finally found one everyone kept trying to steal them and he had to chase them down and get it back. Fletcher wouldn’t give up his tennis ball, he loved chewing on it and bumping it into the Star Buddies leg. Sugar was off to the races, dashing here and there. Tristan could hardly keep up, but he was awfully determined, but Sugar is super cute. Rocksey, she thought watching everyone was pretty entertaining and just a little bit exhausting. So she ran in big circles so she could keep an eye on everyone.
Konig, Phoebe – Phoebe was wired and ready to go after lounging around on the couch all afternoon. Konig was excited too, he just arrived. They took off into the park, running back and forth across each other’s path. Then they ran up the sand dune and Konig slid down it head first and Phoebe dug some holes trying to make his trip down a little bumpier. I think Konig enjoyed it more that way.
Well that’s it for the daycare dogs. Now it’s time for everyone to get cleaned up and for the Star Buddies to take a nap.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Little Helper of the Day

Today we have a happy little helper who is a Star Buddy in the making... Allison is joining us all the way from Tennessee. She's on her Spring Break and decided to spend it in Michigan with her Aunt Carol and the Dogs of the Ranch. All she wanted to do today was work, work some more, and spend time with the dogs... The Daycare dogs really gave her a workout and gave her the grand tour of the Ranch. By the end of the day, the backside of her oversized DSR sweatshirt, her knees, and her feet were dirtier than some of our Daycare dogs and that is quite a task to accomplish!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring or Winter for today?

Okay, we started the day off with cloudy skies and we end with snow flurries...
It's so hard to tell if spring is actually close or not... We don't seem to mind, but it sure makes our Star Buddies have rosy cheeks...
Check out all the fun and adventures we had today to end the week!
Thanx for another fabulous Daycare day out at the Ranch!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready set go!

Today must be the day, because there sure a lot of dogs here for Daycare, and they are ready for some fun. Doc a Weimaraner puppy got to give his first day of daycare a try. Everyone loves a puppy. Good thing Star Buddy Liz and Vicky are well rested, cause these dogs now how to play, and won’t take anything less than a super good time! One after another they headed out to romp and play making sure that they were the last ones to the park. Once they made it was find it, chase it, wrestle with it, or chew it. The sand hill makes an interesting place to roll and chase, all the while letting everyone catch a glimpse of the slowly melting pond. Tree branches that have fallen this winter and are being cleaned up by a tree service, so a lot of the Daystars thought they would give it their best try by turning sticks into nicely chipped wood. Not as efficient, but twice the fun. Liz, Vicky, and Becky were definitely earning their keep today. You could definitely see a twinkle in all their eyes, with all this nice weather and sunshine; maybe that’s why they all came today….cabin fever? What ever the reason, nothing beats a day of full on play with a whole bunch of our doggie friends!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is almost here

What a great day to be a dog! Check out how Dog Star Ranch gave these dogs somethin' to bark about today... Thanx for another fabulous day of Daycare!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Race Day!

Toady was a bit sloppy, a little soggy and somewhat muddy, but it made for a great day of racing because that’s all these crazy daycare dogs did.
The first round went to the little guys. Sami and Aggie were running neck and neck and talking the whole way. Boogie jumped to the outside early, deciding he’d make his laps longer. Gilligan took control of the back field preferring to take his time. Coco had a bit of a late start, but she came on fast and finished strong neck and neck with a hop, skip, and a bounce for the finish.
The big guys took the next round and boy was it ever intense. They exploded out of the gate all fighting for position. Tristan squeezed out first and settled in on the outside rail. Gracie and Jackson pulled up behind him stride for stride bumping each other all the way. Casey and Buck pulled up short taking themselves out of the running when they got tripped up by tennis ball. Buddy flew past them heading for the front. Otis took his lead and pulled up behind him with Scout at his heels. Noah and Bode were sitting comfortable cutting the corners to pick up time. Lilly liked toying with the competition pulling forward and dropping back at her will. Aspen was with her all the way and Buster kept up too running right underneath her. Sasha stayed strong in the back field and Beau was making quick work of the field picking up lengths with every stride.
The day ended with the Big 5 taking the track. They moved through the starting gate calming. And when the bell rung they were off like a shot. Brady was out first with Jack right next to him fight for the lead. Phoebe was a length and a half back and coming on strong. Out of nowhere Konig pulled up next to Brady and took the lead then stopped to roll in the fresh sand on the track. Banjo preferred sticking close to her Jockey. It almost seemed like she’d rather cuddle than race, but as soon and Brady and Jack passed her she was back in the game and giving the boys a run for their money.
It certainly was an exciting race today. Everyone finished strong. We’d like to say a quick thank you to our loyal spectator Roo who devotedly cheered everyone on from the comfort of the couch and we’d like to thank our Jockey for allowing the racers to get her as muddy as they liked. What a great day for a race.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

On St Patrick’s Day we ask this blessing for our animals:

May your lives be filled with comfort and joy.
May your coats stay shining, your noses stay cold, and please may your breath stay sweet!
May the sun keep you warm when it is cold--and may the wind keep you cool when it is hot.
May each and every day be filled with adventure and be void of any woes.
May you always put a smile on the face of everyone you meet.
May your antics amuse and warm the hearts of all the humans you encounter.
May your friends be plentiful and your fleas be few.
May your owners always greet you, with a treat and a pat on the head.
May your bed remain warm, your food bowl stay full, and may you live a long and healthy life.
As your faithful owner indulges you, may God hold you close.
May we live in harmony with one another, and may this blessing be carried to animals everywhere.
Blessings to you all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Times on Soggy Grass and Melting Ice

Meggy, Sam B, Bo B, Champ, Emma, Faeden, Daphne, Frasier, Bo & Ramsey, Abby:
We played lots and lots of tag. Well, half of us did and it was super great fun. Faeden ran real fast, but Emma was faster. Daphne and Frasier liked to use team work to tag their opponents. And Sam was nimble and quick and teased everybody with a stick. Bo and Ramsey wrestled a bit and flirted with Abby. Abby trotted around to her own tune completely content with herself. Bo B. he looked for tennis balls the whole time and he actually found one frozen in some left over snow. Champ was a trooper her investigated every single corner of the park. He even found a missing glove.
Molly, Brady, Jack:
Now these three are really great running buddies. They’re all black and all fast and they ran loops around the park, around the star buddy and around each other. I think they made poor Katy a little dizzy. They definitely wore her out.
Rusty, Sissy, Harley, Dozer, Casey, Makers, Gilbert, Lilly, Milo, Lewie, Jazz, Brodie:
Now these guys got back to some spring time fetch. Jazz, Brodie, Casey, Rusty zoomed back and forth after that little yellow ball. And with the grass showing and the snow melting it made them run faster, turn sharper and the ball bounce higher. Lilly she liked stealing the ball and trying to run off with it. Makers and Gilbert were gunning for tons of attention today. They followed Katy around and around and got plenty of lovin’s for their trouble. Sissy Harley Dozer Lewie and Milo they were much more into wrestling and spent almost the whole time tumbling all over the hill. They’d toss each other down the hill and start all over again.
Aspen, Buck, Teddy, Rick:
Now these cute little puppies had plenty to do. They splashed in a puddle, bounced and blocks of ice, played tug of war with a stick, ran up and slid down the sand dune, wrestled in the grass and played some fetch. Aspen and Buck, they just showed the puppies how to do it better.
Coco, Lucy, Sebastian, Zack, Boogie:
It was a great day for the little guys. There were lots of their friends boarding for them to play with and there was lots of grass for them to play on. This got them super excited and caused quite the commotion. They were darting and jumping, zigging and zagging, spinning and turning, running here and there. They hopped over and tried to tunnel under each other and they came back to the office nice and muddy, ready to share their tales with all the Welcome buddies.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday March 13

Shall we start with the Bigs of the day or the Smalls? Howz about the Puppies? Okay, we’ll start with the Smalls and work our way up the wild and crazy Bigs…

Well Coco, Sami, Mika, and Boogie joined the mini’s of the boarding kids ~ Teddy, Diva, Jack Daniels, Benji, Pippen, Perkins, Cosmo, and Baxter. What a crowd! Liz definitely had her work cut out for her in this group. Up the hill, around the side, hiding in the hole, chase around the Star Buddy, it was an action packed day filled with a crisp spring breeze. Rock, Red, Phoebe, Aiko, and Banjo teamed together for some crazy chasin’ games around the Star Buddy Park. Yeehaw! Ozzie and Sybil are back for some more fun as well and they were ready to play! Bring on the fun! And who could forget the puppies of the day. Well they are growing so fast, I don’t know how much longer we can call Miss Buddy or Buckley pups. You guys are almost the size of the big dogs… Are ya ready for the Bigs of the day? Well, we have Rebel, Benny, Faith, Hope, Tristan, Sophie, Gracie, Jackson, Daphne, Fraiser, Faeden, Abby, Bo, and Ramsey. Wow, try to say that 10 times fast… This group was non-stop action and racin’ all over the park. It was another great day for the record books here at the Ranch.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well today was absolutely beautiful and 34 of us showed up for daycare. We had 4 new pups join us today, you can see their pictures in the callage to the right. Katy and Laddie went out with some of the older boarding dogs for their fieldtrip then headed for the grooming room, they say the trade off was worth it.
Winston was a litte nervous at first but it didn't take him long to loosen up and have fun, he made new friends canine and human.

Toby was happy go lucky and eased right into the group. He had a blast learning all the ropes.. and here to teach all the new pups were...O.K. are you ready for the list, this is in random order...

Here it goes, Sam B., Lewie, Tre& Stella, Keeli, Noah, Sophie, Beene, Brady, Belle, Smokie, Hans, Stell, Onyx, Copper, Aspen, Cole & Phoenix, Haley & Sisco, Abbey, Bo & Ramsey, Rock & Red,Faeden, CoCo... try to say that 3 times fast?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008

Ahh, the life of the dog... Everyone seemed to have another great day. They even did some tree climbin'! We even had a newbie join in the mix... Mr. Evan is with Buster and Beau and he is looking for a home to call his own. He definitely had a blast joining in the daycare mix...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Sunny Fun

It was super sunny today and everyone loves it when it’s sunny. So here’s the scoop, here’s what we did on a super sunny day.
Faeden Bosley Copper Jola Lilly Sam B Lewie Beene: They’re the big guys and they had a blast. Lewie and Beene are best friends and they ran all over the parks, wrestling and chewing on each other. Faeden she was enjoying digging up some snow and running circles around Jola. Mostly he loved getting loved on by Star Buddy Liz, but he loves a good romp with any of the other dogs too. Lilly and Bosley are a ton of fun. They’re both really tall and they love to lope all over the park playing keep away with sticks. Copper he loves everyone and he plays with everyone. He digs here, wrestles there, and chases everywhere.
Coco Boogie: It was just the two for daycare, but there were plenty of little pals boarding that could come out and play. There was Jack Lucy Pippin Cosmo Baxter Harry Perkins and Benji. The run was great. Coco and Boogie ran around with Perkins and Baxter and Pippin, they hunted up smells with Jack, played queen of the hill with Lucy and wrestled with Cosmo, Benji and Harry.
Elf Buckley Teddy: It was puppy heaven today. Elf and Buckley and Teddy were inseparable. And really full of energy. Star Buddy Liz tried to make herself useful, but the puppies preferred playing with the puppies. They ran up and down the sand dune and mulch mound and dirt hill. They traipsed through the melting snow and wrestled on the patches of grass peeking through the snow. They wore each other out.
Rock Red Thea Aspen: These guys well 3 guys and a girl definitely know how they like to have fun. Red and Aspen love to pick on each other; bumping into, tackling, chewing on and just basically romping all over the park. Rock he’s a bit more independent. He enjoys running around checking things out and then jumping in to wrestle with Red and Aspen when the mood strikes him. Thea, she just loves her fetch. A stick, a ball it doesn’t matter. She loves to chase it down, grab it up and bring it back whistling all the while. She is pretty talented. At fetch too, but I meant the whistling.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Fabulous Daycare Friday

“Small Doggies” of the day: Miss Coco, Sadie, and Boogie teamed up with Boarding Stars: Epi, Teddy, Jack Daniels, Lucy C, Charlie, Cosmo, Baxter, and Harrison. When we weren’t all out playing in the parks we were helping Jen and Carol run the Welcome Desk. We are wonderful little greeters! Out in the park we turned into Big Dogs! We raced up and down the hill, chased each other’s tails, and ended with a challenging game of Hide and Seek. We even got Star Buddies Katy and Sarah involved in that. I think the Little Dogs walked away with a win…

“Would you like some Medium Fries with that?”: Sammie B, Elf, and Meggy combined with Sammy, Molly, Kodi, Bailey, Max, Madeline, and Katie. Now this group put their noses to the grind stone and they were the top explorers of the day. No tree went un-sniffed, no fence line unchecked, and no hole left unexamined. The parks are in Tip-Top shape as far as we can tell…

“Family Bonding” time: Rockingham and Red team up with their bud, Gar, for some quality time. Out they go with one of the newer Star Buddies, Sarah. He he he… Let’s see if we can show her how we like to play… Catch us if you can. Rock and Red take off after the ball while Gar comes in from behind for the sneak attack…

“Four peas in a pod”: Banjo, Stella, and Phoebe joined together with Brady and Star Buddy Katy for some quality time. The ball was in the air and snow/sand was flying. This group was ready to play and make the most of the sunshine. No one could resist taking a roll around in what they could find, either crunchy snow or sandy dirt.

“Larger Pieces” of the puzzle: That leaves us with Buck, Aspen, Reggie, Lewie, Tre, Gilbert, Makers, KC, Lilly, Maggie, Chewy, Molly D, Jackson, and Maya. No one ever knows what to expect when you put all these happy pups together. It generally involves digging, running, wrestling, racing, and swimming (when the weather is right, summer has gotta be close…). It’s great to be a Dog Star!

All the Daystars are wishing their Star Buddy Liz a speedy recovery from the flu bug. They’ll be ready to get you back into action when you return…

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coppers Birthday

Happy Birthday Copper!

Daycare fun and the pictures say so!!!

The sun is shining and we are playing with our new friends.

Copper's Birthday was a hit, the star buddies were hyped up on chocolate brownies, while we had milk bones... yum. Star Buddy Becky brought in some new tennis balls and you see that on the video.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're all happy to see the sun again today!!!!

Oh boy the sun was shining all day today and we loved every minute of it!! Rock, Red, and Liz took our new groomer Amber on a tour of the star buddy park and the boys took their jobs as tour guide very seriously as they showed her every nook and cranny of the parks…and of course they made sure she learned right quick how to throw that tennis ball just rightJ Next out was our active group which consisted of Sam, Lewie, Sadie, Tre, Beene, Smokey, Fletcher, Sugar and Tristan. They managed to convince Liz to head over to the special use park where they haven’t had a chance to explore for quite a while because of the snow build up but now that its mostly all melting they had a BLAST checking out their old hang outs and sniffing all the new smells. Of course there were quite a few games of tag going on, almost made Liz dizzy just trying to keep an eye on everyone! Our little dogs were absolutely thrilled to finally have a nice warm (well, relatively speaking anyhow) and sunny day to play in; we had Coco, Goliath, Teddy, Aggie, Sami, Gilly, Boogie, along with quite a few of our smaller boarding guests who all teamed up to make our biggest group of the day, today the small dogs rule the ranch!!! They all ran and chased and smelled everything until they were completely worn out and decided to come back inside for a nice refreshing nap, I’m telling you these little guys sure do have the life. Last but not least was our all girl group, Banjo, Stella, Phoebe, Lilly, and Liz all headed over to the star buddy park where Stella and Lilly became fast friends and spent most of their time wrestling and chasing until they were both out of breath. Phoebe joined in on the wrestling fun every once in a while and the rest of the time she checked the fence line and made sure that everything was as it should be in the parks, Banjo was as always begging liz to play fetch with her and of course Liz was more than happy to oblige. Needless to say we’ve all had a wonderfully fun day, we sure hope we have many more like it!!!

Daystar Parents - We always love to get feedback from you so please feel free to post comments about what you think of our blogs and the daycare program here at the Ranch!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Did you do your homework today?

We did our homework! Check out our Math skills...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Slush, slush and more slush!

Well, it looks like all the snow is melting, so out in the park it was mostly all slush. All of us daystars loved it. The first group that went out to go play in all the slush first was Sugar, Fletcher, Abby, Colton, Gracie, Jola, Lewie, Lucy, Rebel, Tristan, Sam, and Copper. Rebel thought it was fun to hop in the slush and chase Sugar, Fletcher, Copper, and Abby while they played fetch. When she saw Tristan playing tag with Lucy, Jola, Sam, Colton, and Gracie she thought she would go and join in on the fun; Up and down and around the hill they went. After that run the next group to go was Sami, Boogie, Buck, Aspen, Sasha, and Rosie. Rosie liked running in the slush with Buck, who was playing fetch. Sami was hopping around the slush and enjoyed wrestling with Boogie.
The third group to go was Phoebe and Broker. Phoebe liked playing tag and chasing after Broker when she was playing fetch. Red and Rock was the forth group to go on the run. Star buddy Becky took them to the star buddy park to play fetch. The slush didn’t slow them down at all. Banjo got to go with Broker, Buck and Aspen. Banjo would race them to get the ball. Becky made sure that we all got turns to get the ball. All of us Day Stars had a blast and are hoping to come back to play in the slush soon.