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Friday, February 29, 2008

Walkin in a Doggie Wonderland

"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin
"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." - Franklin P Jones
Walkin in a Doggie Wonderland

Dog tags ring, are you listenin'?

In the lane, snow is glistenin'.

It's yellow, NOT white I've been there tonight,

Marking up my winter wonderland.
Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.

It's a sign for wandering vagrants;

"Avoid where I pee, it's MY pro-per-ty!

Marked up as my winter wonderland."
In the meadow dad will build a snowman,

following the classical design.

Then I'll lift my leg and let it go Man,

So all the world will know that it's mine-mine-mine!
Straight from me to the fence post,

flows my natural incense boast;

"Stay off my TURF, this small piece of earth,

I marked it as my winter wonderland."


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy birthday to
Sami Johnson...
she is 10 years old today but doesn't look a day over 4.
If you don't believe us check out the video from yesterday, she is a mover and a shacker.

Kirby was here today which is always fun, he is a good boy. He played with Rebel, Aiko, Brodie, Otis, Stella, Sophie, Jackson, and Buddy. Stella and Sophie were so happy to see him, they are all old friends. They made sure his fur was full of snow balls before he was groomed. Of course the youngsters had to get involved when they saw what fun they were having.

Copper and Konig escorted Miss Phoebe on her Field trips, which went well, the boys did some wrestling while Phoebe circled them and played with Rich (one of her favorite human guys).

Buckley, Sam & Frodo and the Johnson clan went out and did some romping around. Sami and Roo asked to go in a bit early, they have alot less coat then the guys do. Besides Sami wanted to keep getting the extra attention for her big day.
Sam and Fro also came back packed with snow on their bellies, a bath and a hair cut will take care of that little problem... "Oh, man." they say "Not again, we like the snow balls."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Winter Fun Part 2

We had some very special guests come out and enjoy the parks. Our friends from Bellwether Harbor in Fremont brought Lucky Boy and Miss Maddie down to use the Special Use Park today. These kids are looking for homes to call their own. Interested?

Wednesday Winter Fun

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Times at the Ranch!

Gracie Hans Buddy Colton Noah Casey Rebel Sara Beau Rusty:
We’re quite the crew and tons of fun. We love to romp and run. Gracie ran out front just begging for someone to chase her. Beau was more than willing to oblige. Rebel and Sara were two of a kind today. They wrestled, chased and tackled each other the whole time. Noah and Colton and Buddy became the best of friends they chased after each other chewed on each other and pawed at each other. Casey was on his never ending search for and tennis ball and once he found one Hans was his new best friend, bouncing all around him. And all the while you could here; The most wonderful thing about Hanses is Hanses are a wonderful things, their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs. They’re bouncy, flouncy, trouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. The most wonderful about Hanses is I’m the only one.

Phoebe Konig:
Lizzy took us out for our walk and boy did we have fun. There was all this snow and a cool new snow fort to play on. But before the snow could be fully enjoyed, Konig had to chase Phoebe and then Phoebe had to chase Konig. Then it was snow time. Phoebe dug up a nice hole, Konig snow plowed his way down the sand hill and rolled in the snow that Phoebe had just dug up while she ran circles around all of it. Liz decided watching the two of them was enough to make her tired.

Maggie Chewy Millie Precious Belle:
Maggie and Chewy had a girls’ day out. There were some super fun boarding dogs at the Ranch that need some friends to play and nobody makes friends like Maggie and Chewy. They chased after Millie and wrestled with precious and got a little dizzy trying to watch Belle run circles around and underneath them. Then of course there was snow to roll in and Katy to rub on. Everyone says that girls just want to have fun, and that just what they had.

Buster Buckley Aspen:
There were just two puppies today, but they had more than enough energy for four puppies. Buckley and Buster made fast friends they loved to wrestle and romp, jumping from couch to couch in the luxury loft. Then it was time for their walk and Big Brother Aspen was there to teach some of the finer point of play time. He showed them how to run real fast, but he always let them catch him. Then he showed them how to catch snow balls and dig holes. Then of course he had to show them proper tug-o-war technique and of course he taught them how to talk and talk and talk. All in all it was a very educational run.

Boogie Lucy Bo Buddy Aggie:

Then it was time for the little guys to go for a run and while Bo B isn’t exactly little he loves to go with the little guys because then he can be a ball hog and he loves to play fetch. Buddy and Aggie a couple of boarding pals joined the run with Boogie and Lucy and Bo too. Buddy he’s a pugeal and he fit right in with Boogie and Lucy who went tearing all over the park. They may be little but they certainly are fast. Aggie she likes to run too, but in smaller doeses. Mostly she likes to flirt with Boogie and Buddy when they stop running for a minute, but then Lucy zips past them and they’re off to the races again.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter fun on a Monday

So the sun may not have been shining, but that never slows us down. We had a great day with our fav Star Buddies ~ Becky and Katy. It's great to be a dog...

Definitely another fabulous start to the week of Daycare fun. Be looking for more adventures to be had every day...

Friday, February 22, 2008

More birthday fun to be had by all

One of our favorite gals is celebrating her birthday here at the Ranch with all her buds. Miss Phoebe is celebrating her THIRD birthday today and I say we through a Dog Star styled party for her! What a fabulous day! The sun is shining and the dogs are smiling!
Miss Phoebe, thanx for spending your special day with us. We loved being a part of it. And all the Star Buddies want to say thank you for the Subway lunch. Always a favorite :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now that's a Frisbee!

Alright, it's time for some fun, but this time Becky brought along some toys for us to play with. We hope she doesn't want them back! Everyone gave it their best shot to try and demolish each toy, and their combined efforts were very sucsessful!

We also had Salena stop in and say hi, she's a Foster Dog looking for a nice place to call home. If you have any questions call
Dog Star Ranch at

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowy fun and smiles and laughs

Okay, now who do you think had the most fun today... The Star Buddies or the Daystars. We'll let you be the judge. We have some fun filled video footage of the big dogs enjoying the day, but big or small, all the Daystars had a blast! (Kinda makes you want to join your pups in Daycare, doesn't it) Thank you for letting your special companions spend their snowy Wednesday with us. We had a super duper day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jacksons Snowtastic Birthday Hoopla

Happy Birthday Jackson! Let's show everyone how we celebrated the special occasion...

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Great Day!

We've been so busy playing that instead of writing ourselves we thought we'd share some poems that reminded us of us. Enjoy!

Mischief by Judi Walker
Black and cute, I'm sitting mute

With mischief on my mind.

I'm always on the lookout for

Fun of every kind.

No growl or bark to tell on me,

Just sitting here until

I build up all my energy

To run in for the kill.

My mum has put her washing out,

It really is a shame.

But I must swing on all the hems,

Maybe you will get the blame.

If I can just pull something down,

A wooden peg falls free.

That is good 'cause then I can Chew it up, you see.

I really have to go right now,

My mum is going in.

Her favourite cardigan is swinging there

To sink my milk teeth in.

Sir Barks-A-Lot by Cathy Marthers
I bark at air, I bark at dark,

I bark at sounds, I bark to bark,

A car on the street, a knock at the door

Gives me a reason to bark even more.

I like to be seen and I love to be heard.

I run in the yard and I bark at the birds.

My real name is Jake, not Rover or Spot

So why do they call me Sir Barks-A-Lot?

Exercise: Dog and Heart by Taylor Graham
How reluctantly this master comes
to the notion of running! Health,

he says; his heart: that single-

minded human purpose, as thin

as the leather lead he clips

To my collar, barely containing

my joy at running! Let the old

heart take care of itself.

Oh, we'l leave our own latched

gate so far behind, when every

dirt road opens onto fields

full of smells that never fit

in a human's nose. How slowly

master's stubbled legs must jog

up the hill! My four, feathered,

can catch a cloud on the fly.

A good dog outruns his leash,

leaving master to huff and chug

in time to the gulp of his lungs

and beat of his aerobic heart.

Just listen, how soft the cry

of master so far behind me,

calling commands to his dog

his heart, to everlasting spring.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

At the heart of Dog Star Ranch was A VALENTINE DAYCARE

HUGS and
FROM YOUR DAY STAR DOGS!!At the heart of Dog Star Ranch today was daycare and all its activities. Julie chased us all over the place today with a big kiss, red roses and pink roses to take our pictures. So we could smile big for
We hope you like them.
We had a singing valentine, flower deliveries and alot of hugs and kisses and treats from all the star buddies. Of course our daily field trips and play. All of us had a blast here at the ranch.
Happy Birthday Dozer!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Loads of winter fun had by all

Feb. 13, 2008 ~ Today we have some winter wonderland fun captured on video! Liz took another crack at being a director and we feel it was a success, but you be the judge...
Take a glance at the pups playing in the feet of snow in the Star Buddy Park. It was another great day...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

Sami, Roo, Lucy, Boogie & RooToday it was pretty cold and there was lots of snow all drifted deep in the park, but that’s okay we still went out for a little run. Mostly we ran laps on the trail that the Star Buddies have packed down for us. Then we went back inside and ran around in the office with some other friends. We barked at new customers, telling them all about the fun we were having and we took turns napping on the bed under the desk and then of course we got cuddles from Jen and Rich. It was another wonderful day of daycare.
MontanaIt was my first day back at the Ranch in a long time so I got to check things out and get reacquainted with Star Buddy Katy. I helped her do the poop coops so we got to go into almost every single park; Small Dog, Active Dog, Special Use and the Canine Express. It was so cool. I even got to say hi to some dogs. I saw Buster first, he was a big Rotty and pretty cool to boot. Then I met Aspen, and he barks a lot. I saw some little dogs too. It was great. I hope I can visit again soon.
Beau, Buster, Tristan, Tre, Lilly, Rebel, Jackson, Beene, Bo B, Stella, Aspen, BuckWe all had such a great time. We mean, we’re all almost puppies and everyone knows that puppies have the most fun. We chased each other a lot, well, we hopped around a lot, that snow was deep. Well, Lilly didn’t have to hop. When we were hopping after each other we spent a lot of time wrestling, and running up to Katy and Liz for some cuddles. Then, Tre, Buck and Aspen kept stealing tennis balls so of course we chased them around. Next, we got hold of Stella’s leash and we played tug-of –war. After that, we all took turns giving Bo B kisses just so we could hear him grumble, he sounds just like a big old lion. And finally, we finished of the day with some couch time. It was an awesome day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Snowy Day at the Ranch

Ya know, the snow just keeps on piling down, but that never slows up the Daycare kids. Enjoy these photos of your kids "plowing" through the snow of the Star Buddy Park with smiles on their faces...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow snow and more snow

What a day! We start the day with 10 dogs on the schedule for Daycare, but they never stopped coming! We finished the day with 28 Daycare dogs plus the boarding Dog Stars! Fabulous!

Time to bundle up, Star Buddies! Let’s take on the snow covered sand dune of the Star buddy Park. We have the whole crew here today – Carol, Rich, Jen, Katy, Liz, Lorri, and Sarah. Looks like a full house to start off the weekend. Well, let’s make the most of it and take to the snow! Yeehaw! Have a great weekend and we can't wait to see you all again next week :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow...oh yeah, it did!

With all that snow (about11 inches) it was hard for the Star Buddies to keep up with all the fun and flying snow! The Daycare kids were taking a snow day today! Hurray for snow!

There were some Tucker Out Dogs that were lucky enough to join some of the fun that the daycare dog seem to hog all to themselves. Welcome Kira, Sophie, Ele, and Even. They had tons of fun and then headed off to the grooming room to get all cleaned up!:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lights Camera Action Part 2

Rock and Red wanted to add their input as well. Everyone had a great day. Stay warm and safe this wintery evening!

Lights Camera Action

Wednesday, Feb 6 2008

Howz about something special for all you Daystar parents today… Now this is the first time that we have tried this, so please bear with our amateur filmmaker skills (although I have to say that you did a good job today, Liz). Today we decided to put the video camera to work and share with you a day of Daycare at the Ranch. Today we focused mainly on the small dogs since this was our first go-around, but keep your eyes open for the large dog group in the future. Post your comments and let us know what you think. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!
Well it looks like the video idea is going to be a great one, but us big guys were in too much of a hurry to go play for Liz to get the camera ready to capture usJ. We all really enjoyed all the snow that was falling! Lewie, Tristan, Samantha, Rebel, and Beene all had a blast playing tag and wrestling with each other, it really is hard to tell who was winning but it was easy to see that they were all having a grand time together. Tre and Sam hunted down the tennis ball and even convinced Liz to throw it more than a few times, she tried hiding it once so that her arm could get a rest but Tre found it in no time flat, does that mean he’s smarter than Liz?? Hmmmm. Bode, Marley Bob, and Stella all did a little of everything they ran, they wrestled, they chased, they even caught the ball a few times. Everyone definitely made the most of their day today. Sasha took it easy today and spent some of her day helping Julie out in Pup Paradise; she really enjoyed having Julie all to herself because that means she got extra petting and hugs.

Sleep tight tonight all you happy Daystars!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Now, this is our kind of Slushy!

Hey, what’s a slushy? We don’t know, but today was just plain, good old fashion fun. The snow was melting and turning to slush and that was pretty cool. Us big guys (Lilly, Rusty, Rebel, Buck, Sasha, Sadie, Casey, Beau, Buster, Tristan, Rebel, Jackson & Beene) we had so much fun. First we chased each other all around the park, because that’s what dogs do best, or one of the things we do best. Then we found a whole that was all full of snowy slush water and mud (we’ve missed the mud) and we dug in that for a while. It was great. Then ran up and down the sand hills and jumped in the snow piled up at the bottom. After that we dug some holes in the side of the hills. And we finished up with some more romping and wrestling. Us little guys (Bo, Goliath, Boogie & Sami) we loved our run too. We mostly just love to run and run and run. Well, Bo he generally just likes running after balls, but we love running after each other and Katy says we’re just like little zaps of furry lightning. And since the snow melted it isn’t so deep so we can run even faster. But as much as we love running outside we also hanging out and cuddling up with Roo and Jen in the office. Me (Phoebe), I thought today was fabulous. I love running around in the slippery slush ‘cause I get to slide to a stop instead of just stopping the old boring way. And the sliding stops aren’t the only awesome thing. When the snow melts there are always new smells that come to the surface and then I dig after them and shove my nose in the dirt to get a good whiff. Hey, if this is a slushy, can we have one everyday!?!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb. 4, 2008

Everyone loves a great day at Daycare! Check out all the smiling faces of the different dogs that have somethin' to bark about! Everyone had a great day despite the rainy weather :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Angels Anyone

What a great day for some snow filled fun! We are lovin' this winter wonderland, but don't just take our woofs for it, check it out for yourselves!