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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A picture's worth a thousand barks

What a wonderful snow day we had, our daycare doesn't get cancelled when it snows too much, we all figure it's that much more to plow through. There were a total of 26 of us here today which made our day really enjoyable. It's the last day of January which means we are one month closer to swimmin' in the pond. Hey! we can dream can't we?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What to do in freezing cold weather??

What to do in freezing cold weather???

Well that’s a simple answer, the same thing we do everyday, HAVE FUN!!!! This is Liz here to write the daycare journal today, lets see if I can catch everyone up on what we’ve been doing today. Due to the weather we weren’t able to play outside but that’s ok we still managed to have some good fun playing indoors. Lewie teamed up with one of our boarding pups, Cora, and they had a blast playing in the daycare area. A couple young pups, a couple toys, some space to goof off, and one crazy star buddy is a recipe for a good time! Sam, Bo, and Ramsey decided early on in the day that they would alternate between napping on the couch, looking out the window, and helping Jen in the front office. Liz did manage to convince them to take some time to go chase a few balls down in the arena, but then they went right back to work helping JenJ. Rock and Red got their chance to check out the arena and chase some balls, or shall I say Red chased some balls while Rock chased Red. Needless to say they both did some running and some chasing, followed by some quality time helping Jules in Pup Paradise a job which they both greatly enjoyed. Phoebe also took a quick spin around the arena before deciding that the cold really isn’t her thing and she would much rather be helping out inside the building, she also enjoyed helping Jules out and even took time for a nap or two on the couch. And that pretty much sums up our daycare day, we hope everyone is having a safe and warm day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Important Reminder

For all of you Daystars that use the Dog-Gone-Waggin', we would like to remind you that when local schools are closed due to weather (such as Norton Shores, Fruitport, Muskegon areas) the Waggin' will NOT be running. This is for the safety of all the dogs and the driver. The Daycare Program itself does not have Snow Days and is always up and running, but the Waggin' may not be. Thank you for understanding and thank you for choosing us to care for your canine companion. Have a great day!

Slushy Snow and Lots of Fun

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Sami, Roo, Scooter, Rocket, Boogie, Bo B: Today was so much fun. Well sure it was a little wet, but that doesn’t matter all that much. I (Sami) got to smell all these really cool smells and I got to check out this mound of snow that used to be a snowman. We (Boogie & Rocket) ran all over the park like wild, crazy dogs. It was a blast. I (Scooter) explored the park with Star Buddy Katy and got plenty of lovin’s to boot. I (B0) played fetch the whole time, it was awesome, but let me tell you what that slushy snow is tricky I almost lost the ball a couple of times. And I (Roo) got to cuddle under the desk on the super soft doggy bed, and I got to cuddle in Jen’s lap. I just love that.
Phoebe & Aspen: We had a great time in all that slush. I (Phoebe) chased Aspen around while he was playing fetch, then we decided to dig as many holes as we could.
Molly & Bear: We loved our run, it was awesome. I (Bear) got to dig down to the grass and dirt and check out all the smells that had been hiding under the snow. And I (Molly) I just ran and ran and ran. The snow didn’t slow me down one bit, it was actually kind of fun to kick up snow and water while I was running.
Lilly, Rebel, Tristan, Belle, Jackson, Odie, Cora: We’re pretty much one big puppy pile and let us tell you, we had a riot on our walks. Lilly’s big and tall and she loves to run and we love to jump up and try to get as tall as her. But mostly she likes to chase Tristan and Tristan likes to chase her. He runs under her around her and sometimes he even jumps over her. Rebel and Cora they love to wrestle and they wrestled all the time. Jackson, Odie and Belle they loved running and chasing each other. Odie was trying to herd everyone, Jackson just loved running in big wide circles. Belle she ran like her brother Beau (she’s been taking lessons), she runs fast and everywhere.
Beau, Casey, Stella, Noah, Sadie, Rusty, Colton, Lewie: Don’t think that all the fun has already been had, because we had a spectacular time too. Casey & Rusty were crazy for fetch, they played the whole time. They always found the ball even when it got buried in the snow. Stella loved to chase the dogs, not the balls, she thinks furry dogs with four legs and a tail are a lot more fun than just plain tennis balls. Colton & Noah they’re the best of buds, they hung out, chewed on each other, wrestled and chased each other. They explored the whole park together. Sadie & Lewie & Beau, they love to run so they ran. They ran in big circles around the group trying to tease some friends into chasing them and when no one was chasing them, they’d dive into the action and chase some of the other dogs. And sometimes they’d just chase each other.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, Jan. 28

Abbey, Jola, Sam, Samantha, Copper, Seth, Tristan, Max, Brady, and Lucy, raced to see who could get out to the park first. Tristan was first in the park and then Samantha was right be hind him. Those two took off playing tag with each other. Then there was Max who played fetch with Brady, Copper, Abbey, Lucy and Sam. When Abbey got the ball she enjoyed having everyone chase her up and down the sand hill. Seth thought that looked like fun so he joined that chase.
The next group to go was Phoebe, Hans, Maggie Banjo, and Konig. Konig was showing everyone how to roll down the sand hill and Phoebe and Maggie chased him down the hill. Banjo and Hans thought playing fetch was a lot better game to play. Red and Rock went flying into the park and telling Katy to run to let them in the park. When they were in the park they played fetch. It was easy to find the ball today because the snow was packed down. Next up was Lucy, Charlie, Sami, and Boogie who played tag. Lucy also liked to roll in the snow and Charlie thought it would be fun to start wrestling with her. Lucy got up right a way and took off running and spinning around Charlie and Sami starting chasing Lucy. Roo liked helping Jen in the office today and got lots from treats from the star buddies.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A whirl wind day.

Friday, January 25, 2008 ~ * ~ Hey Star Buddies! We’re READY!!!
1 – Casey, Makers, Gilbert, Bo, Ramsey, Noah, Lewie, Molly, Brady, Jazz, Bosley, Lilly, Rusty
2 - Pookey, Sam, Frodo, Goliath, Boogie, Gilligan, Mika, Kora, Reggie, Meg
3 - Elf, Sasha, Bo B, Sam B, Bodean, Buck, Aspen
4 - Banjo & Phoebe & Frankie
5 - Stoney & Spring
6 - Konig & Thea
7 - Rock & Red
The groups, they kind of look like a Tornado, and well frankly, that’s a pretty accurate description of Friday Daycare. So, here’s the scoop.
Group 1 – they rumbled around. They ran and chases and wrestled each other to the ground. They ate snow balls and tried to play some fetch, but they kept losing the ball.
Group 2 – they were sprinting like rabbits. In chest deep snow, it hard to run without hopping, but snow aside they zipped all over the park.
Group 3 – Cora a little shepherd puppy joined them and Elf and Cora were inseparable. The wrestled and ran and had a grand time and so did the rest of their group, the older ones just made sure the little guys didn’t play too rough.
Group 4 – They knew just what to do. Konig grabbed his leash and the chase was on, but of course chase wasn’t the only thing they did, they also cuddle and played some fetch.
Group 5 – They have it down pat. They start with a little fetch, then move to some chasing, before they get down and dirty with the wrestling and then they finish up with some star buddy cuddles.
Group 6 – They’re new friends, but don’t think that slowed them down any. Flirting, chasing, wrestling and fetching was the order of the day for these two. And they did it so well.
Group 7 – they definitely know what they’re doing. They headed to the Special Use Park, but instead of a game of fetch, they played frontier explorers, checking out all the trees, shrubs, branches, and holes. They certainly are great explorers and they do it so fast too.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wintery January 24, 2008

Can you guess who had the most fun? Daycare dogs or Daycare dogs or Daycare Dogs?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Today was super AWESOME!!! It snowed and snowed and snowed last night and there was tons of fresh, fluffy, white snow to play in. Brand new snow is always the most fun. Buster, Beau, Bo, Harmony, Jackson, Maggie, Casey, Aspen, Sadie, Frankie and Frosty got to go out first and there was snow flying in a matter of minutes. Beau, Jackson, Frosty and Buster chased each other everywhere. They actually looked a lot like deer the way they bounced through the snow. Jackson was up to his elbows, Beau and Frosty were chest deep and Buster was almost over his head, but they didn’t let that stop them. And when they took a break from chasing they’d run over to Harmony to paw, climb and play all over her. She’s really the best puppy-sitter. Bo was having a blast rolling in the snow, and burying his head in the snow looking for tennis balls. Frankie and Casey each already found a ball and carried it around like a duck that was forever being retrieved (yeah, Frankie’s not a retriever, but he’d probably be really good at it given the opportunity). Aspen loved running around and barking at everyone. Star Buddy Katy said that he was a loud mouth, but Aspen didn’t really mind. He even got Sadie to run around for a while. She’s really fast when she decides to run. Maggie looked great in her cute blue coat and she was having a pretty good time running around checking out all the sights around the park. But her favorite part was curling up on the couch afterwards. Lucy, Boogie, Rocket, and Scooter went for a run next. The big guys had been kind enough to run the snow down a little for the little guys. Rocket, Lucy and Boogie are really three of a kind and really that’s a pretty good hand in any poker game, but here at the Ranch it’s even better. Those three chased each other everywhere. They ran along the fence, up and down the hills, past the snowmen, around the snow fort, through Katy’s legs, and across the open field. Katy said she got dizzy just watching them go. Scooter he was really much more content to wonder with Katy, well, behind Katy. She was a pretty good snowplow which was excellent when the snow was great because the snow was really, really deep. Scooter was really happy to curl up with Jen in the office and so were Rocket, Lucy and Boogie after Rich got all those snowballs off their fur. Konig, Phoebe, and Banjo headed next and they had a blast. You know, we’ve never actually seen a white giant Schnauzer, but Konig was kind enough to give us a demonstration. He rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and rubbed and rubber and rubber and rubber his entire body in snow. He almost disappeared a couple of times. Phoebe she was much more interested in running in the snow than in rolling in it, but the funny thing is that she was pretty well coated with snow too. Banjo she was content to play with her ball. She chewed on it, dug at it, carried it around and fetched it. Then of course she had to get plenty of lovin’s from Katy. All in all it was a great day. All the doggies love brand new, super fluffy snow.

Monday, January 21, 2008


On a day like today with lots of big, fat snowflakes and jumbo snow drifts there’s really only one thing to do and that is – HAVE SOME FUN!!!
Copper, Ginger, Jola, Milo and Sam were all really one in the same. They were wrestling like crazy. They attacked snowmen, played king of the snow fort, white washed themselves (they really are crazy) and they played snow tag, which is exactly the same as regular tag except that there’s snow. Copper loved to flop in the snow and when the snow settled Ginger was right there to climb all over him and to give lots kisses. Milo, now he was a fan of waggin’ his but in the air while teasing Jola into a good game of chase. Sam felt like she was fishing when she was hunting for a stick. She had to take a deep breath and plunge her head into the snow and them she’s come with lots of snow on her face and most of the time nothing else.
Then of course Phoebe had to go for her run and that meant she got to prance around in her beautiful coat. And guess what she thinks that snow is as much fun as sand. She runs really, really fast, in these big circles and then she dives into the snow and she digs and digs and digs. Then she pops her head up and does it again and loves every singe minute of it.
Rock & Red, well now can you guess what they did? You bet there was definitely some fetch involved but it was even better than normal because when the ball dropped they had to nose dive into to some snow and make a tunnel like a gopher and hope they came up with the ball. Red actually makes a pretty good gopher, Rock he makes a pretty good bunny, with all that jumping and pouncing about he does in the snow. Then of course they rolled each other over wrestled around, acted like a couple of mountain goats climbing all over the snow fort and then it was time for a little more fetch.
Lewie, Bo, Bodean, Sasha, and Buck, they made a pretty great group. It was nice and calm for Lewie and Bo too. There was some fetch on Bo and Buck’s part. I mean really could you get them not to play fetch and then of course Sasha she had to make some snow angels (with tails). She must have rolled out about ten of them on the walk. She’s really good at the snow angels. And Lewie he tried a little of everything. Although he missed the part of fetch where you actually bring the ball back and he lost interest in the snow angels after about three, but there were plenty of other snow piles to dig in, snowmen to chew on and hills to run up and down. You just can’t keep the boy down. The Bos just shook their heads at the craziness of puppies and Buck barked for the ball. Aspen & Frankie, now they’re quite a pair. Frankie was a fetch machine and Aspen did his best to run interference, steal the ball, cherry pick, distract and obstruct and just generally cause havoc, but Frankie he was determined and he fetched that ball through, snowflakes and snowdrifts, around snowmen, over hills and past snow forts. It was pretty spectacular and then he decided to humor Aspen and he wrestled and chased Aspen all over the park. Aspen was plenty happy with that and so was Frankie.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yahoo, there sure are alot of Daycare pals here today!

Yahoo, there sure are a lot of Daycare pals here today! Star Buddy Becky rounded up the troops and headed them out for their runs. Boo, Buddy, Jackson, Otis, Rosy, Precious, Copper, Axel, and Molly all decide that a giant game of tackle tag was in order. They just never seem to run out of energy, and it’s a good thing there is snow on the ground or everyone would be coming home with grass stains. Bo B, Bo, Ramsey, Sophie, Noah, and Abby were all about chasing those tennis balls. Becky’s poor arm was definitely put to the test! Meg, Stella, Lucy, Bodean, and Sasha headed out for their turn. Lucy got Stella to play chase, she just loves running and having fun and Stella likes the exercise that way when she comes inside she can sleep on the couch. Kora, Gilly, and Mika were right hot on their heels zigging this way and that, talk about full of themselves. It must be a build up of energy from all that sleeping upfront.J Bodean stole some tennis balls and was dropping them at Becky’s feet so she would throw them. Sasha and Meg got some love from Becky and made sure everyone got along. They make the perfect team for keeping an eye on everyone. Elf got her chance to go and romp and Aspen and Sasha joined in for some fun! She took off running and bouncing everywhere, with all this new playtime freedom she didn’t know where to start first! She made the best of it climbing some hills rolling in the snow and trying to bring out the puppy in Aspen, but he wasn’t doing it. Not bad for a days work, all the dogs are pooped and Becky’s tongue is hanging out. Everyone is going home happy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wed., Jan. 16

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 ~ So, here’s the scoop.
Group Small: Adios, Teddy, Boogie, Bo, Bodean. They were joined by Pippin who was visiting the Ranch. They headed out to the Star Buddy Park and were mid-play in no time. Teddy and Boogie were wrestling fiends, then Boogie led the way while Pippin gave chase. Adios was hot on their heels and for a little guy he was moving really fast. Then Teddy decided he tried to play fetch and Bodean & Bo were teaching him a thing or two, like how to fit three balls in his mouth and the best way to grab a grounder and catch a pop fly. Well, Teddy thought that was fun, but then Adios raced past him and he decided it was time for another wrestling match and this time everyone joined in, except for Bodean & Bo who were having too much fun counting their balls. Well, they don’t really know how to count, but they were giving it their best shot.
Group Wild: Beene, Blackie, Faith, Hope, Casey, Rusty, Sam, Smokey, Tre, Sasha, Buck. These guys are definitely wild and it sure is great. Casey, Tre, Buck and Rusty were up to their usual tricks. They were after ball after ball after ball. When one fetched it the others chased and when the others fetched the rest chased. The stole balls and balls hogged and just generally had a grand old time. But they weren’t the only ones in the park. Faith and Hope were out and about. They roamed the hills and searched the valley. Do you think anyone told them they were labs not wolves? Well, Blackie doesn’t really care what they are he just thinks they are the cutest girls in the world and so he runs circles around them showing off all his Border Collie moves. Now Beene she thinks Blackie is pretty darn cool and so she chases him, giving her best Border Collie impression, but Blackie has enough to handle with just two girls. So, Beene figured it was time to give Smokey a run for his money. Smokey didn’t mind at all, he loves his Beene. It’s so much fun trying to catch a dog that jumps that much. Sam and Sasha were having a blast teasing and trying to steal all the balls and sticks they could get their paws on. They’re really two of a kind, a little bossy, a lot flirty, super cuddly and definitely quite the pair of teases.
Group Run: Bear & Molly. Now These two have it down. Bear he’s the explorer. He finds all the new smells, holes, and places to see. He’s slow and steady but he covers a lot of ground. Molly, she likes to lag behind and run in huge circles. She loves to play catch up and chase other dogs up and down the fence and the check in with the star buddy for a good back scratch. But then of course if Molly gets a back scratch then Bear had to have one too.
Group Fetch: Red & Rock. Fetch, well that’s the name of the game here. Well actually it’s more like fetch for Red and chase for Rock. He’s a lot more interested in getting a piece of his brother than getting the ball, unless of course he can beat his brother to the ball which certainly makes Rock happy and frustrate Red just a little. But then brothers always have to give each other a hard time.
Group Wrestle: Aspen & Stella. Rough and ready it the phrase here, they love to wrestle and run and tag and tug. They started with some running and moved on to some tagging. Then of course came the wrestling. Stella’s big with lots of muscle, but Aspen’s wiry and really tough. He spins away she tackles, then she rolls out and Aspen jumps on and around. Well then, after all that, there was still time for some tug of war with the leash and Star Buddy Liz just didn’t know where they got their energy from.
Group Bellwether Harbor: Kinko, Max, Porky. Now how cute are they? See for yourself. They took over the Special Use Park today and had a rockin’ good time. They said hi to our Daycare pals who were playing on the other side of the fence. Then of course there was a friendly competition to see who had the most fun. Daycare put in a strong showing and so did Bellwether. They ran real fast and kicked up some snow, then of course they had to spin some circles and talk all about the fun they were having. Then they had to run to Carmen for some cuddles. Well now, you may be asking, who won the most fun game, but really are there any losers in the fun game. Kinko, Max, and Porky are certainly winners and lots of fun too, and they’d love bring some of the fun to you. Kinko, Max, and Porky are all looking for homes to call their very own…

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Today was another terrific day at the Ranch. And here’s what our Daycare dogs had to say about it.
Beau & Aspen: We’re race cars with fur and tails, nobody could catch us. Aspen even provided those race car noise and that was really fun.
Lilly F & Brady: We’re the best of friends now. We both loved hanging out on the couches in the morning and chasing each other all through the snow in the afternoon.
Jackson & Ginger: We’re both super cute and had the best time jumping on each other and rolling in the snow.
Tristan & Samantha: I love Samantha, and I love everyone. We had tons of fun chewing and wrestling with each
Banjo & Hans: We’re both just plain ball crazy. We always had to have a ball and sometimes we’d switch, but we always had a ball and that’s just awesome.
Konig & Phoebe: Mostly we just love chasing each other up and down the hills, well Konig mostly slides down the hills, but that provides me with the perfect opportunity to pounce.
Bo & Roo: We both just love office time, couches, laps and anything else that’s warm and soft and where the people are.
Sami & Lucy & Boogie: We both just love to run, we zoom all around the park, Liz just doesn’t know how we do it with our little legs, but that easy to explain, we’re super dogs.
Lily G & Buster: We’re both just plain crazy for each other. We wrestle, chew, chase, and jump all over each other. Jen says we wear her out just watching us, but she says that puppies are always just full of it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Snow Day!!! - Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Snow Day!!! - Monday, January 14, 2008
Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow! And it was great, cause we love, love, love a good old snow day. The first group to go for a run was the small dog group: Scooter, Rocket, Sami, Bo B., Bodean, Sasha, Buck, Boogie, Gilligan, Josie, Cody and Toby. We were pretty darn awesome if we do say so ourselves. Rocket and Boogie were wild and fast, they zoomed all over the place. Sami, she just loved to dash here and there and occasionally get a quick cuddle from Star Buddy Katy. Scooter, his favorite part was the big hill, he just loved being so tall. Bo B. he was on a mission to find a snow covered tennis ball and of course get a much deserved back scratch from Katy. Bodean he was there looking for something to carry around in his mouth, after all he is a retriever. Sasha, she’s the queen of snow and just loved rolling and rolling in it. Buck he was the king of fetch, he ran here and there and everywhere for a tennis ball. Gilligan he chased Josie around and let her chase him, they were both quite a pair of flirts. Then of course there was Cody and Toby. They certainly are two of a kind. They tagged each other all around the park, bounced in to play with Sasha and chase Boogie and Rocket and they bounced out to investigate some really interesting smells. The next group to go for a run was the big, crazy group: Jola, Lewie, Tristan, Colton, Daisy, Lucy, Copper, Cooper, Noah, Sam, Bo, Ramsey, Abby, Reggie, Aspen, and Jock. They definitely live up to there name. They were all over the place. Jola, Bo, Ramsey, and Noah were running in this golden pack, jumping and chasing each other and rubbing their faces in the snow. Cooper and Tristan they were having a blast racing each other around the park. Daisy thought that looked like a lot of fun and did her best to join. Sam, well she was up to her usual tricks teasing all the other dogs with sticks and tennis balls. Beene and Lewie, now they’re a pair of puppies through and through, they chased and chewed and romped and wrestled around the entire park. Colton and Reggie they had a blast they bounced around each other in circles in what looked like a very artistic and graceful game of dancing tag. Abby, she was her own woman always content to walk her own way and have a grand old time standing on top of the hill overlooking her domain. Aspen, well he was in everybody else’s business unless he had a stick, then he was just running in big circles playing keep away. Copper, now he just could make up his mind, so he decided he’d have to play with everyone. Rock and Red they were the next to go and go they certainly did. They ran and wrestled each other and played king of the hill, then they settled in for a magical game of fetch, no sooner did Katy throw the ball and take a step that it was right back there at her feet with two smiling dogs begging for her to please throw it again. Then it was Becky turn to take out a run and Thea just couldn’t wait. She barked and jumped and said let’s go. Becky opened the gate and out came a furry, black missile, and away they went. Back and forth and back and forth Thea ran, here a ball, there a ball, everywhere a ball, ball. Around trees and over bushed Thea sent the snow up in a spray when she dove for the ball. And that’s a snow day here at the Ranch, no wonder kids love them so much.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Look at what we did in Daycare today ~ Jan. 11, 2008

Now, I realize it is always an early start when I get to come in for Daycare which makes it a bit dark in the mornings, but this is really dark… All the lights are out and the Star Buddies are walkin’ around with flash lights and head lamps. With all the poundage of snow we got last night, it must have knocked off some power to the Ranch. This makes it really easy to sneak up and spook the Star Buddies. Hehehe… Rich was the one who got the chance to have all the fun with us today, and boy did we! With all that fresh packing snow there was only one thing that all of us and Rich could do…make stuff out of snow! First came the snow fort, and everyone wanted to help in their own special way. Benny, Harley, Sissy, Aspen and Emma all thought Rich was making the snow balls so that they could destroy them, not the case. Casey, Brady B, Brady S, Sam B, Molly and Sasha thought all that snow was being made into a billion fetching balls and were jumping and chomping all over (he did make some so they could fetch them.). Finally Makers, Gilbert, and Dozer thought all this snow was for making lemon flavored slushies, well at least lemon looking. Banjo, Phoebe, Meggy, Little Bit and Willow Decided to help Liz make a snowman. It turned out that Liz actually was doing all the work and everyone else was just having fun romping in the snow…poor Liz. Rock and Red made sure that they left their mark; they added all the features on the snowman and even started painting the fort, bet you can’t guess what color they were using???? Everyone had tons of fun and it was a perfect way to end a week and start a weekend.

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