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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's rough being an old man, isn't it Boogie?

Today is this grumpy old man's birthday, and he is wishing that it is any day but his birthday! Can't you tell how excited he is that it is his birthday! Unfortunately for you, Boogie, your lack of enthusiasm just makes you more adorable :)

NINE years old really isn't that bad though!

Besides being a grumpy old man, Boogie is also a sassy old man, and if it isn't Boogies way, he won't do it! But we sure do love you, Boogie! You toothless, Boog, you! Deep down underneath all that grump is a big softie who loves belly scratches and cuddles.

Happy 9th birthday, Boogie! We love you!

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DayStar of the Month for August 2015 ~ Mya Holmes

Our DayStar of the Month is a fish in the water and a Cheetah on land. This special girl is a natural-born swimmer (she would swim in our pond for hours upon hours if we let her) who can win a race among her fur-friends with her lightning speed and her agile turns. Six months ago when this sweetheart came in for her temperament test, it was love at first sight. This little social butterfly was very friendly and super eager to meet all her Star Buddies and make new fur-friends! It is with great pleasure to share that Miss Mya Holmes has been unanimously voted as the DayStar of the Month for August 2015! Mya has only been coming to the Ranch since February of this year, but boy has she left a mighty big paw print on our hearts! Mya, always full of energy, loves to run in the park with all her fur-friends (and she has many!). She especially likes it when she and her fur-friends can venture to the pond because this girl LOVES to swim! Mya, you are such a joy to have at the Ranch! Your bubbly personality and contagious smile brighten our day every time we see you! We are so honored to be able to have watched you grow into the beautiful, intelligent young lady that you are today! Congratulations, Mya! We love you!

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

No way, we can't really be closing out the month of August!?! 
Where did our summer disappear to so quickly?!? 

Let's make the most of the warmer weather while we still have it because you know that the fall season will be knocking on our door soon ...  

Friday, August 28, 2015

Today is a special day for two reasons:
1. It's Sparky's Adopt-iversary
2. It's Sparky's Birthday

Sparky's actual birthday is unknown, so his Mom picked his special day, and what better birthday is there than the day he found his fur-ever home!

Word around the Ranch is that Sparky was named after Sparky Anderson, a great in the Baseball world. I don't know much about Baseball, or the Detroit Tiger's (who Sparky is a fan of), but after finding out that Sparky was named after someone famous, I did some investigating. What I found out was that Sparky Anderson was given the nickname "Sparky" for his feisty play, and what do you know! Our little Sparky is a kindred spirit to this Baseball great, sharing with him that feisty characteristic!

Packed inside Sparky's small self is a larger-than-life personality! Every time Sparky comes in for Daycare, he lets that adorable smile of his sparkle! Hence the reason that some of our staff have come to call Sparkles or Sir Sparkles/Sir Sparkselot (if he is acting like royalty).

Your Ranch Family wishes you the happiest of Birth-Adopt-iversary-Day!

We wish you a HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, and are so happy you found your FUR-EVER family!

We love you!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Little Bug, Little Bug
little bug, little bug
Ears flop
wings flap

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


What do #nationaldogday and Dog Star Ranch have in common? ELEVEN years and a whole lotta LOVE for DOGS! How cool is that?!

So in honor of #nationaldogday, celebrate your fur-babies with all the hugs and kisses, give treats galore, and extra-extra cuddle time is absolutely necessary!

We love each and every fur-friend that has made the Ranch their home-away-from-home; their place to run free and roam! So many fur-friends have left special paw-prints on our hearts, ask any of our staff and they will have a story (or two) to tell! In eleven years, we've had a multitude of fur-friends, some as old as the Ranch that visit us still to this day! We are so incredibly lucky to have our days filled with kisses, cuddles, puddles, poo, treats, and tricks! From our puppies to our oldies, we LOVE you all! To our fur-friends who make the Ranch so special, Happy #nationaldogday!!

Share with us your favorite picture of your fur-baby in the comments below!

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