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Friday, July 31, 2015

Abby Cabby
Mindy Marcus
Cabby Abby
Marcus Mindy
Abby Marcus
Mindy Cabby
Brother Sister
Sister Brother
Best Friends

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DayStar of the Month for July 2015 ~ Greysen Terpstra

Our DayStar of the Month is one in a million! Her bright eyes sparkle with excitement every time she comes in for Daycare. And it is hard to believe that it was only two short years ago that this sweet girl came in for her temperament test full of energy, ready to play! We are so happy to share that Miss Greysen has been voted as the DayStar of the Month for July 2015! Greysen started coming to the Ranch in November of 2013. She enjoys running in the park with all her fur-friends, especially all her boys! Greysen definitely has that tomboy attitude, and she isn’t afraid of getting dirty either! Greysen loves to race to the pond, and the only way she knows how to get in the water is by doing a cannonball! Greysen, you are such a joy to have at the Ranch, and we are so honored to be able to have watched you grow into the beautiful, intelligent young lady that you are today! Congratulations, Greysen! We love you!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Afternoon and Welcome to DOG TALK With Your Host HARRY!

Good afternoon! How about this beautiful weather we're having!
*Applause from the audience*
We have some very special guests with us today!
Let's bring out our first guest, he is an adorable Chocolate Lab, so give a big warm welcome to Oakley!
*Applause from the audience*
Harry: Welcome, Oakley, how are you enjoying the Ranch?! It's your first time here correct?
Oakley: That's right! I'm just a puppy!
Harry: And you're an adorable puppy at that! I bet you are quite popular among all the Star Buddies!
Oakley: Oh, they love on me lots!
Harry: Best thing you've done while here?
Oakley: I love the pond! Oh my, oh my! I had so much fun splashing around!
Harry: Well, we are so glad you are enjoying your stay here so far!
Oakley: I'm loving it, I've made so many great fur-friends already.
Harry: Thank you for stopping by Oakley!
Oakley: Thank you!
*Audience applause's as Oakley exits*

Isn't he something! Puppies, I tell ya, they just melt my heart. Our next special guest is a two year old Golden Retriever! Give a warm welcome to Jasper!
*Audience applause's as Jasper enters*
Harry: Welcome Jasper! How are you?
Jasper: I'm great! This place is absolutely amazing!
Harry: Now we have a picture of you from your run in the park today, what do you have in your mouth?
Jasper: Oh, haha! I found a tennis ball! Yeah, I was pretty excited when I found it.
Harry: Now, one of our other special guests was in your fur-friend group, lets bring her out!
*Audience applause's as Sage enters*
Harry: Thank you for joining us, Sage!
Sage: Thank you for having me!
Harry: So, like Jasper, this is your first time here, right?
Sage: Yes!
Harry: And how are you enjoying yourself?
Sage: Everyone has been so kind to me!
Jasper: She is great!
Sage: I would have never guessed that it was Jasper's first day, he was just so friendly and welcoming to me.
Harry: That is really great! Our Star Buddies and Trainer do such a great job at finding the perfect group of fur-friends to play with.
Sage: That is so true, it is so nice to just like click so easily with everyone.
Jasper: Mia and Rudy, they are two older Golden's, they showed us the ropes of the Ranch.
Sage: Such a sweet couple!
Harry: Well, thank you Jasper and Sage for coming on the show and telling us about your first day!
Jasper and Sage: Thank you!
*Audience applause's as they exit*

Thank you for tuning into DOG TALK! Enjoy the sun, share your treats, and have a great day!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Max says relax
Kick back
Grab a stick
Play fetch
Take a dip
Splash a buddy
Get all muddy
Run and play
Do it all day
Pose for a picture
Model among the flowers
Take a nap
Eat a snack
Get a bath
Lookin' good

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Lucy's Song to her Nose (Where You Lead - Carole King)

Where you lead
I will follow
Any-anywhere that you lead me to
If you need-if you need me to be with you
I will follow
Where you lead...

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