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Friday, October 24, 2014

"Hey..." feat. Rosey
Various Stages of Excitement:
Stage One: Not Excited At All Phase
How is this even a stage might you ask. Well, because in this stage the excitement is dormant, it does not exist yet. The fur-friend doesn't realize that they are about to have a lot of fun.
Stage Two: Tail Waggin' Phase
Every fur-friend at the Ranch goes through this phase. Whether they are excited for a treat, potty time, breakfast, hanging out with their fur-friends, etc. We love to see happy waggin' tails and smiling faces.
Stage Three: Nearly Drag Mom/Dad Down the Walkway to the Door Phase
These are our pullers. They know what they want and where they are going to go. They will take mom and/or dad straight to the door and then they will take me straight to the yard that they think that they are going to.  Another part of this stage is Don't Even Need Mom/Dad to Walk Me to the Door (I'm talking about you Beauregard!). These fur-friends, as long as the door is held open for them, just walk themselves into the office, ready for their great day to begin!
Stage Four: The Impatient Waiter Phase
The impatient waiters are those who either scratch at the door or squish their face against the glass waiting to see if the Star Buddy has come yet. You also have impatient waiters who very politely sit at the door and bark until you FINALLY arrive. And then they bark all the way down the hall because you aren't letting them pull you as fast as they would like to.
Stage Five: Bounce Up and Down Phase
Bella I. is an great example of this stage. You can always count on her sitting at the gate and bobbing up and down until you let her out. Speaking of Bobber, Bobber is another excellent example of this Stage. Bobber lives up to her name that is for sure! She is the Queen of Bouncing up and down with excitement.
Stage Six: Tinkle a Little Because I'm So Excited Phase
These fur-friends are just so excited that if they wore pants, they would have peed their pants.  
Stage Seven: The Lefty Stage
The amount of excitement that little ole Lefty packs surpasses all previous stages mentioned. If you have a Lefty excited fur-friend, then you've got a pretty excited fur-friend on your hands. Lefty is his own kind of excitement. If you've ever seen the move "Flubber," that is Lefty. Bounce him once and if you're not careful he is going to bounce EVERYWHERE. We love that Lefty is THAT excited to come to Dog Star.
What Stage of Excitement does your fur-baby match? Or like Lefty, do they have a Stage all their own? I know that Cappy and Hemi are two that I know of that have a Stage of their own! The Happy Cappy Stage which coincides with the Hemi's Cappy Dance. We hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Wait, I Blinked!" feat. Tillie

"Ooh, that smell
Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, that smell
The smell of death surrounds you, yeah."

The universe does many a great and wonderful things. One being, and with perfectly timed chance, is playing "Ooh That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd just as Jackson walks away from a fart, leaving the smell for me under the desk. So yeah, I smelled. The smell of death surrounded me. It smelled like a warm pile of poop, but minus the poop.

Today was a hill, I wouldn't go as far as to call it a roller coaster, but I am confident in calling it a hill. It was a cold morning, which was to be expected. My fur-friends and I hurried our way outside to go potty (them, not me) and back in for breakfast. My daycare friends started to arrive and I was excited to see all their smiling faces. Seems like a great day so far, right? But my attempt to be nice to myself and all others by picking up poop at a fur-friend politely left in the walkway, I stepped in another pile hiding underneath the stones. Great. It's fine, it's fine, I told myself. I can wash it off easily and be on with it. Wrong. Omitting all the times that I ran into the doors and gates, what really threw my day of was shutting my fingers in the door. It hurt. I haven't shut my fingers in a door in a long time, and I advice avoiding it. My day did not keep going downhill though! It eventually did plateau. My fur-friends kissed my fingers better and they made me smile with their goofball behavior. There is nothing like a fur-friend to turn your day around. Whether they know it or not, they always make my day better. 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"We Dance For The Sun" feat. Lily and Tango

The sun's warm kisses melted the ground, but what she left untouched, frost remained. 
The air smells cold and the colored leaves, or at least those left hanging on by their fragile stems, remind me of the warmth that summer shared. I didn't give my car a head start this morning and it was coated in frost. As I waited for the heat to conquer the cold I wondered if maybe I should put gloves on when I got to work. I didn't, and each time my hand caressed the gate a shivering shock numbed my fingertips. My contact with the metal was as brief as the contact one has with a hot pot.

I love fall, but it hasn't been fall for that long, and yet there are cringe worthy weather reports with the words "chances of snow." I'm not ready I tell you, not ready at all. Give me one more time with a nice fall day. A day so nice that maybe the dogs and I can venture to the pond. Does it all have to be gone so quick?
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Playground Song" feat. Tango and Molly

Tango and Molly
out in the SBP,
First comes chasing,
then comes tackling,
then comes two tuckered pups
ready for naps!

Watching these two play was downright hilarious! Except for the part where they thought that it would be funny to play in between my legs and they almost chopped me down like a tree. No amount of coffee, energy drink, or spoonfuls of sugar could ever get my energy to match Tango and Molly's. It's that puppy energy, the kind of energy that I will never get back! Anyways, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through them! Have a splendid and energetic day everyone!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

"Monday" feat. Cooper

Monday's can be RUFF. Take Cooper's word for it. He had just the most miserable morning ever (but not really)! His chatty neighbor woke him up and invited him to share a cup of coffee, or maybe to read the paper with him. No, Cooper wanted to sleep. But then he couldn't fall back asleep because he had to go to the bathroom, but he didn't want to get out of bed because he was comfortable. When he couldn't take it anymore, he hobbled out of bed to go to the bathroom and then he decided that since he was up that he might as well socialize with his neighbors. Cooper brightened up at breakfast because I mean, it's breakfast! Cooper then relaxed in bed reading his book, Marley and Me. He already saw the movie, so he knows how it ends. When Cooper got to a good stopping point, he decided that it was time for his morning run. He went out to the Star Buddy park where he met up with several of his friends. He met up with Mack and they romped around for a bit. Cooper let out a big yawn and plopped down on the bed of sand. He is not the best at being a morning person, so a mid-morning nap seemed like an appropriate thing to do. However, that did not happen! Not when all of his friends were begging for his attention. Thankfully Cooper went back to his room where he comfortably took a nap outside.

I personally feel bad for Monday. I mean, how many people actually like Monday. How many of you like Monday? We are always looking forward to Friday. Friday is the cool kid that everyone wants to hang out with. Monday is the teacher that always gives you a ton of homework on the weekend. I think that we should all take some time to love Monday. Cooper took the time to love Monday, and what a great day he had! He moved at the speed of a turtle, took time to smell the entire perimeter of the park, and he even made a new friend! Monday, we love ya!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

"Hello My Name Is..." feat. Quincy (and Dixie)
Say hello to Quincy! This handsome Boston Terrier had his first day of Daycare today. Quincy, an adorable little homebody, embarked on a great journey today. Dropped off by his dad, Quincy wasn't quite sure what kind of adventure he was getting himself into. He couldn't on whether or not to be excited. Like most on their first day for anything, Quincy was nervous, quiet, and shy. Quincy had a list of several worries; he was worried that he wouldn't make friends, worried about how his day was going to go, and he even worried about whether or not he would smell good to the other fur-friends. But as soon as Quincy met all of our little fur-friends, and they seemed okay with how he smelled, Quincy came out of his shell rather quickly. 
Quincy strolled with Gandalf and Maggie. Him and Maggie, similar in personality, really hit it off. Both stayed near each other and enjoyed each others presence as they walked around the park.
Quincy is such a silly boy, he loved rolling around in the grass with Gandalf. 

Thank you for hanging out with us today Quincy! We are so happy that you had a great first day of Daycare!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Fall" feat. Finnegan 
Out of the four seasons, Fall is by far my favorite. I watch in slow motion as the world changes from lively greens to burnt oranges, fiery reds, and warm browns. It beholds this unique beauty. It limbos between dying and death. It is the last breath of Summer before Winter coats us with unpredictable snowfall. It is full of Mythology and Harvest.
Fall is made of many things: sweaters, blankets, soup, hot apple cider, apple cinnamon donuts...the list could go on. Fall makes me want to cuddle up with a delicious book of Fiction, or a warm cup of Poetry. Speaking of poetry, and speaking of dogs, Mary Oliver. Such a woman, such a poet exists who loves dogs as much as Dog Star loves dogs (and I am sure that there are many others). Mary Oliver has a book of poetry called "Dog Songs," and it is really quite wonderful. I've decided on a couple quotes that are my favorite.

"Be prepared. A dog is adorable and noble.
A dog is a true and loving friend. A dog
is also a hedonist."
Isn't that what we all should be? A hedonist. Life is made up of many things. Many great and terrible things. But what is life without pleasure? Happiness is made up of simple every day pleasures, happiness is made up of pleasures that we seek out. And the most important thing to life is enjoying the pleasure of living. 
We can learn how to be hedonist's just by watching our fur-friends. A chewed up Frisbee found in the pond becomes new to Finnegan. He relishes in the fact that he can play fetch. It is so easy to take something so simple as finding a used Frisbee to find pleasure.
Another favorite by Mary Oliver is this one:
"But I want to extol not the sweetness nor the placidity of the dog, but the wilderness out of which he cannot step entirely, and from which we benefit. For wilderness is our first home too, and in our wild ride into modernity with all its concerns and problems we need also all the good attachments to that origin that we can keep or restore. Dog is one of the messengers of that rich and still magical first world. The dog would remind us of the pleasures of the body with its graceful physicality, and the acuity and rapture of the senses, and the beauty of forest and ocean and rain and our own breath. There is not a dog that romps and runs but we learn from him...Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased.

The other dog—the one that all its life walks leashed and obedient down the sidewalk—is what a chair is to a tree. It is a possession only, the ornament of a human life. Such dogs can remind us of nothing large or noble or mysterious or lost. They cannot make us sweeter or more kind.

Only unleashed dogs can do that. They are a kind of poetry themselves when they are devoted not only to us but to the wet night, to the moon and the rabbit-smell in the grass and their own bodies leaping forward.”
I love Mary Oliver's perspective on the world, a perspective learned from the perspective of a dog. Because what we miss, our fur-friends catch. Seek out pleasure, return to that magical first world. Take a lesson in life from a dog, you never know what you might learn!
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