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Friday, August 1, 2014


Some days feel like a twenty mile the rain, but then again, that same day (the one that just seems overwhelmingly tough) can have the sun break through. Our fur-friends show us where the light is. It is in their smiles, when they do a silly dance, or roll around on the ground like goofs. And the best medicine of all to a bad day, the plethora of kisses that we get on the daily. Our fur-friends teach us to take time and breathe in the world around us, to splash around and enjoy the day for all the good that it has to offer. Thank you fur-friends for teaching us humans to laugh, smile, and just be happy.

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DayStar of the Month ~ July 2014

So this month we are happy to celebrate that a very special, red headed girl has been voted the DayStar of the Month for July.  Let’s see if you can guess who the lucky girl is.  “Ahhh, time for my mid-afternoon nap right in front of the door in Pup Paradise…  You want me to move so you can open the door?  Not a chance!  Okay, if I must…”  Yep, that’s Miss Maggie Schilling!  Maggie has been coming to Dog Star Ranch since February of 2011 and all the staff fell in love with her from Day 1.  She loves her romps in the park with her friends.  She is a diva and she LOVES her spa trips where the groomers can pamper her.  Miss Maggie is a true Golden and can win the heart of any human with that smile and waggin’ tail.  People migrate to her tender heart and loving soul that can lift anyone’s spirit and warm everyone’s day.  Thank you to Miss Maggie Schilling’s mom for sharing this special girl with us and Congratulations on being voted the DayStar of the Month for July 2014!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Pictured above is Rebel. And today is her birthday, she is SEVEN years old! She is no stranger to Dog Star Ranch; she is a regular fur-friend for our daycare group. She loves to come and hang out with her friends. Rebel has been coming to Dog Star ever since she was a wee little puppy-girl. Our Rebel has always been adorable. She is just as spunky and energetic as the first day we met her. Her age has not slowed her down one bit! She LOVES to swim at the pond and when she is done gallivanting around, she enjoys cat naps on the couch in Pup Paradise. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REBEL! We love you :)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Dog Star Ranch is a place of friendship. It is all about making friends: human friends, furry friends, furry/human friends. Today, I had the opportunity to witness Capone (pictured above) become friends with Lefty (pictures can be found on flickr, link to follow). It was a wonderfully hilarious moment. All friendships develop differently. Some require to be baked over time, but Capone and Lefty, their friendship was instantly brewed. Their bubbly chemistry as they frolicked about, not only does it make them smile but it makes the Star Buddy smile as well. And at Dog Star Ranch our forever goal is all about the smiles :)

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