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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween at Dog Star Ranch

"Today is the best day
Today is the greatest day
Today is the most amazing
Utterly incredible day
Because it's Friday
Wait it's Halloween
And that's great too!"

Happy Happy Happy 8th Birthday to Rusty!!  Thank you for celebrating with us and joining our Halloween  daycare party!!

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Behind the Scenes:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Howdy!" feat. George

Dearest George, 

Although you were the tiniest of our group, excluding Little Bear because he didn't go on our run, you have a spunk and spirit that greatly surpasses your little body. We enjoyed your presence today a great amount. Thank you for hanging out with us today, and we would really love to see you come back. We have a ton more fur-friends who would LOVE to meet you. Each of us wanted to say a little something to you, so each of us contributed a few words to say to you. First, we would like to say how adorable you are. "I wish I could take him home" was said by the majority, but we all know that 1. Your mom would miss you and 2. Our parents wouldn't be too happy to find out that we took a little puppy home! Second, we LOVE how much energy you have! You are a little Energizer battery. You just keep going and going and going... Anyways, even though it was your first day and you were suppose to be all shy and hide in a corner, you didn't! It was hilarious to watch you wander underneath of us and around our legs (being that most of us were taller than you). I especially liked it when you tried to hide from Marla under my legs, I thought that it was pretty cute. And third, we would like to invite you into our weird and diverse little fur-friends family! We love you and loved having you. That is all we've got to say, so we hope to see you again!

Love you, George!

Maggie, Mack, Buddy, Mac, Nova, Buddy, Millie, Lexi, Ruby, Boo, Marla, Milo, Dickens, and everyone else here at the Ranch!

Dearest Momma,

I had so much fun at Daycare today! And I was such a good boy. I wasn't scared or anything. Okay, well maybe a little scared. But all the friends I made were really nice! There is this one fur-friend, Mack, and he is big! He was nice, but he was also crazy! He wanted to play with me but he was too big. I think he thought he was little too though. He would crouch down in front of me and hop around like a bunny. He was silly. Millie was nice too. She is pretty... I really like Maggie too. She is the nicest fur-lady ever. She let me hide under her when Marla was trying to catch me in tag. Marla is nice too. She is a Poodle and she has a very fancy haircut. It is so poofy! Can I have fur like that? Noooo...I would look silly! I am really excited to be here and I like all the friends that I made! Thanks for bringing me Daycare! I will tell you more tonight. 

Love you!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Single and Ready to Mingle" feat. Dougie

Must Love Dogs Dating Website

Dougie's Dating Profile.

Name: Dougie
Nickname(s): Douglas or Doug
Age: 1
Height: Average
Weight: 17.5
Occupation: Professional Model

Hobbies/Interests: Long walks, running, hanging out with friends, reading, and taking naps
Qualities: A great kisser, handsome, loving, nice personality, good listener
Likes: Good smells, cleanliness, humor, good smile, and a bubbly personality
Dislikes: Poop roller, dirty, grumpy, sleep too much

What are you looking for in a significant other?
Dougie is looking for a lady friend who can tame him from his party ways. He would love an older lady to help him settle down. Dougie likes his ladies to have a little wild side to them. He loves a woman who can be spontaneous. Dougie promises to treat any lady who choose him as exactly that, a lady.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Dougie's idea of a perfect day is when the weather is cool, but not cool. Warm, but not hot. Dougie's perfect day would be between the season's of Spring and Summer, and maybe even a nice Fall day. Any day is a perfect day for Dougie when he has a beautiful lady by his side :)

If you just won the lottery, how would you spend the money?
Dog treats. And toys.

What do you see as your greatest achievement?
Becoming a Male Model.

What are your plans for the future?
Settling down with a nice fur-lady some day. Maybe adopting some pups (being that he is fixed). Dougie plans to retire from Male Modeling and possibly become a Doctor. Dr. Dougie has a nice ring to it.

What do you enjoy doing the most?
Dougie enjoys coming to Daycare at Dog Star. He loves to hang out with his little fur-friends that he has there. Dougie is quite the popular fellow. Dougie loves to give kisses and get scratches.

If you feel like you and Dougie would be a perfect match, please feel free to leave him a wink! 

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The little pups out playing today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Dogs View:

Today we got to check out a run out in the park from Bode and then Sampson's point of view! Check out the videos below to see!



"Dude, did you just see that?" feat. Woodrow and Sampson

An overheard conversation between Woodrow and Sampson.

Woodrow: How big was it?
Sampson: It was pretty big.
Woodrow: That big?!
Sampson: Bigger.
Woodrow: Whoa...
Sampson: Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.
Woodrow: That would be legit.
Woodrow: Did you just see that?!
Sampson: See what?!?
Woodrow: Barkley is so weird.
Sampson: He's okay. Kinda a big mouth.
Woodrow: Well you've got a big head.
Sampson: Hey now! You're the one calling him weird!
Woodrow: So I saw a squirrel yesterday.
Sampson: Did you chase it?
Woodrow: Thought about it, but I was tired.
Sampson: I wish it was warmer. I want to go to the pond.
Woodrow: I think we should go shopping for sweaters. I think I would like a camo vest.
Sampson: That would look good on you. What are you going to be for Halloween?
Woodrow: I have several costume ideas. I probably won't decide until the night of. You?
Sampson: Eh, I don't know either. Whatever my mom puts me in I guess.

It is always fun to imagine what our fur-friends might be saying to each other!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

"Birthday Boy!" feat. Bexter

Bexter's Birthday Cheer!

I'm goofy,
I'm cute,
I'm energetic to boot,
I've got great hair
The girls all love to stare.
I'm pretty,
I'm cool,
I'm rockin',
I smile
I'm flyin'.
Come love me
Come play
It's my birthday
Do as I say!

Our big boy Bexter turns SEVEN today! Bexter is an old man by age but not by heart! He has the spirit of a puppy. This sweet boy, or should I say MAN, loves to be outside with his sister, Kimby. Bexter enjoys trotting around the parks and chasing his sister. We are happy to have you as a fur-friend at Dog Star, Bexter! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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