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Thursday, March 5, 2015

This is what happy looks like.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chain Reaction
from "I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs
by Francesco Marciuliano

Late one night
I step out in the yard
And bark
Then the neighbor's dog barks
Then his neighbor's dog barks
And so it goes
House to house
Street to street
Town to town
State to state
Coast to coast
Until the very last dog
Tallies up those barks
And that's how we elect our president

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yesterday was a glorious day, an absolutely beautiful day. Okay, so not quite that beautiful, but it was better than this.

*Gilligan dramatically sweeps his head back and forth out at the rapidly falling snow*

And there I stood asking "Mirror, mirror on the wall, will Spring come at all?" And lone behold the mirror showed me a glimpse of Spring to come. And when I went outside, the weather was nice, the air felt warm, and sure there was snow still on the ground, but it felt warm!

*Gilligan plops down with a humph*

And then what did Mother Nature do? She took it right back! Instead, she decides that it would be more fun to dump EVEN MORE snow on us, haven't we had enough? And if you think that it is a compromise to give us more snow while giving us slightly warmer temperatures, you've got a twisted sense of humor Mother Nature.

*Gilligan glares up at the sky and snowflakes kiss his face. With a grumpy face, Gilligan turns back to the Star Buddy*

I'm wearing a hat made of snow. OF SNOW! There is snow collecting on my head. I do not appreciate this. I tried hiding underneath of Rango, but for some reason he seems to like the snow and wouldn't quit moving.

*Reluctantly getting up and wading his way through the snow*

Spring, Spring come again. Come, come and be our friend...we miss you...

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Monday, March 2, 2015

DayStar of the Month ~ February 2015 is Buddy Talley!

Who has four black paws, a waggin’ tail that never stops, perky ears that add so much character to that smilin’ face, and a heart of gold??  This is a very special boy that has won over all of the staff as one of the favorite daycare guests!  Drumroll please….  This month we are so happy to share that Mr. Buddy Talley has been voted the DayStar of the Month for February!  Buddy started coming to daycare and the parks in April of 2014.  Every day that he comes he is always so happy to see his Star Buddies and even more happy to meet his canine friends of the day!  He LOVES his run in the park almost as much as he loves his play time in Pup Paradise.  Buddy gets along with everyone and he is happy to show new dogs the ropes of the Ranch.  We are so very ecstatic to announce that Mr. Buddy Talley is the DayStar of the Month for February 2015!  Congratulations and thank you for sharing your special little Buddy with us!

Friday, February 27, 2015

"Birthday Boy!"

Happy birthday, Jack! Although numerically you're fifteen, you are still a pup at heart! Our groomers love pampering you, and we love having you as a fur-friend! May all your birthday wishes come true!

Sobek felt tall for his age, then again he should. Being a Great Dane came with great height. He liked feeling like a skyscraper as he peeked over the counter in the front office, the humans behind it gushing over his good looks.

His nose explored the air, it smelled familiar, like he'd been here before, because he had. He was eager to explore more of this strange and new surrounding. With two good-byes and one last slightly unsure, but more-so reassuring "I'll be fine" to Mom and Dad, Sobek passed through the heavy metal door held open for him by the friendly human lady.

The smells in the open yard sent his sense of smell into a whirlwind of trying to process every scent. He was just beginning to catalog each and every one when his ears perked to the sound of the gate unlatching and squeaking open. Turning around, Sobek registered that it was another human, this time beckoning him to follow her out of the yard and down a walkway with gate after gate after gate. This he did not remember. This he did not recognize, so he took his time, and she let him take his time. She stopped, asked if he was ready, and with eager eyes he told her "Yes!"

Sobek is our newest fur-friend to join us at the Ranch, as a first-time boarder, he was eager to check out and smell the entirety of the Star Buddy Park. As far as first days go, Sobek is having a blast! And our staff is already in love with his sweet personality and charming good looks :)

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