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Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Puppy Love"
There is nothing that a Star Buddy loves more than to see a puppy running towards you. 

Our fur-friends love to run. The excitement in their dance; the anticipation in their eager eyes as the Star Buddy opens each gate. One step closer to the park. One step closer to the pond. Our fur-friends look at us, begging our meager human selves to move faster, to please hurry it up. And then. Finally. The holy gate of freedom. To watch our fur-friends run with such spirit, to hear their paws thrum against the ground, it is truly an endearing sight. Darting and dashing here and there as blurs in the sunlight it is sometimes hard to catch a picture, but with enough luck and enough patience small moments are captured for our, and your, pleasure. So enjoy a look! See the link below:

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Catch me if you can!" - Rosie Grace
Pictured from left to right: Rosie Grace, Ellie, and Pebbles

It is always fun to watch our fur-friends interact with each other. Whether playing by the pond or in the park, our fur-friends love to play chase/tag. Like a stampede of wild horses, our fur-friends gallivant around the park and pond with pure excitement. 

Check out more pictures by clicking on the link provided below:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Miles (pictured above) sits handsomely by the pond.

There are many ways to get a dog to smile while here at Dog Star Ranch. Sometimes a funny joke, other times a good belly rub. But what gets our fur-friends really smiling is the pond. On a hot summer day it is a refreshing treat for our swimmers and fishers alike. Our furry-friends are the only ones allowed to swim in the pond but that does not mean that they are the only ones that get wet. Our fur-friends make sure that we get plenty wet/refreshed right along with them. Each fur-friend has their own technique to getting their human friends refreshed. Poppy enjoys the hug approach. Barney prefers to lean. And all partake in the "I'm going to shake off next to you" approach. Or, if our fur-friends think we need extra loving, they will team up and surround us in a group hug. No matter how wet our human selves get the pond is always a great time for us and our fur-friends.

Be sure to check out our furry-friends in the link provided below!